[color=#0066ff]I’ve been thinking for a while about how to make it easier to share things from within Fallen London with friends outside the game.[/color]
[color=#0066ff]I have two primary ideas that are within the realms of possibility:[/color]

[ul][li][color=#0066ff]Improve the appearance of the Mantelpiece link when it is posted to Facebook
Pull through cameos and either the latest journal entry or character description[/color][/li][li][color=#0066ff]Create a widget which allows small, medium or large chunks of the Mantelpiece to be displayed on a blog, Tumblr etc
Putting together stats, cameos, descriptions, journal snippets and items into neat little displays which you can paste straight into a blog[/color][/li][/ul]
[color=#0066ff]But that’s just from my observations of what’s already shared on Tumblr and Facebook. I think people like to poke around other people’s Mantelpieces, and that they’re intriguing to non-players. [/color]
[color=#0066ff]I turn this over to you: what do you enjoy sharing about your game/character? Where do you want to share it?[/color]
[color=#0066ff]We’re working on a number of areas of Fallen London right now, and this is your opportunity to influence one aspect of the game quite directly. :)[/color]
[color=#0066ff]I’ve got a week or so to gather thoughts - so let me know![/color]

I remember someone looking at a couple different mantleplaces, and then concluded the game must be really linear and samey because several characters are INESCAPABLE SAGACIOUS MIDNIGHT IRRESISTIBLE showed up in a row.

Some prodding might be needed for the self description?

Journals might look more fun to read if the entries are accompanied by icons, just like when they are recorded to journals. But I guess it can be messy to deal with past entries.

Instead of pulling the latest entry how about just letting us choose which entry to pull? I think there used to be something similar in the past when we were spamming twitter for 10 actions.

Some sort of character sheet export might be handy for the blog and tumblr crowd. I don’t use both so the experts will have to pipe up about that.

Some prodding might be needed for the self description?[/quote]

I enthusiastically second this ; at the least, there should probably be a more obvious way to view/edit this from the ‘Myself’ tab rather than having to view ones profile as it appears to others while one is logged in (which doesn’t ever necessarily need to happen - I definitely know at least one person who’s been playing for months and didn’t even know that editing this was possible).

I think that the character info, (i. e. portraits, lodgings, items, etc) should be bigger, perhaps? If i’m showing something off to someone, I’d like to actually show them my profile, not a small profile and a ton of journal entries. Perhaps the journal entries could even go on a different tab? That way if i wanted to show someone my journal entries, I could do that separately as well?

I find I’m most likely to grab chunks of text to show to particular friends than mass-sharing of my profile link. I’m not sure this information will help much, but thought you should know just in case.

Perhaps this can give you an idea? Like, emphasising one particular journal post more or something.
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If you are redesigning journals, then it may be useful to consider the current three primary uses of journals and how they affect the community as well as the individual player. Here is a list in order of importance (or at least according to my opinion). Spoiler tag used as it’s a rather lengthy post:


  1. Permalink of specific text:
    The text, the actual entries themselves are the core of the journal page and the very heart of its functionality. On the forums, on tumblr, even on the irc everyone talks about the text whether they are a new player or and old hat with many fangs. Since it is against FBG policy (for good reason) to host or share large portions of text offsite, journal links have become increasingly more important over time as they do not suffer the same limitation (even fate text can be shared via a journal echo).

If you made a widget that showed 1. the event image, 2. the event title, and 3. the trimmed (250 characters?) version of event conclusion text for a single permalinked journal entry and had that link back to the main journal entry, that would be the bees knees for me. It’d also make wiki updates a lot cleaner as it would be much clearer where the text is to be trimmed at for the wiki.

This idea is probably infeasible as it’d need to differentiate between fate and non-fate text (it might already do this, but if not it could make implementation a nightmare.

A secondary concern about this however is that if you do show the event images next to the text on the actual journal page itself (and not just in a widget for use offsite) this could increase the data burden on mobile users. Mobile friendliness is a big deal, as many players of FL are mobile users checking the site between their other daily activities.

At the very least, I think it would be nice to have the option or choice to either pull through the most recent quote -or- to lock the widget in on a specific permalink quote from one’s journal.

