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A Politely Concerned Notice

Dear fellow Londoners. The Neath is a wild and dangerous place at times. The streets of our fine city, most lamentably, are not safe. Although we may hold them tight in our hearts, an unhappy truth remains. Our dear beloved pets, familiars and indeed even companions can be terribly wayward and errant souls. There are few hearts strong enough to bear losing a kitty, no matter how starveling. We darst not blunder our way into another Rat Flood! An aspiring menagerist of very little note, I wish in this institution to offer my fellow citizens the opportunity to record the names and likenesses of their zoological and ‘mostly’-human counter parts. To guard, in case misfortune occur, that these faithful friends might be reunited with all the swifter.

To explain - when being very nosy and looking at others’ profiles (usually in verdant envy) I keep spotting some brilliantly named companions. I am however only able to see those currently equipped, and I know you have more. So I would like to invite you to give the names (perhaps explanations), maybe picture and indeed if you’d indulge me descriptions of your merry bands of creatures.

Kind regards- Charlotte.
edited by Charlotte_de_Witte on 12/1/2015

I’ll start off best I can -

Cheerful Goldfish -Ponyo (from the Miyazaki film. I am so glad someone finally came up with this)

Lucky Weasel - Tarka (Otter from the Williamson Novel)

Sulky Bat - Christian (As in Mr. Bale - saw Bruce somewhere but felt bad to steal it)

Talkative Ratty- Pinky (and the Brain)

Reprehensible Lizard - Osborne (After a certain Chancellor of the Exchequer)

Araby Fighting Weasel -Lawrence (obvious)

Dreamy and Wary ravens - Huginn and Muninn (Odin’s Ravens)

Hungover Terrier -Aloysuis (Teddy bear of alcoholic Lord Sebastian Flyte from Brideshead Revisited)

Disgraced Ratty Bandit Chief - Carver (Doone) (Horrible ruffian from Lorna Doone, nearly went with Sikes)

Neurasthenic Assassin - Desmond (Assassins Creed - spends most of his time in a dark box Assassinating people)

Affable Spy - (Gabrielle) Valladon (German Spy in The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes when under her Belgian Alias)

Parabola Kitty - BegheerareehgaB (Jungle book panther palindromised)

Loathsome Imp - Flachtenteufel (Bottle Imp - from a German game about a Robert Lewis Stevenson story) [missing]

returned as Horrid Imp- Tinkerbell.

Feckless Supporters - The PFJ (The People’s Front of Judea) [disbanded]

Starveling Cat - Bagpuss (The Original Starveling Cat)

Fairly Tame Sorrow Spider - Attercop, Attercop, Old Tomnoddy. (from the Hobbit - only kept around in a cage, in the corner for the healing opportunity cards- I hate these things. They’re a great I idea but absolutely Vile.)

Deshrieked Mandrake - Willem de Zwijger (Silent Prince of Orange)

Oh and dibs on Sredni for a Salt Weasel.
A Boneless Consort would have to be Ivar.

[/i][It worked! Sir Fred! It Worked!]

edited by Charlotte_de_Witte on 12/13/2015

Only a modest collection myself, you want to get NiteBrite in here.

Goldfish: Wanda (a modest nod to John Cleese)
Bloodhound: Snuff (From A Night in the Lonesome October)
Parabola Kitty: Greymalk (ditto)
Sulky Bat: Needle (ditto)
Disgraced Rattus Farber Chief: Colonel Blood (historical figure)
Talkative Rattus Farber: Bakbuk (colloquial Urdu for &quottalkative&quot)
Salt Weasel: Alvin (for the chipmunk)

I have a few Lucky Weasels, too, but they tend to be given as, ah, gifts to the Urchins, so I leave them unnamed.

– Mal


Working Rat-- Scufflemon (Random.)

Alluring Apprentice-- Madeleine Elster (From Hitchcock’s Vertigo)

Sulky Bat-- Irigaray (Luce Irigaray.)

Cardsharp Monkey-- Charles (Random.)

Cheerful Goldfish-- Happz (Bit out of character, I’m afraid…)

Talkative Rattus Faber-- Charlemaigne (Character from Geoffrey Hill’s Mercian Hymns, spelling tweaked.)

