Second-Round Playtesters: Iced Oolong

The Iced Oolong story is very interesting, and I left off wanting more and willing to explore the world, as well as establish my characters past, perhaps? Or maybe forget the past entirely, we’ll see. I wish to take part in the testing.

My e-mail address is, and the character name, I believe, is Dormin.

(I lied: I can TOTALLY promise something specific. Second-round playtesters will receive the Intrepid Adventurer Quality for any ICED OOLONG characters they make, now or in the future. This is an award Quality which may have smallish mechanical outcomes in the future. Second-round playtesters will also receive a tiny handful of Motes of Inspiration, which are consumable items with desirable effects.)

Well, duh. Though I’ll have to look up what my character name is. It’s probably something uninspired like “Caitlin Character.”

EDIT: Yep. “Caitlin Character.” And you know my e-mail.
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I would be more than willing! My character’s name is Em Ehnehm, and my email is

Iced Oolong seems pretty awesome, so far.

My in game name is Hatton I think and Excited to see what you have in store.

My name is Roland Deschain and my email is

My name is MrSmiles and my email is

My character name is Tsi and my email is

I am most definately interested. Character Name: Mathias Grace Email:

I’m interested. My e-mail address is

Sorry. I didn’t add it because I’d forgotten it. My character name is Lil Cochrane.
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@Catherine: we need your character name as well. Otherwise we can’t properly set your characters’ locks!

Character name is sidhe3141. Email is that on gmail.

I’m interested in seeing more of the story. Character name is Wicked Wonderland, email is

Love the story so far, and I’d like to play-test too if you have any free spots :)
Character name: Farfingers
email: lok_lear at

My character name is Ramsus and my email is

Apologies – that was meant to read “thanks for applying, we’ll be back to you in late August!”

We’re also still accepting new beta testers. We love input – and we’d really love yours!

Wait, a correction: My character name is actually Little The, sorry.

Mister Cheshire
Email is

I lvoe that people are making their own stories using this game engine, it gives me more to do at work ^__^ I would love to help playtest. My email is and my character name is Katbeth.

Just a preview of one of our favorite cards for those of you still reading. Absolom the Tinker is a fixture in Amarillo: omnipresent, always cheerful, sack-bearing, unprofessional but sharp-eyed when it comes to customer service, a man with no thumb on the scale, a scaleless man; inexplicable, yes, but gladdening is Absolom the Tinker, bringer of small wonders, a friendly face in dry dusty impersonal world. This is his Opportunity card – though not all of its playable branches, most of which Absolom shares only with those who can afford to see them.

(Careful readers will also spot a couple Progress Qualities they haven’t seen before…)