Quad Fail

it was suggested here that a fun pastime for a new character might be to try achieving 8 on all four menaces at once. I think I’ve figured out how to get Suspicion and Nightmares up there - keep my goldfish and sober dress handy, and then I can get Wounds and Scandal up to 8 without worrying about overdoing those. The problem, then, would be figuring out a storylet that takes both scandal and wounds at once. Then I can take off my goldfish and sober dress and dance menacingly into the void of whatever awaits beyond Fallen London, is my guess.

Unless someone knows a better way to do this as a non-POSI? And/or knows a storylet that would be helpful this way?

I never tried it, but off the top of my head, you can reach Wounds and Nightmares at the same time by petting the Starveling Cat, control Suspicion with Sober Dress and Scandal with Modish Bonnet. So for Suspicion you reach 8 and then take of the Dress and for Scandal your reach 7 and put on the Bonnet.

Oh and yeah, with the fish you control Nightmares, so you can just do Wounds naturally.
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Personally it isn’t something I would recommend doing but you are on the right track - look to see what else you can buy at the Bazaar.

There’s more than one way to achieve the quad fail even as a non-posi! I can think of three or four methods off the top of my head, but I won’t spoil them unless you want me to. The challenge here is you need to know a bit about the game mechanics and apply some lateral thinking.

I’ll provide three clues for how to do one method of quad fail in a spoiler below. Each clue is more spoilery than the next so be careful when reading them if you don’t want to be 100% spoiled.

Clue 1:
You need to get two different menaces to 8 (wounds and scandal) without getting sent to a menace state. But your wounds hit 8, you click continue, you get moved to the slow boat. Your scandal hits 8, you click continue, and then you are moved to the tomb colonies. There’s no chance to increase your scandal/wounds before you are moved… or is there? Think about what happens when your menace hits 8.

Clue 2:
Your menace hits 8, but you are still in london at that time. Its only when you press continue that you are moved to the slow boat or the tomb colonies. But what if you didn’t press continue? What if instead you went into your message tab or your myself tab? You can access these tabs and use items and messages before getting moved to a menace state. Can you think of a way to increase either wounds or scandal from within those tabs?

Clue 3:
Starveling cat, giggling mandrake, st. johns head, being scandal duped by a friend, being poisoned by a friend, item conversions such as tales of terror, and lots more![/spoiler]

Other methods are available, but the clues above explain some of the simplest ones available to non-posi. Let me know if you want clues to more methods, or if you like to try and figure them out on your own :)
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Am i the only one who wants to see a Unique State if you get all 4? Something like “Shipped off to a insane asylum/prison in the tomb colonies where you are driven insane and stabbed to death by a madman with a knife?” XD

Surely we should get to see a fistfight between Death and the Manager of Royal Beth.

I would pay good Echoes to see that. XD

Though here’s what I was thinking. The thing I posted happens. You find yourseklf on the river as usual… except this time Death is more adamant about keeping you due to your unique death. You must somehow escape hiom back to the land of the living. When you do, you realize &quotOh, right, I’m insane!&quot upon which The Manager comes to provide a little home away from home as a service for &quotunique customers&quot. You recover your sanity, and realize you have to escape this insane hellhole. However, that will not be easy, since all the other inmates are crazy tomb colonists with lots of strength and shivs and the warden is one of the most tough, intelligent badass tomb colonists there is, since, you know, he has to keep a bunch of immortal strong crazy people with shivs locked up. You finally escape, but the warden insists on recapturing you and you have to come up with a cunning plan to escaped the Tomb Colonies using a thrown voice, a ton of spare bandages and a stolen pass to London.

I pulled it off at the Shroom Races. Because it is a Fate-locked area, you don’t get thrown out for Menaces at 8. There’s a thread somewhere here in which I talked about Menace area priorities.

That thread is here - http://community.failbettergames.com/topic6077-menace-priorities.aspx

Thank you to lady ciel for doing what I was too lazy to do :)

&quotYou don’t quite remember how you got here, sprawled alone on the cobbles. Slowly, surely, you rebuild recollection. The gibbering rant was completely rational, of course. So was the destruction of three chestnut stalls and setting fire to all the tents at Mrs Plenty’s Carnival. Completely rational, right? You remember being chased by, well, by a lot of people frankly. Someone had the audacity to call you a burnt out wreck, a shell once-human. Hah, well you’re gonna show them. Once you begin to move again. If you begin to move again.

