Scheme: Set up an Orphanage

I assume that’s so both moral and amoral Londoners can justify pursuing the Orphanage plotline - whether they’re a veritable Mary Poppins or more of an upmarket Fagin.

[color=#009900]Why so reductive, Little The? The text that I assume you mean reads: &quotThis may have been an act of pure-hearted philanthropy.&quot This means exactly what it says. We try not to dictate players’ motives.[/color]

Any hint to when the Salon will become available. I don’t like children very much and it wouldn’t be in character to open an Orphanage for either philanthropic or more nefarious reasons.

If I’m not much mistaken, Salons are available this very moment. (Also, I’ve been pondering all evening the difficulties of describing another’s morality. If one’s character is described with anything less than absolute certainty, but at the same time a certain nonchalant modesty-by-proxy, the claim appears ironical at best. Curiously, the reverse doesn’t seem to be true, outside of the lower sort of comedy - few villains take exception to the implication inherent in the claim that they may be a notorious ruffian. I wonder if this is true in other languages.)

Yes - Salons are now available. +2 Respectable; +1 Bizarre and +2 Persuasive

I wonder if they can yet be renamed through the Intense Notary. If so, I think that sooner or later I shall have to formally convene the Society for Farcical Research. (Between that and some of the Orphanage content I’m seeing, I’m be prepared to swear that Failbetter are writing content to directly suit my characters.)

I got my orphanage (All Little Souls Orphanage) a few days ago, but I haven’t drawn any cards related to it or noticed anything that I can do with it except admire it in my Expanded Inventory. Is anyone else noticing any change after acquiring an orphanage?

Opportunities to further develop our Orphanage or Salon appear on the Tower of Eyes card - which is not the most frequent card in the deck. But, you’ll draw it eventually.

There are new options on The Tower of Eyes card. They are affected by Airs of London and I have seen a couple of different options so far - one took another Winsome Dispossessed Orphan and some Echoes; another some clothes and Tinctures of Vigour.

I continue to hold out for a Salon.

The Clothes one was bugged when I used it, hopefully it’s been fixed since.

Victory! I have a Salon!

I still haven’t had the card for this! grumble grumble :D

[color=#009900]Why so reductive, Little The? The text that I assume you mean reads: &quotThis may have been an act of pure-hearted philanthropy.&quot This means exactly what it says. We try not to dictate players’ motives.[/color][/quote]

I suppose it’s sort of what Sir Frederick said – when tacked on like that, it sounds like an ironic jab to me, like the game is trying to dictate my motives. It’s also a bit of a compounded thing, since the Magnanimous description is worded similarly. Sorry if you didn’t mean it like that; I wasn’t aware it was meant to be more inclusive (though I would think just an objective description would be fine in that case, without the need for the rider).

For those salon-owners: does the action of creating a salon use up/decrease your connections? Or does it increase them? Or neither?[li]
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It takes a pretty big wodge out of Society, Bohemian, Revolutionary and Hell connections.

Yes, it does.

Not all that much. Only about 200cp.[li]

[li]Only 200 cp - you were lucky I went down around 20 levels in Society and Bohemian. I can’t remember precisely how much but I don’t think it took quite as much in Revolutionaries or Hell. [/li][li]

Neither have I. I’ve drawn about 200 opportunity cards, refreshed with fate, drawn more and I have never seen the Tower of Eyes. I’ve gotten every other card for a lodging that is possible (with the exception of the Attic and Newgate, which don’t exist but should) and have not gotten the Tower of Eyes.[li]

On the plus side, my Certifiable Scrap went from 500 or so to nearly 750 just from pulling these cards.