Fate/ Exceptional friend

I d be intrigued to know how far players have played without paying? As I play irregularly I thought I d finish MYN before subscribing )and I was hoping that that should limit my distraction by the game, delicious as it is).

I ve reached high 80s in all attributes, maxed to mid 110s with items , and I m half way thro’ Heists ATM. it looks like serious grinding without 40 candles Am I right, is it time for EF?

2024-03-07T00:00:00Z: I d like to think I inspired this MYN change. Ta for listening, FBG

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Actually, I think you’ll find that the section you’re on right now is the grindiest part of the game. I myself have essentially reached the end of the “main pathway” through the game, and I still don’t have EF! (though I have been thinking about getting it) So yes, the part you are at currently is a slog, but it only gets better once you finish MYN. Bottom line, if you like Fallen London enough to support the devs by buying Exceptional Friendship, and get a couple of delicious benefits along the way, then go for it! But you shouldn’t feel like you are being forced to subscribe.


I have completed most of the game and have never spent a penny on Fate. I have completed the railway, completed an ambition, sailed all over, reached level 40 renown with all factions, am 2/3 of the way to a ridable worm :grin:, have over 300 in all four main stats with items (not all at the same time), have at least 10 and some 16 pts in the secondary stats like Kat. tox. and monstrours anat. Spending fate is not necessary to proceed with the game… even into the end game.


I have EF on my main bc I want to support the game & I enjoy the monthly stories, but I didn’t sub until I was what was at the time end game (…this was before the railroad even existed so you know)

My alt has never had EF or fate purchases. She has gotten through the earliest POSI stuff & has stats in the 150-200 range. I haven’t had any annoyances re: grinding but then again its an alt so I can always just switch accounts when things get boring…


Ta. That decides me. And I also want to support this, so think I ll start payink.
And ta Vinnish and annalibertas too


Few months, but I found out about FL from SS when ES were only new. Actually, I joined in Feb '16 and in June '16 I was an EF. I used the subscription as an excuse to cut some unwanted expenses on the Surface. :slight_smile:

Just as it should be! Most BiS items moved from Fate to free over the years. Fate is about reading the stories and supporting the developers.

FBG manages to offer a lot of free content to make people stick around for years.