A Daughter in the Shadows-- Amélie Valdis (Sestina’s surname is from Carlotta Valdis, a character in Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo. Amelie is from Wide Sargasso Sea, but is also a very pretty French name.)

Albino Rat-- Lynette Cavendish (Loosely based off Margaret Cavendish.)

Rubbery Hound-- Uppy Puppy (Thinking of how to play with the idea of a bouncy (rubbery) pup.)

Corresponding Ocelot-- Wordsworth (Romantic poet, always found his name completely fitting for a writer!)

Bifurcated Owl-- Ophelia (Yes, the character from Hamlet.)

Grubby Kitten-- Janisse (Janisse Ray is an author that I did for class. Always found the name pretty.)

Scuttering Squad-- The Versecats (A name that I pitched to my friend for his casual poetry group. Perhaps would be better off as a jazz band.)

Unfinished Hat-- The Milleneater (portmanteau on milliner and eater)

Appreciation Society-- The Sextets (meant to be a bawdy pun)

Complaisant Frost-moth-- Mon Moth Ma (Star Wars.)

Ravenous Henchman-- Maxwell Hodd (Random.)

Revolutionary Firebrand-- Alexei Tsvetkov (Random Russian-sounding name…)

Blemmigan Secretary-- Sister Magdalene (Binding of Isaac. =))

Parabolan Kitten-- Volta (A ‘turn’ in a sonnet’s argument; thought it would be apt for a creature associated with mirrors.)

The Woman in Yellow-- Cressidora the Multiplicitous (Cressidora because it sounds pretty. Multiplicitous is a nod to face-stealing, of course.)

Plated Seal (upcoming!)-- Lady Orf Orf (Play on Lady Gaga)

Ocular Toadbeast (upcoming!)-- Sir Agag (The opposite of Lady Gaga)

Bengal Tigress (upcoming!)-- Amber Cosway (Amber because tigers are orange, hurrhhh durhh. Cosway from Wide Sargasso Sea.)

Newspaper-- Non-Fictional, Non-Fallacious, Non-Fussy Niceties (Try fitting that on the front page!)

Fei Xue
Burly Assistant-- Igor, Masters in Anthropology (A play on the ‘hunchbacked assistant’ cliche.)

Disgraced Rattus Faber Bandit-Chief-- Lieutenant Starch (heh.)

Talkative Rattus Faber-- Cao Si (lit. noisy, noisy to the point that it drives people to death, in Chinese hanyu.)

Salt Weasel-- Haw Flake (This is a very delicious type of candy that I’d recommend to everybody, if you haven’t already tried some! It is very sweet, though.)

Disappointing Marsh-Wolf-- Can JIan (lit. broken sword, crippled sword. Character from Zhang Yimou’s Hero, which is also where I got the name Fei Xue from, although Fei Xue (飞血,Fei Xue, lit. Flying Blood) is an aural pun on the actual character’s name (飞雪,Fei Xue, lit. Flying Snow).)

Parabola Kitten-- Jing Zi (lit. mirror. Wow, real creative.)
edited by Sestina Valdis on 12/1/2015

Devious Raven Advisor — Mr Caws

Mystic Raven Advisor — Mr Croaks

Deshrieked Mandrake — Ms Wails

Fairly Tame Sorrow-Spider — Mr Legs

Working Rat — Sparks

Grubby Urchin — Little Augustus

Ruthless Henchman — Mr Clean

Alluring Accomplice — Ms Bettington

Talkative Rattus Faber — Yapper

Albino Rat — Ms Spooks

Salt Weasel — Wolfbait

Preening Macaw — Ms Crackers

Neurasthenic Assassin — Mr Shadows

Canny Costermonger — Ms Shilling

Also had a Disgraced Rattus-Faber Chief once, called Cheekibreekus, but alas, he perished.
edited by Kolanowski on 12/1/2015

I only have named a few pets, from when I first started and couldn’t use any of the other options on ‘Give a Gift’ safely.

A Friendly Goldfish: Fred! Fred was the name of my husband’s family goldfish, who grew to such legendary stature that he would have fit in just fine here: He was the last of 10 siblings, eventually blind in both eyes (which sank in)…and, by the time he died, he was older than my sister in law. Yup, he died at 18 years old.
… maybe he should increase rather than decrease nightmares? Or provide a point of Dread?

