Seeking a Chain Letter [Mr. Eaten's Calling Card]

WonkerBonker, a sacrifice to Mr Eaten.

Lady Knotte A. Pyrrhing has been seeking after a certain name, and would love a card with which to call upon __ _____ for a rendezvous at a certain Isle.

Director Dess Alistair been searching for the name for some time now, and as it stands I am ready to bear witness to a sacrifice. Salt must be known and a rendezvous must be sought.

The Tragiclassical Memorian is seeking assistance with a question and requests a certain card for passage to a certain isle.

Lamil is searching for the forbidden Name…
She asks for one of these cards.

Still want this, and my friend who hit random characters ( also wants one.

If there is still someone with a calling card from a certain Mr of whose name I’m in pursuit of, I’d greatly appreciate it if you would send me one.

Bump. Still need one …

My alt is ready to head NORTH. She has a calling card to leave behind. First qualified Seeker to respond will get it. please! Thanks!

The above doesn’t qualify to receive the calling card and hasn’t responded with when they will, so taking the next responder again.

Greetings. I would gladly receive your card.

Need to be in London proper to receive a calling card.

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Just got back from Balmoral. I’m in London now.

Calling card received. My thanks.
Please send a calling card my way thank you

The Dread Lord Shimon says that he would appreciate assistance in finding a special calling card, if bequeathed it he may finally be able to bring some measure of vengeance upon a certain winged betrayer.

@ Shimonsays: I’ve sent you some hate mail.

You did no such thing. It was hardly a letter of hate, but a letter of love, or perhaps a call to love most high? You have my thanks.

Lord Bolo just tossed his work of genius into the well, and is ready to sail to Winking Isle.

If anyone has a spare Calling Card, he would accept it most gratefully.

Edit: I’m deeply grateful to the Northbound Pilgrim for sending me the Card and allowing me to continue on my road to damnation.