Problem: Responding to social slight vs email verification

The Hound of Heaven (profile page) socially slighted me, so I tried to respond by arranging a poisoning.

  1. I can’t add him to list of contacts.

  2. All the existing contacts cannot be used for social activities because they hadn’t verified their email.

Something needs to be done. Either rework the contact list system (very tedious now especially during Feast of the Rose gift-exchanging), rework the way social slights are responded (bypass the Contact List screen).

We need a practical Contact List showing how active each contact is. So inactives can be cleared to make room for active players.


I had a similar problem (inability to add contacts, not being slighted). Apparently there is a contact limit of 200. I solved this in FL with Account → Contacts, and then deleting contacts until I could add people again.

It’s far from ideal, since I was flipping screens back and forth to see which ones hadn’t verified their email, but so far as I know, it’s the only solution.