Rattus Fabar Bandit Chief: Manus Rex - I was really fond of the Rat Storyline, and used my maimed friend as often as I could against the Big Rat. So it was with a heavy heart I sent him off for his las battle - and to my delight, he returned redeemed and undisgraced! So, he got the suffix ‘Rex’ added to his name as a treat.

Parelle, you can name things for free in your Lodgings -> Attend to Matters of Society and Scandal -> Name a Pet

Devious Raven Advisor: Iago

Preening Macaw: Othello

Mystic Raven Advisor: Rigel

and shamefully,

Bifurcated Owl: Hoodini

Oh a registry, what a CANNY idea! I do love animals. I recall a Sicilian gentleman back in '88 attempting to maintain a public shrine to Saint Francis, the desecrations were MARVELOUS, truly EXCEPTIONAL some of them, launched more than a few artistic careers did Captain Simonini! HAH!

I’ve but a wee menagerie but they are all very dear to me.

Philosophical Raven Advisor: Laocoön

Haunted-Looking Dog: Hamilcar

Bifurcated Owl: Herod

Laconic Prodigy: Fausta (One day this child will kill me.)

Brilliant all! Thank-you, this has made my day! Please keep them coming :)

I included only the best ones.

Scuttering Squad: Renyar’s Regents (D&D group)

Working Rat: ProletariRAT

Reprehensible Lizard: SCP-682

Cheerful Goldfish: Moby

Talkative Rattus Farber: Kinbote (from “Pale Fire”)

Albion Rat: Anabella (from “Dolls of New Albion”)

Rubbery Euphonium: Fŋlʉi mgwlnæfə (Lovecraft reference)

Rubbery Hound: Cephaladog

Tomb lion: Post-stampede Mufasa

Hound of Heaven: Asclepius (Greek god of medicine, animal was a snake)

Slavering Dream Hound: Eater of Milkbones

Bifurcated Owl: Piękna (Polish word for beautfiul, comes from a myth that owls fly at night because they are so beautiful other birds would attack them in the day)

Unfinished Hat: Grumpy Hat (memes!)

Ravens: Jonnathon Livingston, Lenore Nevermore, Huginn, Muninn, Azarath Metrion Zinthos, Roäc

Affable Spy: Serai (Codex Alera)

The Pirate Poet: Orlop (S.)

That Rubbery Euphonium name is excellent! Never knew they were so dangerous. :-)

My menagerie is quite small right now.

Disgraced R.F. Leader: Bubo
Sulky Bat: Robin
Haunted-Looking Dog: Bailey (Beagle Bailey? Oh, dear)
Racing Slug: A.J. Foyt
Goldfish: Guppy

Not exactly a pet: Devious Henchman: Odd Job
edited by Michile on 12/3/2015

I generally only name the pets I have a use for:

Freyja the Salt Weasel

Lobo the Cardsharp Monkey

Hobb the Cheerful Goldfish

Vincenzo the Talkative Rattus Faber

Harmsworth the Subtle Mole

Solomon the Devious Raven Advisor

Emmeline the Midnight Matriarch

Murdoch the Disgraced Rattus Faber Leader (RIP)
edited by Lord Hoot on 12/2/2015

Well, I named my Sulky Bat &quotVake Jr&quot. I am very proud of myself for that.

My other (named) pets:

Midnight Matriarch - Senka (‘shadow’)

Cheerful Goldfish - Svjetlana (‘light’)

Bandaged Raven - Elena (I don’t know, but it sounded like a good name)

I’m not particularly imaginative when it comes to naming, so I’m rather proud of these:

Sir Mansfield Smythe-Bollox - Disgraced Rattus Faber Bandit Chief

Estefania - Luxuriantly Coiffed Sorrow-Spider

Maculata - Quiet Deviless (as opposed to &quotImmaculata&quot, of course)

Bruce - Bat with Attitude

The Great Hatsby - Unfinished Hat

It is high time that I update this list.

Jangy Joans the awful, snaggle-toothed imp has departed from Amyntas’ service, leaving nothing behind but a vague sense of unease and some suspicious stains on the wardrobe. Where he has gone, and why, is as much a mystery to Amyntas as it is to those who initially introduced him to Jangy.

