Refugee Crisis: A Charitably Mysterious Bundle

[color=#0066ff]We are raising money for Médecins Sans Frontières, who are operating search and rescue missions in the Mediterranean.[/color]
[color=#0066ff]We’ve just made a lucky dip item available on the Fate page which will give you an unusual item from Sunless Sea. This is currently the only way to get these items. It costs 11 Fate and will give you a random item.[/color]
We’re going to make a donation to match the amount raised, up to £10,000. Here’s Alexis’ blog with more information. Please consider buying the bundle and supporting the vital work of Médecins Sans Frontières![/color]

Kudos to Failbetter for matching donations! It’s a much nobler policy and a better incentive for players to give than say, keeping 50% of all donations (which a large and notorious online game company did for a while in 2010, to much criticism and backpedaling).

How many items are available? I’m asking in part because I or others might be willing to buy the pack more than once, out of the goodness of our hearts and concern for refugees. Certainly not out of, say, rabid collector frenzy. Ah, the alignment of motivations.

Liking the idea! Although to increase visibility I’d suggest a gold universal storylet since you guys still need to broadcast the Watchful change.

Got: Knob of Scintillack (same icon as the snuff), Carved Ball of Stygian Ivory, Royal-Blue Feather, Live Spicemen

Going by the item descriptions, seems like we will be able to hunt Blue Prophets and Milliner Bats to get more Feathers in the future?
edited by Estelle Knoht on 9/8/2015

I like this too. Suggestion: have it cost 0 actions rather than 1, to encourage people to donate as much as possible.
edited by colinsapherson on 9/8/2015

It seems to cost two actions right now – one to purchase and one to open?

I like this idea. A 0-action storylet which basically replicates the text from the Fate page would probably be enough, although I’m sure we’d love more new words if they were available.

Got: An Outlandish Artefact (on my Mantelpiece), about which I am very excited.
Also got: Solacefruit

I got Move in the Great Game with bundle value 74

[color=#0066ff]Donations will be open for a good while, so we’ll have the opportunity to do a news message about it and spread the word that way. Thanks everyone for getting into this so enthusiastically![/color]

Okay, so far I’ve gotten:
2 x Solacefruit
2 x Live Specimen
3 x Outlandish Artefact
1 x Tin of Zzoup
1 x Royal-Blue Feather
1 x Knob of Scintillac
1 x Ambiguous Eolith
2 x Carved Balls of Stygian Ivory
1 x Moves in the Great Game
2 x Deep Zee Catch

Note that different texts can offer the same reward. Note also that the live specimen and the catch both are in the ‘Goods’ category, rather than the Curiosity box. Some items seem to be sellable for 2.50 echoes, others for 0.50 echoes
edited by RandomWalker on 9/8/2015

Bought a few more before I ran out of actions. Nothing new dropped.

You guys are brilliant.

Good on you FBG, this is an awesome thing to do and a really cool way of doing it.


I’ve discovered an Element of Dawn! On the mantel now… Also, an excellent charity event, FBG.

I got an Element of Dawn (!!) at bundle value 03. Also Vital Intelligence, but I forgot to record the value.

You’ve turned my gambling and collection addictions into something noble and charitable, I’m not entirely sure how I should feel about that. It’s brilliant nonetheless, well done.

This is a great way to raise money for a good cause. I’ve got a Tin of Zzoup and a Deep Zee Catch now. :) I’ll see if I can pick up some more spare Fate next week or so to contribute more to this.

Odd thing to think about: This will probably be the closest we ever come to a direct fate-echo conversion.

Anyways, got some Scintillack and i’m gonna go back for more!

So far I’ve received:

2x Ambiguous Eolith,
2x Knob of Scintillack,
1x Tin of Zzoup,
1x Outlandish Artefact,
1x Moves in the Great Game.

Are all of them worth 2.50 echos, or are some rarer then others?

I’m inclined to agree. I have 76 Fate left, and no remaining actions.

But then, while I’d like to get one of each there’s no guarantee of that happening at all, so perhaps it’s for the best that I take a break for now. ^_^

I think I have all the bundle value ranges figured out based on my echos and the information on this forum (and a little guess work). The only thing which doesn’t fit my pattern is the bundle with a value of exactly 5. If anyone gets bundle #5 please let me know. Its either an irregular, but possible expansion on the bundle ranges surrounding it or its an item I haven’t heard anyone mention yet. One of the two.