Quad Fail

A few minutes ago, I completed my Quad Fail quest as a non-PoSI. Each of my Menaces was a natural 8 except Scandal, which is a 7 boosted to 8 by my lovely Scarlet Stockings.
Death hit first; after a few games of chess my Wounds are now at 5. I expect to return to life once my actions are refilled. Then just 3 Menance areas to go! This is my character’s first time dying and will be her first time in prison as well (obviously barring the beginning of the game), so I look forward to experiencing that for the first time!!
Thank you, NiteBrite, for encouraging me in this quest (I asked about it over on Tumblr). It may not be groundbreaking new content, or even something I’ll have a keepsake from except screenshots and a criminal record. But the thrill of working out a way to mess up so spectacularly is, dare I say, delicious!

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Although, at least one of the possible traumas results in a certain song being stuck in your head. :-p
Pop Goes the Weasel - YouTube
&quotIf this reaches 5, something bad may happen.&quot

An update on my situation: during death and prison, I lowered my Scandal and Nightmares significantly enough that I no longer had to visit the Mirror-Marches or Tomb-Colonies! How inconvenient. Now it’ll be a while until I find out what order the Menace areas will usually be visited in…
Of course, with my luck, the first action I took upon returning to my lodgings sent me insane. I suppose I’ll go to the Tomb-Colonies too, if only to get rid of those nasty 7 levels of Scandal.

Bonus round: Do the mirror marches and the Royal Beth share the same place in the Order or are they different ;-)

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