Tillinghast the fork-wielding ape has been revealed to be more than a chimp with a passing interest in spirifage; this whole time, under Amyntas’ nose, he has been a full-fledged Pentecost Ape! The two have come to a mutual agreement that this information will not be given undue attention, on the condition that Tillinghast continue to act like a proper ape in public and assist him in the acquisition of souls.

Although one may recall that Bob-ears Blythe the ratty-gang leader is dead, his contemporaries still remain. Amyntas is thus in possession of a fractious and ill-tempered force of violent rats known, somewhat uncreatively, as the Ratboys. Contractually obligated to bring no end of misery and/or inconvenience to those who might oppose Amyntas, their spirited devotion to violence is mitigated somewhat by their profound incompetence. It is not uncommon for the Ratboys to harm their target purely by accident.

There are unsubstantiated rumors, bordering on slander in fact, that Amyntas is in possession of some terrible affront against God and creation known colloquially as a &quotBifurcated Owl.&quot Such pernicious claims are not only unfairly damaging to Amyntas’ reputation, but also to that of his innocent and completely-normal pet owl known as Mister Descoteaux. Why would anyone want to impinge on the reputation of an innocent bird like that? It can only be the product of cruel whimsy.

Do keep an eye on that frost-moth he’s got, though. It’s a nasty little b----r.
edited by Amyntas on 6/23/2016

Morcant owned a small handful of pets. This has expanded into a double handful, and will indubitably just keep increasing in numbers. He also has a few companions of the more… henchman-y nature.

Maverick Bloodhound: Toby. Once owned by the Gruff Philoterian, frequently lent to aid constables in their work, and passed unceremoniously to him for a case once. Morcant and Toby took an instant liking to each other, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Disgraced Rattus Faber Bandit-Chief: Slippery Harry. Or, more accurately, Slipp’ry 'Arry. More slinking than slippery now that he is disgraced, but such is life.

Araby Fighting-Weasel: Bonaparte. Morcant is quite aware that the French general was not as diminutive in stature as often assumed to be, but he simply could not resist the temptation.

Lucky Weasel: Colombus. Named such simply to create some vague sense of cohesion with Bonaparte.
Cheerful Goldfish: Beatrice. There was Azalea once. She died, and sent Morcant on a four-day research binge on whether or not animals meet the Boatman like their masters, and how fish would have taken the boat.

Talkative Rattus Faber: Gobby Oliver. Well, he says his name is Oliver, somewhere between describing his grandmother’s nevercold brass tooth and his favourite recipe for gouda.

Sulky Bat: Wayne. There’s no bat as sulky and broody as Wayne. He also apparently has a &quotfriendly nemeses&quot quasi-relationship with Moriarty (see below).

Reprehensible Lizard: Gertrude. Morcant tried a great many of names before finding one the lizard did not roll its eyes at, and that name happened to be Gertrude.

Wary Raven Advisor: Quoth. A pune, or play on words, no doubt.

Devious Henchman: Shinwell &quotPorky&quot Johnson. The Honey-Addled Detective introduced them to each other, one particularly foggy night in Spite. Officially, he is Morcant’s informer from the less-than-legal side of London. Unofficially, well, some say two men of their description were seen unloading numerous crates from a hired carriage the night the Brass Embassy was robbed…

Morcant has also received, from a new acquaintance in the University, a Starveling Cat. In the (questionable) privacy of his mind, he has taken to calling it Moriarty. Then someone supplied him with a second Starveling Cat, which he calls Moran.
edited by Morcant on 12/19/2015

Bonaparte’s height is still in some dispute, though. Granted that French measure is <> to English, anecdotal evidence describes him as “below middle height,” and why did French painters consistently paint him as on the short side? At least, where there is objective measure.

– Mal

[quote=malthaussen]Bonaparte’s height is still in some dispute, though. Granted that French measure is <> to English, anecdotal evidence describes him as &quotbelow middle height,&quot and why did French painters consistently paint him as on the short side? At least, where there is objective measure.

– Mal[/quote]

Quite so! I, personally, am still very much in a state of some, ahem, confusion regarding the matter myself, and the last time I tried to clear the matter ended in frustration and a rage quit. Still, Morcant is apparently of the belief that reports of the general’s (lack of) height are greatly exaggerated, and who am I to argue him?