Ratmas 2014; postmen and non-acceptance

Postman Apocalypse is wonderful, but I appear to have hit a dead end after getting the Excalibrat. There are no links to continue.

I’m starting to wonder just how many secrets there are. I didn’t expect throwing rats at the sun to do anything. And I still haven’t found a use for the strange orb…

Do the special names do anything other than the special message at the beginning? I wonder if feeding them to the well does anything… (Speaking of, I’m rather surprised that “Moist von Lipwig” doesn’t produce anything, given the obvious Going Postal influences.)

The links are there, you just kinda have to persuade itch.io into letting you scroll down; mashing tab, middle-clicking and click-dragging all work. I went and made the game window even taller, which means a whole bunch of blank space on everything except a small handful of results, but ~oh well~. itch.io does not have a particularly good implementation of actually displaying twine games, esp when lots of words get involved

and only one of the easteregg names actually changes anything but it’s incredibly minor and actually exists as a quasi-bugfix
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&quotnothing&quot, in case you feed it to the well?


Oh, and one more thing, if you’re taking gameplay commentary: I felt like it was very unclear that you were supposed to drift closer to the Sun. I assumed that would lead to an instant game over. This was corroborated by my using the Bizarre Echo first, which works regardless of distance.

(By the way, does the “All shall be well…” quality do anything or is it just there to look significant?)

Really? I recall there being a line saying that you didn’t think you could throw something quite that far, so I knew I had to go closer. I think the “All shall be well” quality unlocks an ending.

yeah i put that clarifying line in before the actual public release because it was pretty ambiguous. I forgot to make missing w/ cards slightly less severe (i lost some work to technical difficulties and forgot to revert that), so at the very least your chances of instant death are a fair bit lower

All shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well may hold the key to your future…

Ah, I see it now. For some reason I never actually took the normal ending route! I am a silly person. I got the best ending (unlocked by &quotAll manner of thing…&quot and &quotAll shall be well…&quot together, I presume?), but there are still so many gaps! It seems there’s more to do. Are there any branches besides the normal rounds that have significant rare successes?

Oh, and because I forgot to mention this earlier, thank you for including so many minor female characters. A lot of stories will include female characters but make a big deal about it, relegating it only to a select few while minor bit characters still default male. Throwing a few female pronouns around when describing background characters sounds simple, but it’s so uncommon and goes a long way. The gender diversity pleases me.

Edit: Oh wait, people say you can throw the Ambermas at the Sun, but the option doesn’t seem to show up for me.
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It’s been almost an entire week since Ratmas! Somehow all of us are still on this Earth and have not been turned into a pillar of salt for our sins. Incredible, right?
Anyway! I copied the christmas card generator from the 200-Gloom ending and put it onto a standalone file, so if you need ominously threatening FL-themed phrases to send at your friends let this horrendous mess of random functions do all the work for you

Ok I’m late to talk here but : Postman Apocalypse is really funny and interesting. I like what you made of the Neath lore ! =D