Robbing the Museum of Mistakes

[li]I have a line in on a stash of First City Coins in the Museum of Mistakes. Assistance required to liberate these treasures in furtherance of a higher, most Marvellous, purpose.

Would anyone with Shadowy or Persuasive 70+ care to join me in this enterprise?

Help found! Trustworthy help! Probably trustworthy.

The help was, indeed, trustworthy. Should any fellow Marveller require a theft on the museum to be committed, I would be pleased to assist.

I’d be happy to assist anyone else with a theft of the museum.

I wouldn’t advise this. It’s horribly inefficient for high-level players and the final test is a crapshoot anyway. I have a huge stockpile of coins from the “A Presumptuous Opportunity” card and I can give you some directly.

I’m a stat capped player and this is something that can only be done by invitation so it makes a pleasant diversion to doing other things. It isn’t the most efficient way of getting the coins but I enjoy robbing the Museum for other things. I have enough coins to pass them on if I do get a request.

What circe said. I haven’t seen this content yet, and I’d like to.

I’m pretty sure you can make the final test Straightforward anyways. Doesn’t make it the best in terms of ppa, but it’s not a crapshoot unless you let it be.

Add me to the line of folks who’re willing to rob a museum just to see how it feels; my Shadowy is capped, so likely to succeed I would guess.

Robbing the Museum is a quality you need to raise - like Duelling the Black Ribbon, etc. so you need 5 to have a chance and higher to guarantee success. If you fail you lose all progress and it costs 400? Cryptic clues for someone to send an invitation. So if I get one I make sure that I have enough coins to send even if I fail.

But as I said already it is content you will only see if someone else invites you.

I recall being very grateful back when I needed coins, and a friend far more advanced than I went and grabbed them for me - and then failed and sent me 30 coins anyway :-). So yeah, I have enough spare to pay this forward likewise even if I should fail.

I shall rob a museum for anyone who wants to request it of me: I’ve never actually been asked before and want to see what it’s like.

I need one skilled person to obtain some coins for me, and I don’t know if the offers above are still valid. Every help will be thouroughly appreciated… I mean, rewarded.

I’m still up for any Museum theft but I’m at Zee and won’t be back for a while. Hope you find some one else.

I’d be glad to (profile in sig). This thread helped me immensely on my own Ambition progress, and I’d like to pay it forward.

Invite me! I long to see more of that museum. Or, at least, see some fresh content.

I enjoy this content! Either of my characters will be pleased to rob a museum for you.

Thank you all. I’ve already sent my invitation, but it’s good to know who is available for the task. I know a Marveller who might be in the same situation.

Is it possible to rob the museum if you’re not a Marveller? If so I’d like an invite.

I’d also like to rob the Museum just to see what it’s like, since I obtained my coins by other means the first time 'round.