2. Character identity / Adding contacts:
I’d say almost 90% of the time when I visit somone’s profile page it’s because they posted a link to it with the text &quotplease add me as a contact/send me x social action.&quot

This is where it really feels like a personal journal. Things like the cameo, the titles of midnight, inescapable, sagacious, etc, the clothes and other equippables currently on a character’s personage all help to provide a sense of identity, of who this player/character is and what they are currently doing. Pulling these images and qualities through to an export widiget would be useful for like a character blog where you want to say &quotthis is me&quot or &quotthis is my character&quot. In this case it works sort of like a calling card. The widget you described would be best suited for this category, as a personal calling card for adding contacts at the click of a button. I’d still like the option of a trimmed version for just scrapbook and mantle or just a quote rather than something that always included a cameo and all kinds of other stuff for use in situations where my identity is already established and I am sharing for an alternative purpose such as described above or in the next section.

If there was a way to export the &quotadd X as a contact in fallen london&quot button that’d be cool. I could see that popping up on peoples sites as a quick &quotclick here to friend me :D&quot and that’d be convenient.

  1. Gameplay mechanics:
    The value of certain in game qualities can only be viewed if displayed on one’s journal as a scrapbook item. These are things such as the airs of london. Looking at your opponents profile during a knife and candle duel is part of the strategy of that game (ex. what if they are wearing waxwail/shroud of little midnights/orders medals etc). I know I personally like to save a single cp of Confessions from the previous year and set it to my profile at the start of October since it appears invisible on ones mantle until a few days before Hallowmass goes live. Its a magic candle early warning system :)

It would be nice to be able to organize specific qualities and items that appear in the myself tab, like a favorites or a flagged important category so that they can be found quickly and easily (think gmail starred emails as an example). This could be a general comment on the layout of the myself tab and the way categorization works in fallen london, or it could fold into this export/sharing discussion if you wanted to create like a favorites bar (top five, top ten?) to display multiple qualities not just one or two scrapbook items. I dunno, this is more of a wishlist tech optimization than a simple widget and I guess if you export too much it could cause lag or something who knows. More qualities/items would be nice but isn’t strictly necessary.

In any event, pulling through mantle piece and scrap book images is a good idea just as long as it also pulls through the quality values. I could very much see a desire to pull through just these items and not the full cameo and everything as a sort of alternate widget format. [/spoiler]

And that’s a basic summary of my thoughts so far on the matter. Most of it I realize is wishful thinking, infeasible, or just so niche it’s probably not worth it to consider. But I do think your widget idea could work very nicely as a calling card format for inviting people to add your character.

It will get some blog and website use, but ultimately the place I tend to see these sorts of things are message boards forums signatures. So maybe keep in mind things like a rectangular aspect and an aversion to vertical stretch and animation effects like gifs. I imagine once these go live you’ll see them all over these forums in people’s signatures in place of where they currently link to their profiles with a hyperlink.
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A banner/sidebar format might work well on blogs.
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[color=#0066ff]You’re all fabulously helpful, as ever. I hadn’t thought of forum signatures! Please do continue to add to this thread if you think of anything more. :)[/color]

I’d like if there was an way to show a player’s (If they chose to) &quotClosest to&quot or thier ambition (If they chose to) without having to display it as the scrapbook

For journals, I think it would be nice if it was easier to organize echoes? 'slike, I don’t have as much as I’m sure others do (about 710 Echoes), but going back and trying to find a specific echo presents…challenges. If there was a tagging system, or a date system, I think it might be easier to find things and interact with them. Right now I think you just have to save the permalinks to get to an Echo, right?

As for linking on other blogs…honestly, I don’t much use the widgets. I have my account linked on my about page on my blog; but then again, my about page is pretty minimalist. I might use it on here but that’d be about it. maybe tv tropes.

things that could be added. maybe a Latest Accomplishments portion? like, a description of the latest storyline that’s been completed on that account, or just the text for the quality that marks completed. idk, if there are individual things that make each character unique then I think that’d be cool. like Ambition, or Horoscope, or Closest To.

