Requirements and Costs

Just came to the forums after noticing the same thing. That it doesn’t tell you how many you have in either the cost mouseover or when you actually spend them I think is definitely a problem. I don’t want to have to switch tabs to see when I’m getting low on something.

A good idea, but most frustrating that the mouseover on Costs doesn’t show how many of that thing I currently have.

Speaking of expeditions, the first two progress options properly show the supplies as a cost for me but the most difficult option shows the supplies as an unlock.

The mouseover stopped showing how many of the items that I have. I miss that…

Same here. Clicking back and forth between the story, myself, and plans tabs is becoming a tad annoying.

Going to chime in with everyone else on missing the info in the mouseover about how many of an item I have, and the info in the result of how much was spent and how much remains.

Agreed with everyone else that the information removed was actually very useful at the place it could originally be found.

As it happens, I don’t particularly care for the change, personally I always found the costs of an action easy to understand at a glance, but if it’s part of a development for iOS, well, what can you do.

Really, the scroll over text “This costs 3 bloatworms” makes the new icons completely redundant. The new icons to me, also really block immersion, the flow of Fallen London, and the aesthetic. But none of that’s an issue if the icons aren’t needed anymore! Honestly, I feel pretty passionate about this, even if I’m not being exceptionally verbose or eloquent on the matter.

Are there any operations in these areas with hidden costs? I want to know if you get told if stuff is taken when it wasn’t an unlock requirement. The obvious ones would be the souls you lose in one particular day in the Iron Republic, or the result of being arrested with a high criminal record, or the result of being unable to evade the grand hunt.

Either way, I preferred the old system.
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Given the nature of the Grand Hunt (having stuff is not a requirement), it probably won’t shows on a price tag.

Edit: Just checked out the revamp. I do not like this at all - it is like, now it is a little bit easier to tell what you need to pay for, but then you fork over the money and discover you lost the ability to count how much you have left.

There is ample space on the result screen, which saves us the need for mouseover. The new price tags are not bad, but if they come at a cost of removing easily read information than they are just clogging up the requirement space.
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Agree with everyone else that the ability to tell how much stuff you have left with a mouseover needs to be brought back. And fast.

Yeah, we definitely need to have the “You have X” message added in parentheses after the “This will cost X” message, and I still want to see what my new total is after spending a resource without having to click try again or checking my inventory.

After 70 conversions of Cryptic Clues into diamonds, I have not encountered the rare success (Magnificent Diamond) even once. The chance of that happening is 2.75%.

Of course, it might just be that I’ve had a really long stretch of bad luck (2.75% is definitely possible), but with these changes to these actions (the result text doesn’t even display the Cryptic Clues loss anymore), I’m concerned that this has impacted the rare success of this option (either deliberately or as a side effect). I’ll stop converting any more clues into diamonds until someone can confirm that the old rare success is still in play.

Just got a Magnificent Diamond on my 10th try at buying a bag of low quality diamonds. So the rare success is still possible - the RNG is just being unkind to you.

I definitely agree with others that not having the number of items used and that you have remaining in the results is not a good change. I don’t want to have to keep checking my inventory to see what I have.

Got 2 diamonds in 40 tries, which seems about right. I think you just had a run of bad luck.

The cost change is not to my taste currently, but the requirement change is fine. If it’s not too much of a hassle, I would like to agree with the others that bringing back the detail of showing how much one has in cost for the mouseover icon and showing what was used and left over in the result page would improve the cost change significantly and I’d be more accepting of it. :)

Thanks Lady Ciel and RandomWalker for confirming the rare success is still a thing.

I’m fine with a streak of bad luck (I’ve also had streaks of good luck). It’s just that with the change to how these options now present the success (i.e. without indicating the lost items) I was concerned it might have affected rare successes somehow.

I decided to go to Rob a Drunk, and tried robbing the rat. I did not get a message saying that Someone is Coming has dropped…

If doing that action removed all of your Someone is Coming, that would be why it didn’t say anything, that’s a seperate issue/bug doing that.

In fact, thinking about it, I think the easiest and simplest appearance of costs snd requirements of actions was the one in place when I started playing a couple of years ago. Since then, I found the changes to be less intuitive and needlessly complex. I mean, it’s not a big deal – but why keep trying to fix what’s not broken. The latest, with the extra icons, just looks cluttered to me. Anyway, not a big deal, I’ll get used to it as well.

But please bring the remaining quantity info back! That’s actually functional.