Seeking a Chain Letter [Mr. Eaten's Calling Card]

Lord Bolo completed his journey to the Avid Horizon, but he faltered at the last moment, and he turned back with the Knock still clenched in his hand.

Mr. Eaten’s Calling Card now serves him only to remind him that his hunger for knowledge will never be satiated. If anyone wishes to follow in his footsteps, drop him a note, and he will be delighted to pass on Mr. Eaten’s Calling Card.

Maybe the next Seeker will be braver and will not hesitate to ask their question in the face of eternal damnation…

The mournful author is working on a piece worthy of being tossed down the well. They’d like to ask if anyone is in possession of a peculiar calling card, so they can weep like an open wound until they bleed dry.
edit: A millions thanks for Lord Bolo to send me the card. However crumpled it maybe, it shall be a candle on the way to ruination.