Ship Names

What’s yours?

Captain Captain is a superstitious soul; he named his ship for a God. One the Masters hate, of course. The dreadnought Osiris is the fist of the Navy, and the Empress!

Mr Magnificent named his merchant freighter &quotMORNING STAR&quot for it brings the glorious and civilising light of the Reduced Empire into the savage unmapped darkness of the Underzee.

I’ve got three games going at the moment
Medea, who has completed all the current stories except Station III, has the Argo.
Morgana, who refuses to turn cannibal to get the last item for the Curator’s Quest, has the Avalon. She was started before map shuffling and has been sidelined for my latest captain, whose name would give away too much about the real me, but their ship’s name is Tranquillity.

I named my Dreadnought the SS Gilgamesh, and on another character I named my first steamer the SS King James. I always add the SS (naval acronym for Steam Ship) to my ship names for authenticity - but if I was connected with the royal navy (faction wise) I would perhaps call it the HMS [Insert name] because the HMS label is for services vessels and stands for Her/His Majesty’s Ship.

My Captain has so far survived his journey while aboard The Zee-Bat XIII, a merchant class named after a long spanning legacy.

Captain MacNair named his frigate The Inescapable Conclusion, because with 103 Iron everything is pretty one sided

Captain Avery Toomes commands the Maenid Class Frigate Trenchard’s Revenge, and woe to any man or beast that crosses his path.
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Viola Bandersnatch, former street urchin, named her ship The Sunshine. It was a little jab at some of the people who told her that she’d own her very own ship the day she saw the Sun (i.e. never). And thanks to The Sunshine, she’s also seen the Surface. She’s recently purchased a new ship and, in keeping with her theme, named it The Sunrise.

Captain Vivian Dunsmuir, former natural philosopher, named their heavily armed tramp-steamer the Rustbucket in one of their more straightforward moments. They insist that it’s intended in an affectionate spirit, and that they just made official the name that they had been calling it for months prior.

[li]Whisper’s Breath
[li]L’Aurent d’Orienne

Captain Hetty MacKirby is proud to stump around the Zee in the “Unfortunate Conflict of Ev”. (It was supposed to be “Unfortunate Conflict of Evidence” but there’s a character limit).

Zerenity. Because shiny.

Does anyone have a list of neutral vessel’s names they’ve observed?

Mathieu zails the zee in Psmith’s Psuperior Psubmersible. Because after adding a silent P to the beginning of his surname, why not go the whole nine yards?

I don’t know how this phrase came to me, but every time I play the game, I always name my ship the Bookkeeper Infinity.

The merchant Joseph Bramah mentioned in Dr Taupe-Wainscot’s adventures is actually Juniper Brown’s regular ship.

Captain Scarlett Violin sails the Zephyr. There have, of course, been many other ships.

My current captain, Eladamri Deleveaux has a rather quirky taste in naming ships and named his current ship the Papillon Poignard–quite literally Butterfly Dagger. It’s a Merchant Steamer, but he was probably several drops the wrong side of a barrel of Prisoner’s Honey when he named it.

Trying to build a Zub, for naming purposes. The costs are through the roof and the paperwork is killing me. All this won’t be spent in vain, when the day of the baptising arrives. I’ll probably call her Bob.

Pretty good name for a submarine that forces you to resurface every few minutes.