Scarlet Saints

This is a list of all the Scarlet Saints currently in Fallen London.

Scarlet Saint is one of the entry options for the House of Chimes and currently requires Connected: Church and Connected: Hell 75 along with Hedonist and Austere 12.
Scarlet Saints
arsenykz (Arseny Kuznetsov)
asnys (Mark)
[url=]Dungerson /url
[url=]LawrenceKeyworth /url
Madame Merle (*)
Maxwell Q Tenebris (Hypersomnus)
Nigel Overstreet (*)
NiteBrite (*)
Optimatum (*)
Sara Hysaro (*)
Sarah Sahara (Saharan)
Scarlet Attford Fenwick
Sir Joseph Marlen (*)

I am currently away from FL; go here for the updated list.
If you are an Exceptional Friend and are interested in pursuing Scarlet Saint, you might find this thread useful.
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