At the moment, there are only two possible responses to a ‘social slight’: Forgiveness and sending an increasingly expensive but notoriously incompetent assassin, in three different flavours. While these might be appropriate and entirely sufficient for some, that is not the case for everyone. What about honourable tradition of duelling (Nadir reminded me about it, of all places)? When shall we be able to send our acquaintances on educational and entertaining boat voyages again, in the name of knife, candle or sanguine ribbon?

Oh dear, as the offending party in this case I feel a little guilty now.

But I do agree, while I did it more as a joke than to fleece you, the slighted player does rather seem to get the short end of the stick, since the MW gain and temporary dreaded boost or whatever it was you get from sending assassins are of uncertain but somewhat dubious value (useful for Notability grind, perhaps, but not much else), whereas the assassination attempt itself is essentially a gift to the one that gave the insult.

You can of course balance this out by sending both slights and assassins back and forth, but again unless you’re in the middle of a Notability grind, only half of the whole business is really rewarding, which sort of defeats the purpose. At its core the mechanic still very much favors the rude one.

Even if you’ve finished your Notability grinding, you still have to get Making Waves back up to 15 every week. Parties take a lot of actions.

I find that that MW gain, for purposes of weekly maintenance only, usually happens more or less by itself, especially if you grind newspapers a bit. The required threshold is low. And of course the BDR boost is no use at all unless you’re actually seeking to raise notability (and useless even for that if you have a better affiliation available, which is likely). So I certainly question whether the assassins are good value for that, given the expense.

I’ve found this a tricky subject. Three or four of my player acquaintances and I merrily slight each other back and forth and think nothing of it. But I recently offended someone else, and apparently genuinely offended them…
(NB sorry about that!)

Yes, that’s another thing to consider, someone might take these slights personally. But as I understood it, this post was more about the options for redress offered by the game being very unsatisfactory.

Forgiving the slight – well, for one thing it makes you look like a soft nellie, but it also messes with your perks and gives you menace points. So the game essentially punishes you for doing this.

Sending assassins, as discussed, is rather pricey, doesn’t give you much of value and is, due to the ease of defeating the assassins, basically a reward for the one who slighted you. And even if they should happen to fail their defence, the assassin only inflicts fairly minor menaces.

You can of course choose to just ignore the slight and hold onto it forever. In a sense this is the “best” approach, and as an added bonus it also shields you from future slights from that person. But it’s hardly catharctic.

So yes, I wholly agree with the sentiment that I miss the days when you could fight proper duels where the best man/woman/other won and the loser got sent directly to the river.

I can’t help but ask why bother with maintaining at least 15 making waves.

I’m done with the paramount presence grind and it doesn’t seem necessary to keep up the making waves anymore

Honestly the main reason I can think of was to avoid having to grind Notability all over again for elections, but if there are no more elections…

I’d wait and see how the new festival plays out before letting it lapse, though.

It’s very easy to get it from 8 to 15 in a week, but if you let it drop and then decide that you want 15 Notability after all, that’s much more effort.

You might ask me why I got it up to 15 again even after getting Paramount Presence and then overcapping it one last time, but I don’t have an answer for that.

Keeping it at 8 or 9 is pretty much zero effort, and surprise packages sometimes contain very nice surprises. More than that seems like an entirely valid roleplaying choice, even if there’s no mechanical benefit to it. (cf max renown, statues of self, poet laureate, etc)

I found this in my Social Engagements, but there was no one to respond to. Is this a bug?

I can neither send the assassin, or forgive and forget.

And no one slighted me recently, because I keep a close eye on the in-game Messages inbox.

That does seems like a bug; I’d email FBG support at (my guess is that either something didn’t update correctly or someone deleted their account)

Yes, it’s a bug. It happened to one of my housemates and hung around like that for ages. He finally got in touch with FB, and they fixed it.

I sent an email but received no reply.

Anyway, I would like someone to socially slight me, see if I can manually get rid of it.

Can someone please slight me so I can check if it is possible to remove the option manually?

Done! I had never slighted anyone before and felt oddly guilty while doing it :D

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