Revolutions Season: Item Trade-In

[color=#cc0099]If you want to remember the crimes you’ve seen here, take this.[/color]
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The Revolutions Season has finished. If you played Five Minutes to Midday, The Chimney Pot Wars, and The Calendar Code, you will have gained an item unique to each tale. You can trade in these items to unlock a short tale suffused with lore and adorned with an alluring reward. [/color]
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This option opens today, and will remain permanently, so there is no need to trade in your items by any deadline.[/color]
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The story can be found anywhere in London through A Seditious Invitation.[/color]

At long last, I can go north. Thank you.


A lot of hype is going on. We’ve been waiting for this for several months. And now it’s out!

And now I have to wait several hours so I have full actions. Suffering is afoot.

Extremely excited.

Now that was fun. I ended up taking the book and that text was very interesting.

Despite the Revolutionaries being my least favourite faction, this was genuinely intriguing. Which is always delightful.
Has anyone echoed the result of taking the book at the end choice? I would love to see it.

That was fabulous. Worth the wait. Akernis, taking the book is echoed at the top of my profile.

Thanks, guys. Oh… now that is interesting indeed.

Does anyone have an echo for not taking the book?

Here it is!
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So…what do we think? Symbolism is strong with this one, but I am too tired to analyze it properly.

Some perhaps obvious thoughts:

[spoiler] The month January is named after Janus, the two-faced Roman god of time (also god of beginnings, gates, transitions, doorways, passages, and endings according to wiki). January was wearing a two-faced mask showing two expressions, and the perhaps most impactful room on her was the timey-wimey one with clocks, so the logical assumption here is that the &quotmasters&quot of the Calendar Council takes names after Roman gods and their respective abstract fields of interest. This creates an antithesis to the Masters, who take names seemingly after concrete things.

Talking about antithesis, we are shown a small dawn machine (at least that was my interpretation) after which the door to the room was locked behind us so no once can enter (ominous reminder that time always moves forward and that once something major occurs, there is no way back), and then taken into a dark room (cough liberation of the night cough) and perhaps shown an eye in the mosaic. &quotAs above, so below&quot. An eye above, the stars (judgements), so below, the dawn machine. Then we’re given a book that has a lot of useful information, probably particularly so for one who is interested in liberating the night. January also takes a quick dump on her colleagues (they’re not smart enough to appreciate my work, but you are) and pretty much extends a hand to the player to be a confidante of hers.

All in all, viva la resistance!

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Let’s not forget the most interesting thing here–

In the dark room, she makes mention of an ally above–a gant eye, represented in mosaic on the ceiling. This storylet is called &quotthe court of treacheries&quot–which I feel to be the first and hopefully not the last indication of what precisely is sponsoring the liberation and the light-eating devices.

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A small correction: The mosaic you’re referring to is located on the floor (You are standing on a spiraled mosaic.) and the Curator refers to an unseen entity above, as she is looking there while talking about it. This is more of a hint towards Zubmariner content, but it is still a v important part of the story.

The Southern room doesn’t depict what people think. The word Orrery refers to a model of the solar system, and I don’t think anything in the Neath proper possessed planets orbiting around it (except for Disgraceful Spectacle, and that’s a bit of a stretch).

Can I just say I got chills when I read the phrase

‘the journals of a reporter looking into the activities of the Orphanage. Uncovered posthumously.’

Knowing what happens to people investigating the orphanage, that was an outstanding choice of words.

But-but I don’t want to give up An Account of the Souls Aboard Hell’s Triremes…

It’s cruel, isn’t it? I still bemoan the loss of my Vial of Murderer’s Blood…

Very cool! I didn’t want to give up my Account of the Souls Aboard Hell’s Triremes either. But I did, and I’m so glad I got my special item. I really enjoyed the story, and since Myrto is so deep with the Revolutionaries, it was especially an easy choice at the end. (N.B. I’m not sure if Myrto is really a Revolutionary, or if they’re just really deep undercover for the Great Game…maybe Myrto has also forgotten.)

[quote=Mr. Sails]Some perhaps obvious thoughts:

&quotAs above, so below&quot…[/quote]

I believe, though, that the Above refers to the chains at the ceiling, which binds us all - Judgement and people on the earth alike.

Laws, Great Chain, etc.
The construction on the floor is depicted as a solar system (and thanks for Vavakx Nonexus for explaining the word Orrery).

But I’m usually the slowest one to comprehend these things so I may be wrong. Again. =)

Mr. Sails, RandomWalker, everyone…

[spoiler]You do realize that January is the Council member who’s purview is the recruitment of new members by appeals to their abilities and better natures?

She’s literally going by the book. Her book.
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