You were doing alright until the left half of your face came loose. That was a few seconds ago. Now you lie on the ground, painlessly convulsing, watching detached. The mob of citizenry round the corner and come into view. A veritable mix of Constables and socialites and Tomb-Colonists, and even that nice man in the brass button coat. If only you could wave. If only you could blink.

You wake up again some time later, looking down on your cold body at the Constabulary Morgue. You’re dimly aware that your mind isn’t quite what it was, but you have bigger problems right now. Much bigger.

Escaping from this state of menace is going to be considerably difficult, although not impossible.

This storylet was not optional, although whatever contrived method you used to get all 4 menaces so high without moving to the appropriate area must have been. Reduce all 4 menace levels to 0 to escape…

A twist in your tale! You are now Haunting a Constabulary Morgue at: 1- A less than lucid spectre !

Your Wounds quality is now 14 - Departed!
Your Scandal quality is now 14 - Disgraced!
Your Suspicion quality is now 14 - Imprisoned!
Your Nightmares quality is now 14 - Insane!

You have lost a quality: Unaccountably Peckish

Fascinating has been reset: A conclusion, or a new beginning?
Inspired has been reset: A conclusion, or a new beginning?
Casing has been reset: A conclusion, or a new beginning?
Running Battle has been reset: A conclusion, or a new beginning?
Investigating has been reset: A conclusion, or a new beginning?
Seeking has been reset: A conclusion, or a new beginning?

You have moved to a new area: The Constabulary Morgue&quot

And that’s just the one for those still in possesion of their soul. Those without would have a much nastier fate >:]

Is there a way to submit content to Fallen London without inviting legal hassle? I could so totally write this.

Also, I hereby release the above content exclusively to Failbetter Games, gratis -22/11/2014.

Wow. Thanks guys!

I’m on my road to quadfailing. I think that aside from figuring out the appropriate items, the biggest challenge was figuring out which storylets to use. Buuuut by using a Rattus Faber and manipulating your stats with other items you can get yourself to an appropriate level of Failing Better. Suspicion, here I come!

I ask you.

Can we go further?

Well, it’s no harm to US if a certain song gets out of hand, so that’s not a candidate…

The unnatural hunger that drives some is … well it surely is a form of madness, but the hunger alone seems harmless, most of the time, so we let this one pass…

Ah, now here we go. This light, this so rare light. You can drown in it, not unlikle water. Yes, this is a failure of note, but can it be combined?


i think i might’ve been sent to the tomb colonies first, though. o.O

Oh! that’s curious. Every quad fail I’ve seen has had death trigger first. I always wondered if it was method dependent or a universal or if there were other contributing factors behind the order of precedence. If the tomb colonies did trigger first for you that’s new data! I’ve never seen that happen before and would like to see if I can recreate it.

Can you send me details on your method of quad fail and a brief description of what you were doing before you hit the fail (ex did you wait to be menaced before changing out of the sober dress etc)? This interests me in a scientifically poking at the game engine sort of way and new findings are always exciting.

I did it by getting all four to 7 and then getting dear Rose to sing my favorite song on Sunday night. Bonus, discovered that there’s a cap on Unaccountably Peckish.

Scandal hit first for me as well—which I thought was especially odd, as that was the only one I had an item equipped for.

Does a Quad Fail do anything in particular (besides letting you visit various Awkward Places) or is it a bragging rights thing?

Nope! Its a bragging rights thing.
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I must admit, I was happy to see this old post again. It’s been over a year since I’ve encouraged new players to go for the quad fail, and honestly, its been far too long. Most people play Fallen London for its story elements, but there’s also an aspect of discovery and wonder out there if you look for it. My challenge is one of discovery. How -do- you do that? And when you do, what -is- the order of menace states? More than bragging rights, its the sense of accomplishment that comes from solving this puzzle for yourself. If you are curious enough, and clever enough, the answer to these questions will be there waiting for you :-)

I don’t know if there is a set order to the menace states, as in which triggers first, but I remember getting both my Scandal and Nightmares beyond 8 while out zailing and when I docked in London I got immediately moved to the Mirror-Marshes, so Nightmares definitely trumped Scandal there.