Ratmas 2014; postmen and non-acceptance

It is the seventh of December! Do you know what that means? Well, last year it meant Ratmas. This year, I, uh, I dunno. I think it’s still Ratmas? It can be, if you want it to be. The Ratmas was inside you all along. Here’s the thread from last Ratmas, for posterity. Look how different everything is! It’s like a time capsule, but with rats. Time raptsule.

Anyway! Many things have changed since last Ratmas; chief of all, of course, is that Accepting No Further Rats is a thing. That means you can’t send rats to Alexis, which was, like, the entire point. I recommend just spreading a feeling of general ratness and magnanimity throughout your day. Some others have suggested that maybe you may want to send rats to Flyte, who is a cool + good dude who does hard work being cool + good. Maybe just send rats to yourself, as a little treat. The possibilities are endless!

If you have a Rat of Glory, maybe drag it out of its cupboard and pass it around. It’s like playing pass the parcel with a landmine!

Rat Sending Simulator 2k14 still exists, it’s real, I don’t know how it got here but it refuses to leave and it keeps bleeding on the carpets and scaring small children and you can play it if you really want to! If you only played it when it was Rat Sending Simulator 2k13, then I added some new and cool stuff for you to slam your face into. I never actually finished all of it, but there’s still stuff to do.

New things! A few months ago I had an Idea for A Game. Not something I could do in Storynexus, because it’s a big self-indulgent Fallen London fangame. It’s about postmen, rats, snow, Ratmas, travelling to far-flung places, rats, the despair caused by receiving no Christmas Cards. There might be some rats in it. Maybe? I called it Postman Apocalypse, because I am drawn to bad puns like haematite to a magnet.

You can play it here!
The above cover image was made by Otaara, because I am absolutely hamhanded at anything approaching graphical design.

I mean, I made this by writing some words on a picture, that’s about as good as I can do.

Alright, that’s my piece. Feel free to recommend places other people should send rats. No cats!!! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to pass out heavily because I spent far, far too long putting the finishing touches on Postmangame. send bug reports to thedeskofratco@gmail.com and keep on keepin’ on
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I admit to spending Nex solely to force draw the Give a Gift card, so I could send more rats to more people. (Mostly Flyte)

I’m currently playing through the Postman Apocalypse while waiting for cards to refresh. It’s really fun so far - thank you for making it! Today’s off to a great start.

We could maybe send each other rats this year. Like, I would totally love to send and receive many rats. Anyone else? Or maybe send rats to Hannah as she’s pretty cool.
P.S. The game is amazing.
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Did you know for 1 fate you can automatically draw it from your lodgings? It’s under ‘Write Letters’, the option ‘A present for a friend’.

Also. Ratmas. Pretty good. Became a rat collector, blew up the sun, went insane, 10/10.

I endorse this thread.

If someone can send me some rats of various types to send to send to people that would be good. Also post Flyte’s thing so I can send him a few.

Course, I need to get out of Polythreme first. Darn Manager sending off to a place where I can have a conversation with my shirts.



Merry Ratmas Hannah :)

Edit: This is also a good place to send rats if you have a tumblr: http://failbettergames.tumblr.com/
Edit 2: Sending letters with rat messages from your lodgings is acceptable in place of sending actual rats should you have difficulty drawing the gift card today. <:3 ̲̅ ̲̅ ̲̅ ̲̅﴿˫~~
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Zero: Oh, it’s been so long since I sent anyone rats; I guess this as good an excuse as any to send some more! What about you, doc; up for some rat-sending?

Soran: Do what you will with your rat corpses, Mr. Hunt, but leave me out of it.

Zero: Bah! You’re no fun. But, yes, rats! Rats for all! Especially for Soran; be sure to send them extra rats, to help get them in the Ratmas spirit!

Soran: Groan &quotRatmas spirit?&quot What are you talking about; you’ve never even heard of &quotRatmas&quot until today.

Zero: Begins pulling dead rats from his pockets and scattering them in random directions Rats!
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Made it in under the wire!

A rattening is not to be postponed indefinitely, but it can be postponed until 23.32 GMT.

Edit: Also Flyte is Accepting No Further Rats, it appears.
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Ratmas 2028; the last remaining person capable of accepting rats looks down on the remains of civilisation and weeps, a handful of cyberats held aloft. There is nowhere left for them to go.

Zero: Flyte appears to have sent me a Starveling Cat. I’m… Honestly not sure how to interpret that.

Soran: My best guess is that it’s a non-verbal way of telling you to stop while you’re ahead.

Zero: Perhaps, perhaps… But how could I stop now? There are still doorsteps out there that I haven’t dumped sacks of rotting rat corpses on! It’s nothing less than my duty to remedy this, whatever the risks.

If people have a excess of rats they have nowhere to send, I will be happy to take some off their hands. Not sure what I will do with them mind. I will send a few, keep a few, and sell a few I guess.

Also, please send me various diffrent types of rats if possible. One gets bored with a lack of variety.

If I get enough and get the card i will of course return the favor and send some rats to some poor soul.
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[color=#0066ff]I am the proud owner of 2200 rats. [/color]

Bloody hell, looks like I missed Ratmas again…I’ve really got to start marking these things in my calendar.

[quote=Spacemarine9][quote=Asclepius Unbound]
Edit: Also Flyte is Accepting No Further Rats, it appears.


Ratmas 2028; the last remaining person capable of accepting rats looks down on the remains of civilisation and weeps, a handful of cyberats held aloft. There is nowhere left for them to go.[/quote]

Well, if you are willing to extend Ratmas a day or two, I have a plan…

Alexsis may not be accepting Rats any more as in Flyte, but they ARE still accepting Christmas cards. We send them a Christmas Card describing how a ton of rats fall out of it, flooding their houses, their neighbors houses ETC with text that fits the entire box ending in BRING BACK RATMAS!&quot

If someone can Pm me the appropriate contact to add, I will start us off.

no please don’t do that

Okay man, your call. (;

In that case maybe it’s time for a new holiday of some kind?
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december has enough holidays as is. just let it go