Rubbery Euphonium

Shockingly relevant, especially the very beginning and the end.

Seriously, you change a few words and he could be talking about any of our characters.

[quote=Abraham Bounty]Shockingly relevant, especially the very beginning and the end.

Seriously, you change a few words and he could be talking about any of our characters.[/quote]

Except the video is about the human drive for exploration urging us to transcend our single, vulnerable planet and claim our destiny among the stars. Echo Bazaar is ultimately just entertainment.

Does anyone know if a very rare ever comes back around again? My computer was having issues and the card for the Rubbery Euphonium was lost before Parthenia could use it.

If you didn’t actually play the card, it should not be barred from coming up again. Although the rarity means you will probably have a very, very long wait on your hands.

Woo! I am now the proud owner of a ‘pet’ Rubbery Euphonium! :D Encountered while lurking in Spite.

Just so it’s said: You most likely can’t have more than 1 ultra-rare pet at a time.

[quote=Sir Frederick Tanah-Chook]She is my favourite! :)

My Fungal Pony,
My Fungal Pony,
Ahh, ahh, ahh, ahh,
I used to wonder where London could be,
Until you all showed the Bazaar to me;
Deep adventures,
Sunless days,
Unfinished Men
Fashioned from clay,
Ancient secrets,
Scandal and shame,
And I won’t rest 'til I find the Name!
My Fungal Pony,
Do you know that all manner of things shall be well?

I got an account and stormed into this thread PURELY TO EXPRESS MY JOY AT THIS FILK. I made noises normally reserved for deflating balloons. The whole crossover thing is great. The Bazaar Pony is great. I love everything.
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Delighted to bring joy! ^_^ C’mon, everypony, smile smile smile!

I actually play the euphonium so it was hilarious when Xane got it
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… almost seven years later …

I’ve recently developed the urge to possess a rubbery euphonium and have been skulking around Spite for weeks on end. Is anyone able to reassure me that the rubbery critter hasn’t escaped from The Neath :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

They can be elusive, that’s certainly true. And you need not to have either the Haunted-Looking Dog or the Salt Weasel, but you probably remember that.

Many thanks for responding! Yes, my extensive menagerie includes the Haunted-Looking Dog – though not active in my companion slot, should it be?

They are mutually exclusive. You will, sadly, need to separate with your dog by selling it to the Bazaar before you can draw the Euphonium.

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Ah-ha! I surrendered the Haunted-Looking Dog and, voila!, seven days later, up trots the Rubbery Euphonium. Many thanks for the advice and guidance.