Quirks, caps, and limitations

I know the wiki isn’t 100%, and there’s never anything fate related on there, but I’m using it as a primary source for a lack of better material.

That said, quirks seem to tend downward now that the system has changed and caps are lower.

I’ve been investigating the wiki, seeking, or rather trying to find my way through comprehending quirks and how to raise them.

In theory you can do it with one time content, get yourself over 12 and then make sure to stay there, using options on connected items to bring yourself up, as long as you never pass UNDER 12.

Problem is, if you slip under 12, it’s very hard to return.

Thus this list.


  1. &quotthrow it into the river&quot. A successful enough area dive can give you a bundle, if you throw the bundle into the river and sacrifice it you gain 1 or 2 points of Austere. If you seek this option, start your hunt in spite. This is repeatable, you can’t be locked out of it, and lowers no other quirks. A+ candidate. (edit: Now reported to lower hedonist.)

  2. Iron republic, day 27. For those who have mastered navagation in the iron republic, or those who are very very lucky you can gain austere on day 27, if you can find day 27. Worth +5 CP, but not an easy find. This is repeatable, you can’t be locked out of it, and lowers no other quirks.






(Possible) Fire Sermon (11) +3 heartless. If not capped at 10, still requires manipulation of dreams. (cap 10 suspected)
(possible) Townhouse (card), Close Orphanage. -2 notability, - Magnanimous

  1. Visit, Sardonic Music Singer, ‘Borrow’ a substantial sum of moon-pearls. +5 Heartless, -5 Steadfast. Zero’s relationship. Can be recovered. Takes 17 actions of card draws to cycle, but unlimited. Rank A.






  1. Use your Tears of the Bazaar, Warm your Tears of the Bazaar, +5 - 11 CP, Requires Taste of Lacre. Makes this seasonal? Still, rank A, no downside, just costly.


(possible) Vielgarden (RARE CARD) A Raggedy Creature, Let them have their fun, +1 Ruthless. (other options claim 7?)
(possible) Fire sermon 11 (other options say limit 10) (cap 10 suspected)


  1. Skeleton key. Turning in favours:Criminals, renoun 15 or higher. +steadfast - heartless.
  2. Book of the dead, Turning in favours:Toumb Colonists, renoun 15 or higher, + steadfast - forceful


  1. Engraved Pewter Tankard. Turning in Favours:Docs. Renoun 15 or higher, +subtle - forceful

For latter investigation:
Each of the 4 stats has an equivalent to the schools of persuasive. Changing them might, or might not get you above 12.

As connections change to renoun there may be a full set in the highest tier of turning in favours. Criminals = steadfast

— nope — A shift of &quotclosest to:&quot likewise seems tied up in quirks. Most are not documented after the change. (limit 10 confirmed)

Right now, and for now my conclusion is, if you can reach 12 through accident or act, you better be VERY careful to keep above it. Spend anything you need to spend to get to 15 and then repair it every time something so much as scratches it. Likewise, whatever trait is lowered in sacrifice when you use the connection item, give up on it, you’ll never have it at any level for long.

You want scarlet saint, it’s going to cost fate and you won’t have it long.

There is always hope that new late game content will fill in the gaps, but from this list, it looks like some are only possible via one time content, or in content that you get locked out of.
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Iirc becoming closest to the Great Game raised my subtle above 12. This was after I accidentally betrayed the Great Game with subtle under 12, so joining and betraying a faction repeatedly may provide a net gain.
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Hunter’s keep goes only to 10 (for any of the three).

Steadfast past 10: gain renown:criminals from old bone key (reduces heartless).

Yha xKiv, but min 12 on old bone key.
the hard part is 10-12.

Thanks for hunters keep, fixing it.

There’s a branch on the Old Bone Key that doesn’t require Steadfast, but will increase it beyond 12.

ooooh, now THAT I’m going to investigate

[quote=Ben ]

(possible) A gift of dead rats (card), +1 limit UNKNOWN, OR Admiration +1 limit UNKNOWN[/quote]

I think dead rats on the &quotgive a gift&quot card only goes to 5. What got my Magnanimous to 10 was tackling a lot of vergers. The wiki says the card is unlocked with Dangerous 69-106, though I don’t know if that’s still true or if it’s been updated for A Name Scrawled in Blood. Either way, if you’ve advanced too far you probably can’t use this, but it might be useful for newer players.

