Proposal for New Players: The Young Turks Club

Starting out in FL can be overwhelming at first. So much to do, so many complications. While there is a lot of good content here in the forum, a player does have to work a bit to mine all the resources. (I’d definitely recommend reading the beginner’s thread, or at least the initial portions which are actually about beginners… it kind of got off track after a bit).
There are obviously many experienced players who have been in FL for years, but a new player might be somewhat timid in tugging on their coattails, and in any event, they probably already have a circle of acquaintances with whom they have been corresponding for a long time. And it is likely that their interests will be far different from someone who is still stumbling around the first four regions of the game, wondering what to do next.
What I’m proposing here is that newish players – People of Some Insignificance, I like to call us – might effectively use the social actions and the forum to band together in a mutual circle of acquaintance of our own, to help each other out with social actions and menace reduction, and possibly even share in the cooperative efforts that the more experienced players don’t want to do, usually because they carry a penalty irrelevant to the novice. (For example, Loitering Suspiciously will lower one’s Connected: Society, a point of consideration to a PoSI, but of no consequence to a novice who probably has no social connection at all). And there are some opportunities which can be shared that will result in a small pecuniary reward, and while a couple of quid is a bagatelle to someone with a suite at the Royal Beth, it is a conspicuous windfall to someone shivering in a garret.
If you think this idea has merit, append your name to this thread with a link to your character, and we can start contacting each other to form our merry little band. (I strongly advise appending a link to the signature in your profile: in-game open the &quotMyself&quot tab, click on &quotView Profile&quot below your character pic, and copy the URL of your &quotMantlepiece&quot to the &quotSignature&quot field of your forum profile).

– Mal

Great idea! I am a PoSI but would love to help new players out.

[color=#0066ff]We celebrate this idea! How delightful. [/color]
[color=#0066ff]As only a very small proportion of players join the forum, maybe reddit would also be a good bet? Or twitter - dare I mention a hashtag? [/color]
[color=#0066ff]I would be happy to support and amplify your efforts wherever I can. :)[/color]

A more prominent link to the forums could help?

A mention on tumblr and facebook, perhaps?

[quote=Estelle Knoht]A more prominent link to the forums could help?

The girl is right. One cannot simply walk into forums, even if a person is very interested in finding them.
I myself discovered your forum via announcement link planted above message tabs. So, why not to help people to find a way here, eh ?

As for the idea mentioned in this topic: I think that it sounds neat.
Almost a pity that I’m not new to this game. Almost…
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As it happens, I am rather invisible on most social forums, but agree that spreading the word on them is an idea of great merit.

– Mal


I am joining up. Link in signature.

[quote=Estelle Knoht]A more prominent link to the forums could help?

A mention on tumblr and facebook, perhaps?[/quote]

[color=#0066ff]We do link to the forums where appropriate. If people are happy on reddit/twitter/facebook and don’t want another site to visit every day, or to create another account and deal with another password, I can’t blame them! [/color]
[color=#0066ff]I’ll mention the idea more widely and point people at this mission statement. It’s a lovely idea and I hope it takes off![/color]

What a wonderful idea ! I would be deeply pleased to join your club and collaborate in any adventure you would enroll me in !

I’m a POSI, but I’m very happy to help newbies. Plus, I do loiter suspiciously! :)

A wonderful idea. Please include me.

I’m not new, but I’ll help anyone who wants assistance. the only action i won’t do is honest &quotseeking the affluent photographer&quot requests, since once you’re done with the story, Betrayals are more effective for everyone involved. I get a bat- (estimated value: 40 pence replacement cost) instead of a point of progress in the story (estimated value: 0 pence). You get two points of progress instead of one, (estimated profit: 2x initial value).

As such, when sending affluent photographer requests, betrayals are maximally effective, assuming only you’re moving through the story, and i’m done.
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As a newcomer, I am in. Since I am mostly now exploring the basics, I am in for anything, however, would prefer cooperation and friendly contacts. Send me a card and I will be pleased to respond :)

What a splendid idea! I’m in…

I would love to be part of the Young Turks. What an absolutely splendid idea. I shall send out my calling cards post haste!

What a most delicious and marvelous idea!!! There’s no question Id enjoy making your acquaintance …

Sounds great! I’ve only just started my journey and form what i’ve seen so far, being social has many benefits. I’m accepting any requests.

I’ll join up, I won’t likely be active on the forums though. Heres my Profile

An interesting idea. Ladies and gentleman, you can count on me.

Desmond Jordan, P.I.