Progressing the Haunted Doctor storyline

My Haunted Doctor has progressed up to his third stage.

[spoiler]Some time after becoming Determined (yes, I think it was not long after visiting Saviour’s Rocks, stomping on a sorrow spider onboard and and later going to Khan’s Shadow), I got an event about a spy onboard. Since my character was Veils-focused, I managed to beat the necessary check to catch the spy, who turned out to be the good doctor. There was some questioning, judgment and then the man was sent to the brig, I think. At a later point I could confront him and try to change his views.

I shoved the glory of the Empire in his face (London’s Supremacy was past a certain level) and he saw reason.

He then became the Disillusioned Doctor.[/spoiler]

It’s arguably not worth “upgrading” him to the third stage (although you don’t actually have a choice).

Iunno, Pages are pretty hard to come by in this game.

True, didn’t think of that.

And after the third stage, there is the matter of what to do with him next, although I’m never going to get my pages that high to be able to do two of the options with him…

I managed to record all the options last night. It’s actually punitive do to anything but the London one.

With hearts, you lose 3 moves in the great game, and with pages, you also need to push terror high enough to get a nightmare. Although the text is pretty funny.
For every option, you get a searing enigma.

More than 5000 echoes worth of theft, feeling like an idiot for somehow thinking an item offering the stat &quotCargo Security&quot would SECURE MY CARGO, and having not spent every point of advancement on one of the two stats required to catch him out later, I’m willing to say that the first time I let this traitor aboard my ship is the last time. 3 Pages is simply, in no way, worth the inescapable waste of money and time that is the Determined Doctor while you sit there KNOWING who it HAS to be but completely without options to deal with it.
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I want to answer the question of how to achieve 175 hearts. I didn’t read every post, so if someone already said how to do it too bad. Here’s how to get 185 hearts.

1: Purchase a Milebreaker from Khans Shadow. Equiping this item will lower your current hearts value by 10, allowing you to raise your hearts by 10 more points before hitting the cap an officer has.

2: Get the Genial Magician. You can find him through the &quotA New Recruit!&quot option in Fallen London. Do not complete his quest line.

3: Get the Nacreous Outcast officer. He can be found at Port Cecil by winning enough games of chess, choosing the extra move option, making a move, and offering to assist. This officer can increase hearts to 151.

4: Get a LOT of secrets. You can purchase these for 999 echoes at Irem, located at the north east corner of the map.
*I have included a separate guide on earning echoes at the bottom of this guide.

5: Make sure you have the Milebreaker equipped. Assign the Genial Magician as engineer. Also make sure you do not have any officers that increase hearts assigned to your crew. They can be present on the ship, just not assigned to any spots. Have your Nacreous outcast boost your hearts to 151.

6: Now assign any officers that increase hearts to their appropriate slots. I managed to boost my hearts to 185 by doing this and by removing the Milebreaker.

Enjoy =)

*Hint: How to earn echoes very quickly:
1: Purchase a ship with a large hull capacity
2: Fill it up with as many mirrorcatch boxes as you can (purchased for 250 each at Khans shadow)
3: Sail to The Cumaean Canal and choose the option to visit the surface. Once here, fill your boxes with sunlight. Return below.
4: Sail to the Island of Cats and sell your light for ABSURD profits. With a large hull, you can expect to make around 34,000 echoes per trip. That’s right, 34 THOUSAND! *Tip: You can maximize profits by having many Veils.

Of the 5 stats in this game none are truly capped (unless there’s a hard-coded cap nobody has yet claimed to reach). Even pages can theoretically go beyond the 200+ limit the latest update introduced.

There’s the moth you can eat (in Venderbight and Wither, if memory serves) if you succeed a heart challenge. That’ll get you +2 hearts +2 mirrors + 2 Iron.

On top of that there’s a &quotview from above&quot (Plamerston, Gaider) where you can either pray (the way to get pages and veils for &quoteveryone&quot) or recall your past (which’ll give you +5 for whatever your past represents, and which is why poets are the luckiest bastards on the zee).

The past and the moth are free. Praying requires the god-damn attention.

As for the doc, he’ll not go &quotrouge&quot on you until you let him have his party at the khan’s shadow.

Prepare for that by selling all your vital intell (I’m half-sure that he’s also eating strategic intell, but maybe it’s my memory playing tricks), keeping the moves in the great game around to bait him, and getting your veils &quotup and ready&quot.

Maybe I just got lucky, but I got him from the start to the pre-final point quite easily. (although the bastard did hamster down all my intel) Assuming of cause that being persuaded/disillusioned is the end of his road.
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