I think Admiration goes up to 10, but won’t get you past the 10 barrier.

I know of a few fate-locked ways to increase quirks through the 10-12 wall, but that’s not particularly useful for general purposes.

Yeah. Increasing renown:criminals.
I should add that only the highest branch of that (once your renown is at least 15) increases steadfast. It’s also not cheap, and relies on opportunity cards to provide favours:criminals. But it seems like it might go all the way to steadfast 15.

Rubbery men heartless option only goes to 10

Thank you My good … whatever.

You can reach Hedonist 12 easily if you’re still in the early stages of the university, by going with the option &quotThe Provost, The Provost? The Provost…&quot or something to that order. You can be locked out of it, but it’s worth it to take advantage of it if you can.
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Yup, I noticed. But you CAN get locked out. You also had a chance to do it at the court with a 3 way on the throne of the queen.

But because they can be lost, then they fall into the category with one time content, not reliable.

[quote=Ben ]Yup, I noticed. But you CAN get locked out. You also had a chance to do it at the court with a 3 way on the throne of the queen.

But because they can be lost, then they fall into the category with one time content, not reliable.[/quote]
Still, those two options should be mentioned, as they are repeatable while they last. I only say so because a person coming here to raise hedonist might have one of those available.

All the Fire Sermon options only go up to 10, as far as I can tell.

You can gain Heartless past 10 by borrowing Moon-Pearls whe you pay A Visit to the Sardonic Music-Hall Singer. It’s repeatable, although it’ll take you 17 card-draws for each repetition.

There are fate-locked methods to raise a number of these above 10: Shepherds of Souls get a card that can do Magnanimous, Spirifers have an option in Ladybones Road that raises Heartless (IIRC). If you haven’t completed the Velocipede Squad, there’s a very cheap repeatable grind that takes 2 actions and nets you +3 CP of Steadfast up to 15.

Becoming Closest To… via Connected cards appears to raise quirks only up to 10. This is true of the Great Game and Subtle as well, so it may have changed since Optimatum did it.

However, if you become Closest To… by selling the location of the Cave of the Nadir to various factions, the limit is higher; selling it to the Urchins can raise Daring higher than 10, selling it to the Great Game can raise Subtle higher than 10. But you can only do that once. In fact, I’ve yet to find a repeatable Subtle, Daring, or Forceful option that goes about 10; they’re all one-time storylets (many of them in the Making Your Name… trackers)

Oh, and I believe some of the final Hallowmas options can push quirks over 10, once a year…

okay, tested one

(3 hours ago) A B Nile (A B Nile in Fallen London) has accepted your gift of admiration! Magnanimous hasn’t changed, because it’s higher than 9

So, nope, you can’t push it with admiration. I’ll test live rats next.

Trying to leave one time content out of this, so no selling the cave of the nadir. This is for those that didn’t get there accidentally in the first push and are stuck doing it the hard way.

Course it’s not like I can delete the posts of those giving other advice, those will be around forever, so feel free to add what you like.

Selling Grubby Urchins to pirates only goes up to 10. Giving a gift of rats only goes up to 10 as well.

There are some once-a-year events that might be worth mentioning:
“Publicly swear vengeance on all those who betrayed you” or “Publicly forgive those who wronged you” or “Publish a sincere account of an enduring confidence” give +5 CP Ruthless/Magnanimous/Steadfast up to 15, but you must potentially forego higher Hallowmas rewards.

Similarly, searching the shore of the Sundered Sea at Xmas can raise Melancholy up to 15… but considering that costs a Taste of Lacre, probably too pricey compared to Tears of the Bazaar?

And in the early spring, the way you treat your Noman at its end will raise Ruthless, Magnanimous, Heartless or Subtle as high as 15. Subtle is the rarest of those quirks, and that option comes with the skimpiest reward.

Selling your soul via the “City Vices: What Profit?” card gets you Hedonist up to 15, as does selling your soul during Hallowmas… but I think those are both fate-locked even though repeatable, right?

The option at Hallowmas is directly Fate-locked, requiring you to spend Fate each time you do it. What Profit requires you to purchase the Soul Trade, but is endlessly repeatable with no further Fate expenditure.