Save game not working, possible zubmariner issue?

So my save game won’t load properly and I don’t know why. I have been playing as normal for ages and quit for a few minutes and now when I try to continue my save game it loads improperly and is unplayable. It appears to be an issue with zubmariner content? Which I didn’t realize was even in the game yet. I say this because, as you can see from the screenshot I will include, it appears my ship has been replaced with some sort of submersible. I should be at (I believe) Godfall in the Corvette and instead all I see is bubbly water and a zubmarine.

This is a big problem. I am a hundred hours into this game or something and I will just cry if it is lost.


Sounds bad. No backups of that save? Hope they’ll be able to help you out. I think you should probably open a ticked (send a mail to support, will automatically create one.) Make sure you attach your log (see FAQ) and the save game.

I’ll do that later today. The log looks bad… unless its supposed to be 8mb of: (Filename: Line: -1)

NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
at Sunless.Game.Scripts.Input_Controls.DebugInputs.Update () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0

over and over and over thousands of times.

I’ve had that exact same problem while testing Zubmariner. I suspect it’s a different manifestation of an existing issue I’ve encountered occasionally since before testing the beta, in which my ship occasionally would get stuck outside the map upon loading the save.

Did you find any way to salvage the save? I put a lot of hours into it.

Note too that I wasn’t testing Zubmariner and am not in any beta for that, I was just sailing around and stopped at Godfall.

I’ve actually managed to narrow down the problem to a small part of the save file but cutting and pasting parts of a new save I started on top of the old save. Maybe I can narrow it down to one value or something and fix it myself…

This happened for me too. I closed the game after downloading additional stories under settings cause after the import, the confirm button went missing. After restarting the game I am faced with exactly the same image as you. I recon it has todo with additional stories and they being connected with zubmariner somehow?

It’s probably some weird bug caused by accidentally released Zubmariner content. You should all email (attaching your save file and output log), they’ll surely fix it tomorrow morning :)

This just reminded me to make backup copies of all my SS save files - with all the bugs flying around atm, I’d be terrified to open any of them!
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I hope you’re right about being optimistic as far as timescale is concerned. The bug that’s currently preventing me from playing seems to have been patched internally but they aren’t releasing any hotfixes, apparently.

If you plan on getting Zubmariner and are willing to wait the couple weeks until its release, I was unable to get unstuck in the beta by repeatedly surfacing and diving. Otherwise you could see what Failbetter has to say. If you’re willing to start a new captain now you could try editing your save to set Hull or Crew to 0, hopefully triggering the death event - this would of course remove progress on your current captain but you’d keep legacy items and whatever you chose to pass on.

So I did some REALLY UGLY kludgy work on my save file with notepad++ and got it mostly working. If I told you guys how you would call me a crazy idiot but at least I have a more-or-less working save file now. (My restored save file has me with the Brisk Campaigner on my ship when I hadn’t picked her up yet, but other than that it looks pretty solid.)

It took a whole lotta hours of crap but we’ll see if it holds up.

Would still be interested to hear what you actually did ;)

First, as with Xaygon I believe this happened after I clicked the DOWNLOAD ADDITIONAL STORIES button. So perhaps that is what happened.

Anyway what I did was awful and took forever. I found where your money is stored in the save file (since that’s an obvious number you can search for) and it was about 85% of the way down. So I cut and pasted everything below that number from an old captain’s save file over that section of the save file on my broken save and it loaded properly! Of course it was a mishmash of the map and stuff from my broken save and the ship/journal of the old save but at least I had narrowed down the problem to 15% of the save file.

Then I went through and manually compared the saves and gradually edited the new hybrid save file a bit at a time to make it like the broken save file until I found the change that caused the problem to re-occur. Note that I couldn’t quite narrow it down to one or twolines, but I did find a chunk that seemed to cause problems. So I left that part alone and continued to replace sections until I had more or less restored the original save file, or at least 98% of the parts of it below where your Echoes are stored.

Right now it looks like it works with the only improper things being that the Brisk Campaigner is on board the ship when I shouldn’t have picked her up yet, and the status of the Determined Doctor doesn’t match what’s in my journal. ie he is the Determined Doctor when he should still be the Disillusioned Doctor as I hadn’t yet caught him stealing my stuff and convinced him to stop. But that’s not the end of the world. I’m guessing the crew status is saved somewhere ABOVE the amount of echoes you have in the same file since I only edited the parts below that. But I’m burnt out after spending a whole bunch of hours staring at markup language and searching/replacing 6 digit numbers.

If you have a similar problem again, you can use Notepad++ to do a file diff between the broken save and an older working save. The issue is that the save files are only one line, so you’d have to make a copy of each and then find some way to have the program reformat the files based on the JSON.

That’s easy enough – plenty of online tools will do that for you. You don’t need to make a copy either, Unity parses JSON just the same whether it’s got line breaks and indentations or not.

A diff would work if I had a more recent backup, but in this case the file I was using to compare was of a completely different captain so the differences were essentially the entire file. Sadly, the order in which the files store the variables is not static.

Crap, I found a problem with my hacked together save. The Delightful Adventuress or Archaeologist or whatever her name is isn’t in the Empire of Hands yet but neither is she in London and I’ve already turned in the port report. Must have messed that up somewhere.

Oh well, I hope Failbetter can help with the original problem. I submitted a report and attached the output and saved game files on Friday, haven’t heard anything yet though.

I… think I fixed the original problem in trying to fix the problem I introduced with the Delightful Archaeologist thing.

It looks to me like the save game somehow became corrupt when an item in your hold is somehow doubled in the save file. Not like you have twice the amount you are supposed to (like 10 supplies instead of 5) but that the line in the code that tells the game how much you have gets repeated in the save file. For some reason, the last 3 entries in the save file were (almost) repeats of earlier entries. Like say I had 15 Hunting Trophies. There was a line in the save file saying I had 15 Hunting Trophies. Then at the end of the save file there was another line saying I had 16 Hunting Trophies. This happened for 3 objects. Deleting the three repeated entries allows the game to load normally.

It only took like 15 hours of work to figure out ;x

Glad to hear you found the issue! I wonder if my own encounter with this problem was due to some save tweaking, though I could swear I never added in any extra lines…

That’s easy enough – plenty of online tools will do that for you. You don’t need to make a copy either, Unity parses JSON just the same whether it’s got line breaks and indentations or not.[/quote]
I tried reformatting it once and the game promptly said the save file was corrupt. Unity may not have any issue with it, but apparently Sunless Sea does. Though this was before the switch to Unity 5, so something could have theoretically changed in that time period.