Progressing the Haunted Doctor storyline

I got the random event after re-visiting Khan’s Shadow. Don’t know if it was correlated.

It doesn’t look like those are requirements, and neither of those are lost (on a mirrors success, anyway >.>)[li]

Then what if you fail one of the stat checks while you have none of those nice juicy knowledge items on hand?

You lose it. I have a sudden realization of why I had so many money problems last game. And I just had to take him as a legacy, didn’t I?

What’s the “it” you’re referring to, then? Since I’m curious specifically about cases where you don’t have anything for the spy to steal.

…the item? And I’m pretty sure its a requirement. I got it a bunch of times and lost every single one, so yeah, that does seem to be a requirement. Not that I’m bitter. In the slightest.

is this still a known issue? I’ve had the doctor with me for quite a while now, after dining with him and giving him some wine, and a follow up event hasn’t popped up yet.

This guy is next on my list for the wiki. Its worth noting he has a sidequest in varchas. But if he’s like the brisk campaigner, you’ll need to trigger the first sequence, then wait on time the healer above a certain value. But I’ll poke around the game files tonight and update the wiki.

ok, thanks! I honestly just want to know if it’s bugged or not; I have no problem with waiting

Weirdly, I dined and wined him, and then sort of forgot about him for a while, traveling around. Then we went to Saviour’s Rocks, and he stomped a Sorrow-Spider as soon as we left and told me in plain words that he wanted to go to Khan’s Shadow. Could I have skipped the spiders and gone straight to Khan’s Shadow? Hm.

Hah! No, you could not. I’ve just spent the evening unpicking his threads (see what I did there? Spider? Threads. Oh I give up).

The spider interaction is required to progress the story. You can also pick him up there (for free), which I guess is the “clue” to progressing the story. There’s also a bug (hah, spider, bug, see?) in the story at the moment. If you choose “have a sailor deal with it”, instead of “throw a shoe”, instead of updating the Learning About: to 5 (which is correct), it updates the number of doctors to 5. I reported it when I found it. and also tried it in my game. It appears to break the quest until you exit to title screen. Other than that, it shouldn’t cause any major problems, and will fix itself when you promote him.

And the wiki is entirely (well, almost) up to date on his progress.

still missing a bit on how you get him from determined to ready to be disillusioned, presuming you’d ever want to

Five Haunted Doctors!? I would make an off-color joke about this, but the Haunted Doctor is just not fun enough to make off-color jokes about.

The problem is that the missing step you’re talking about is kind of really spoilery. You can synopse it, but unlike most Officer storylines, there’s no way for someone to look at the Learning About and go &quotokay, that’s the next step then&quot, so it doesn’t wick naturally.
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You’re correct. I’ve located it, and it’s a bit lame, to be honest. A 1% chance to trigger every time to go to zee (if you also have some specific items). And then a pretty ridiculous stat challenge.

It’s not a 1% chance. It’s the same frequency as practically every other random event in the game; more common than most, actually, as it doesn’t need SAY within a certain range. It’s at the same frequency as having the Hungry Dead event pop up, as long as you have one of the relevant items. The Hungry Dead is a fairly useful benchmark, because most people have had it happen at least once and it has no requirements beyond 1 Colonist and 1 Supply.
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Well events that always fire have a distribution of 100. This has a distribution of 1. So it’s a 1% per &quottick&quot then. Compare this to the event where the Doctor squishes spiders, mentioned above, which is also 100, and triggers within moments of leaving port.
I guess there’s an internal timer (which would explain the weird stuttering, if it’s having to check too many things on every tick).

I’m pretty sure it’s not a percentage deal, because 100 is not the highest Distribution; it goes as high as 1000, although I don’t think anything uses that. Whatever’s being used to check for random event firing does happen really often, though; a Questing Tentacle has a Distribution of 10, for instance, and it can fire off three times in as many minutes if you get unlucky. Mutinies aren’t actually automatic when you get over 100; they’re random events with a Distribution of 500, which is high enough that it’s practically a difference of maybe a frame or two. The mechanics of random events are a lil’ weird, overall, which is why things generally use Something Awaits You ranges rather than Distribution to modulate frequency.

Hrm. Interesting. There are only a couple of events with 1000. You’re right that it is extremely weird. Maybe it’s a percentage of 1000? So 100 is 10%? Even so, it doesn’t explain why stuff which happens in town has a distribution at all, or what part urgency plays in the whole thing.

Bleh. I just put “random event” in the wiki. ; )

Things in ports have a Distribution because that’s just kind of an intrinsic quality to all events, but they belong to the Always deck so they always show up and the Distribution is just kinda there as a vestigial thing that only shows up because you’re peering straight into the guts of the workings.

Yeah . . . so there’s ANOTHER possibility for an event other than going to see the Sorrow Spiders?

As far as I know for the doc it’s:

Dine him, ask him about stuff.
Wine him after that.
Go to Spider-Land, swish a bug.
He says he wants to go to Khan’s Shadow, Do so and he get’s pumped up in the volume.

Simple enough really. But if there’s ANOTHER random event, even at a particularly low chance, that just makes it simpler really. The hint about heading to Nativity is also that this is his &quothome&quot port where he can be picked up outside of London if you get there without him in your crew. Similar to the Tireless Mechanic and how you can find him at Frostfound, and eventually need to get back there to complete his quest.

The event in question is after all of that, there’s no alternative route.