Scheme: Set up an Orphanage

You can find a list of what you need here.

I’ve gone with the Orphanage; being Closest To Urchins, it seemed appropriate. But they’re really rather expensive; why can’t I just sweep them up off the streets, as one would in any other wretched hive of scum and villainy? And why did I have to staff it with Alluring Accomplices? Wouldn’t Malevolent Monkeys do?
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Thanks very much! - my bad, I should have thought about the wiki myself ^^&quot

EDIT: Oh joy, I already have almost everything. Little to no grinding this time, it seems :)
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Sir Fred will most certainly be setting up a Salon, and one of Hubris’ few virtues is a fondness for children, so an Orphanage suits him just fine. All the more if he can train the little mites to be next generation’s master thieves, of course.

Um … no, you totally can’t.

Um … no, you totally can’t.[/quote]

It displayed an empty page to me too. Just insert the word &quotSalon&quot in the Wikia search window and look for the &quotScheme: Set up a Salon&quot result, you should find it just fine.
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Fixed. The address I gave is valid; the forum automatically converted it into a link, and in doing so, unfortunately included the period.
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Said the archaeologist to the Gallery of Serpents…[/quote]

Said anyone waiting for the dilmun club… That being said though, I have almost everything needed for the salon now, I just need to get my bohemian connections back up again. Wonder what the best way to do that is…

Writing Poetry for the Duchess gives 15cp. That’s probably the way to go.

I set up an orphanage! The Ministry of Love will take in all unwanted children, and will most certainly NOT be hiring them out as chimney-sweepers. Such a scheme would be crass and inhumane.

I wish the Tower of Eyes card was more common now though; I’ve only got it once since this came out.

Writing Poetry for the Duchess gives 15cp. That’s probably the way to go.[/quote]

Is there a good way to also increase Society? I would dearly like a Salon, but the quest for the Name took a toll on my Connections for gaining a certain candle a while back, and they’ve never quite recovered.


The Attend: and be erudite option in the An evening at the Duchess’ salon storylet is the way to go. Somewhere around 33cp.

Or you could always ask Nathan to lend you some.

I think the last thing on my list to acquire will be the scandal! Who knows how long we’ll have to wait for it to even be possible, though, of course.

Well there is the Summerset connection. I’ll have to regain that now that I have a soul again, although more than a bit worse for wear at this point I fear.
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Scandal 3 is the easy bit - as long as you have a modish bonnet and a pair of scarlet stockings:)

I’m not sure how many CP’s it gives but &quotA colleague with a problem&quot at the University raises both Benthic and Summerset.[li]

Edited for mistake.
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5 cp in either connection.

Thanks Aximillio - I guess I could have checked on the wiki. Edited my above post - it is the modish bonnet for scandal not the sporing (that’s nightmare)

I’ll definitely be going setting up a salon as soon as possible. After being so rudely kicked out of court, I need to show those barbaric imbeciles that the only true place in high society is one centered around the greatest author in all of the Neath, moi.[li][/li][li]
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Ahhh, I am torn between philanthropy in the here and now versus playing at politics in the hopes of producing a greater change in the future. I’ll probably go with the Salon just because I like philosophy and politics so much. Maybe I can gain enough influence to prevent future children from becoming orphans in the first place.
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Oh my it just took another Winsome Dispossessed Orphan. I’m beginning to wonder whether I can afford to run an Orphanage and it doesn’t help me in my quest to have the most unused Bottles of Laudanum in the Neath.[li]

…And from the wiki I see that the Orphanage’s description is continuing the “LOL like anyone would really do anything out of the goodness of their heart I’M ON TO YOU” thing. That’s really getting tiring. Why so cynical, Failbetter?