Progression Changes to Making Your Name Storylines!

We’re excited to keep pushing the boundaries of Fallen London with new, stranger storylines. But the journey to the endgame and the very newest stories can be a long one. It takes several weeks of real time – if not more – to reach the new content boundary, and the nature of the game means that extremely dedicated play only gets you there a little bit faster. This is very unusual for any sort of role-playing game!

Don’t get us wrong, this journey is part of the core experience of Fallen London – the path to the boardroom of the Great Hellbound Railway begins in a Spite alleyway, chasing cats – but it doesn’t need to take quite so long.

At the time, the Making Your Name activities were built with the understanding that there was only so much story remaining beyond them, and paced with those plans and boundaries in mind. These days, Fallen London is gigantic, and there’s no risk that you’ll run out of stories if, for example, you proceed through the University investigations a smidge more quickly. In fact, that’s preferable; the number of storylines beyond the University investigation is far larger than those before it.

So this week we’ve implemented a series of progression changes across each of the Making Your Name storylines, aimed at accelerating progress and reducing repetition leading up to the Person of Some Importance milestone.

Read more about the specific changes here, on our blog.


Does that make my PC a … PoSI of the Ancient regime? :face_with_peeking_eye:

Just kidding, first tier PoSI isn’t really on the same scale as Paramount Presence so the difference in effort doesn’t really seem to me to merit recognition.