Seeking a Chain Letter [Mr. Eaten's Calling Card]

I have a very special card in my possession that I wish to share with others. If you are hungry enough, you will want it. If you want it, you’re damned already. It will bring you no good. Do not accept it. Really I have no desire to send it — I don’t want to see my fellow Londoners snuff out their lives in a perversion of reason and justice — but I do want to help, and, well, my particular path has led me to a contradictory state of mind in which my wishes and my desires do not closely align.

Sign your name below if you need it. There are, of course, stipulations: you must be at the 21st level of seeking; you must know which passage has been omitted from the gospel of Matthew; and you must be willing, as soon as you’re reasonably able, to send the card along to someone else and find another one for yourself. Preferably you’ll send two. I’ll try to find at least a few copies to pass along before I pass along.

I wish you all the best of luck, my fellow crazed seekers.
edited by Guy Scrum on 6/22/2016

If you still have that calling card, I’d quite like it, unwise though this whole endeavor may be. Send it along to my seeker, that she may follow this road of madness to its self-destructive end as efficiently as possible.

Guy Scrum, thank you for opening this topic.
You are awesome!
(Just supporting, not worthy for it)

I’ve gone back to Winking Isle, but I’ll send it along as soon as I return. It might take about a day depending on my luck.

I’ve got a card ready to send to someone with the qualifications in Guy’s post.

Edit: Sent! But I’m working on acquiring more.
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I would very much appreciate a spare calling card, and I am willing to pay the favour forwards, and with interest, when my time comes.

I would absolutely love to have a calling card and would do my best to pass the favor along to future seekers.

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I’ll pass the one I eventually acquire along when I can, though I don’t really know the mechanics yet.

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Calling card received! Many thanks.


I would very much appreciate someone lending me such a card.

I have more than enough resources (Enigmas, Proscribed Materials) to get one, but I’m only at SMEN 21.

If someone were to lend me a card, I could go directly to Winking Isle, raise SMEN a few levels (so I’m in a position to acquire my own card), and then either return the card to its previous owner or send it onwards to help other Seekers.

Thanks in advance!

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I’m on Winking Isle right now, but will pass on my card once I have finished… whenever that happens to be.

My alt Galatea ( is about 5 levels off of being able to get her own card. If someone would be willing to send me a Calling Card, I’ll pay it forward by grinding up, getting my own, and sending it along to another.
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I just sent a card to Maricolousa, so dov is next on the list. After that I’m going to spend some time on the Isle and won’t be available to send further cards. If you’ve received a card, make sure to pay it forward!

I’ll be out for a couple of days and I haven’t been able to turn up God’s Editors recently, so if anyone else has an extra card soon they should send it to dov. I’ll still send another one out to whoever is next when I’m able.

I too am ready to go to Winking Isle - if anyone has a calling card to spare, I would happily receive it!

Calling card sent to dov! That’s it from me for a while, the rest is up to others.

Thanks a lot!

I’ll be off in a short while to the isle (need to prepare a bit first), and once I get SMEN to 29 I’ll pass on the card and buy one for myself.

EDIT: interesting that receiving the card is an auto-accept social action. I would have expected a stat hit and/or menaces when choosing to accept it. Is there any cost when sending it?

edited by dov on 7/4/2016

Nope, no cost to send. It does, however, cost 7 enigmas and a bunch of proscribed material to produce.

Thank you, blasphemous gentlemen, for helping the rest of us get to a terrible place a little quicker.