…And I know that there are people who would probably enjoy the rp part of being able to post their own Echoes without, like, having to have a story attached with it. granted, there are already a lot of rp blogs out there for that purpose, but even like a Twitter-ish format for the journal. it’d need a report capacity for players who abuse it, though; do we have that?
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Yes, making the Journal searchable would be a huge bonus. It’s way too difficult to find things that were echoed say a year ago. Tags are also a good idea - so stories within an identified tree (e.g. Ambition, Affair of the Box, Velocipede Squad, Polythreme) could be tagged accordingly and it would be even easier to refine search results.

I suppose this ties in to sharing in the sense that it would be nice to be able to share a specific piece of echoed text from our own Journals, no matter how old it was.

This is what i think of after reading the post. Maybe it’d help you visualize it? I do found it hard to cram in as much text as possible without making it unreadable. And I couldn’t find a way to cram the cameo in either. (Hannah don’t forget people have really really really long names if you do make a signature generator!)

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Ooh that looks pretty nice Estelle. The they say text is a bit hard to read though on mobile, but then I realize I probably wouldn’t want to see banners/signatures while on mobile in the first place so it’s probably not an issue. And you are right, there is a fine balance of just enough and too busy. This is pretty busy but it’s nicely organized so it still looks very nice. This is probably the maximum amount of text export possible. I’d think a more art focused banner (less text) might be nice too, to have some variety.
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I upped the size of the descriptions (there are just enough space) and added stroke to it so it looks a bit clearer.
On an unrelated note I think it might be fun to allow using actual locations as background. Makes them a bit more varied if you have a lot of people using FL signatures at the same time.

[quote=NiteBrite]This is probably the maximum amount of text export possible. I’d think a more art focused banner (less text) might be nice too, to have some variety.
edited by NiteBrite on 4/21/2015[/quote]

Yeah, because on second thought:


I don’t think this is what &quotTry this on for size&quot meant, but I will say it anyway because CRAM

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I like that a lot! I wonder if you could add hovertext to something like that…

[color=rgb(194, 194, 194)]I like the idea of being able to display more qualities and items. As is, one quality and one item is fine (say, I have &quot1 Memento of Passion&quot and &quotSeduction: The Honey-Sipping Heiress&quot). But allow a third element (say, Connected: The Church) and a bit more of a story starts to emerge. [/color]

The way I usually get people in the game is actually by going through my echoes and looking for snippets that I thought were interesting or really good written or that I think my friend would like. So, as other people have mentioned, being able to sort echoes some way would be nice =D
Maybe by a tagging system? Either automatically by the game (keywords, the location of the echo, the date.etc.) or letting the player archive them somehow (I don’t know about the rest but I’m really obssessed with recording anything relevant to my character haha).

[color=rgb(194, 194, 194)]I like the idea of being able to display more qualities and items. As is, one quality and one item is fine (say, I have &quot1 Memento of Passion&quot and &quotSeduction: The Honey-Sipping Heiress&quot). But allow a third element (say, Connected: The Church) and a bit more of a story starts to emerge. [/color][/quote]

Ambitions and Professions felt like the most suitable choice if you ask me. That way you have something to guess about the character with.
Or a fancy quirk chart but I guess that’s way too much.

When I was making little character cards, I’d have one row of icons for standard inventory equipment, one row for POSI equipment, and one row for defining bonuses and quirks - at the time, I used Destiny, POSI Specialisation, Closest To, Ambition, Tattoo, Profession. Since then, we’ve got more tattoos, which unbalances my system a bit, but if I’m thinking things that are unique, definitive, that I’d want to show off… that’s a good shortlist.

Ambitions and professions can be useful to knows for social action invites too. Like newspapers and salons. Tournament of lillies level is good to know too. Not knowing who is what is a major stumbling block to social actions as is current locations and status as to whether one is currently accepting invites or not. Are you looking for dinners, proteges etc. Do you have free evenings, are you accepting calling cards? It’d be nice to advertise your social availability.
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Oh and this might be silly but maybe the ability to flag yourself as a new/casual/advanced/expert/looking for social actions/away with a &quotstatus&quot quality could be nice. Just like a little symbol or flag. You often see these self identified flags in mmos and they can be useful when trying to find who you want to party with or ask for help (or to set status as away if you want).
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[color=#0066ff]Thank you, everyone, for contributing your thoughts! I’m going to take everything and put a big blue bow on it, and pass it to the technical team to chew on. :)[/color]