Currently I’m a Trickster taps fingers together But I was curious about what other people thought about professions…in general, and for money. Specifically, what professions do people consider to be the most &quotprofitable&quot? If not directly in echoes, perhaps in items usable. Trickstering comes with a bunch of miscellany which could be useful, but I’m wondering if pursuing this line will still give me such usable items in the future, or if I should perhaps change to something that offers more…value.

Author is good for useful items in payment.

And also can be accessed without notability.
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Profession Payments and Professions can be found at the wiki for reference.
Reward items change as you advance professions (above PoSI-levels usually).
Another thing worth noticing is that the attributes increased by the profession items are the same, even when advancing. Your profession items while on the trickster branch will stay Persuasive/Shadowy, for instance.

Also, the value of rewards are usually the same on the same tier, with a few exceptions. Namely, professions that give no items give 10 echoes more.

More on rewards: Consider Rat-catcher, Journalist/Author, and Enforcer, as these give items that will have uses when you become PoSI (Labour, use of villains and nights on the town) The labour would be useful for expeditions too. You also dazed ravens for those upgraded pets, though.

All in all: All of them has their perks.
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Yeah…I’ve been on those pages for quite a long time, actually. I just wanted to know what others consider the most valuable, as, personally, I don’t see much use for the Crooked Cross or even the Conjurer’s rewards in the future, while the ones of the Author/Correspondant seem a bit more valuable, and the Mystic, perhaps even more so.

I could be wrong, though. A lot of the high level end-game items don’t actually serve much purpose, but some do more than others…Blackmail Material isn’t quite useful, but is it more useful than Favours in High Places?

What do you think?

If you are not yet a person of some importance (POSI), the Enforcer or Campainger are good choices. The Enforcer gives the Use of Villains and the Campainger gives Favors in High Places. Both of these are very useful when you become a POSI (hint: do not sell them).

If you are a POSI you should keep in mind what the tier 3 professions are. You will probably level your profession up at some point and you do not want to change professions after you have leveled up. The Trickster for example, would level up to become a Crooked-Cross. I personally am a Midnigher more for RP reasons though the reward is good.
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Despite halving the number of Use of Villains every week, Enforcer is still the best paying profession as long as you’re going to use those Use of Villains for either a Gang of Hoodlums or a Swift Zee-clipper. Because it takes at least 34 Actions to get two Use of Villains through the War of Assassins, so that’s 17 Actions times your Echoes/Action for your go-to PoSI-grind that you get for free each week.

And Author is good for as long as you’re struggling to make waves. Once you’ve got all the Notability you need, just about any of the highest tier professions would pay more. I have so many Nights on the Town, and I don’t think I ever used a single one, so eventually I just switched to Correspondent. Reducing the weekly Nights on the Town from 2 to 1 helped make that decision, but since I wasn’t using them anyway I should probably have upgraded my profession sooner.

Correspondent is probably the best profession, since the special item gives bonuses to both Watchful and Persuasive, which are the two qualities that have almost all of the super-difficult tests. Shadowy and Dangerous are currently pretty pointless to raise to very high levels. I calculated that paying 400 Echoes for Far Khanate Lacquered Armour would only get me an extra 110 Echoes per year if I used it for the most profitable action in The Listing Tower, three times every day. So it would take almost four years before that investment would pay for itself, unless I just like having nice stuff.

I wish I had chosen Enforcer as a profession, I’m grinding for the gang of hoodlums now and. ugh. so much grinding.

anyway, I’m not eligible for the profession. and I chose rat-catcher as a RP choice, which I tend to always follow, instead of the most profitable one.

it might be why I’m poor though
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Personally, I prefer to choose careers based on either my character’s skills or connections. Zeel has ended up a Crooked-Cross through his VERY close relationship with the Devils, and Jass a Glassman originally through her connection to the Revolutionaries, and then through her destiny.

While I admit that a Crooked Cross appeals to my sense of morality (or lack thereof, I suppose), my character and I am, at heart, creatures of utility. We like to cut back on the work we do through as much efficiency and speed as possible, and so that is why we ask this here.

So, I’d love to hear everyone’s opinions regarding not choosing a profession at all.
I had started out as an Enquirer, and after that, never chose another profession because I have not found one that matches what I want to do.
I had hoped something would open up after the University debacle, but no…I am most interested in 3 particular areas: The University/Correspondence, Flute Street, and The Forgotten Quarter.
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I think it’s perfectly fine actually. the only reason I have a profession is because it doesn’t bother me, I don’t have to do anything, and I get a couple of echos, but I would do just fine without it, and I don’t think there’s anything that requires a profession anyway.

the professional perks give a nice boost though
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I think Correspondent is quite good because you get +12 watchful and persuasive. However I have realised that the best thing about Author is Night on the town which is very good for making waves.
Job description-wise though I have to say Glassman seems most interesting to me.
Wonder what the 5th tier professions will be and which 4th tier profession they correspond to…

[quote=Mirrorhouse]I think Correspondent is quite good because you get +12 watchful and persuasive. However I have realised that the best thing about Author is Night on the town which is very good for making waves.
Job description-wise though I have to say Glassman seems most interesting to me.
Wonder what the 5th tier professions will be and which 4th tier profession they correspond to…[/quote]

Crooked-Cross: Unbishop
Licentiate: Strangler
Glassman: Oneironaut
Monster-Hunter: Lacoonian
Midnighter: Echoist
Correspondent: Speaker

EDIT: Typo
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I enjoy being a Midnighter for RP reasons.

But besides that, this is a great profession for gaining Notability (only non-Fate Home Comfort with BDR). And the weekly Favours in High Places really come in handy for the Salon for extra Making Waves.

I’ve switched over for a short while from Midnighter to Correspondent when I was working towards Courier’s Footprint (needed the +12 Watchful weapon), but once that was achieved I’ve switched back.

(also - I have no idea what the next tier of professions might be like, but of all of them, Echoist intrigues me the most, so as a Midnighter I’m all set for that).

What you would consider the best profession depends on what you want to get out of it. I’m a Correspondent largely for flavor reasons and I’ve found the Pot of Violant Ink quite useful as it gives a substantial boost to two stats that have extremely difficult checks with good rewards around the current end game and in a slot without items that can easily compete with it. However, I haven’t been able to find a use for the rewards apart from goat fuel.

I would say Midnighter is the best if you’re going for notability as it’s home comfort provides BDR (which is something you can’t otherwise get without spending fate) and it’s weekly rewards include favors in high places which are great fuel for a Salon. It won’t provide much help on difficult checks though. Glassman also might be worth considering as it’s rewards can help provide fuel for the Enigma engine. Outside of that it basically just comes down to what stats you want to boost and what flavor you like the best.

I am an author for the Cellars of Wine (Tears), the Blackmail Material (Libraryette), and the Making Waves (my SO is also an author and we trade salon invites). Once I’m done spending notability on stuff I plan to move up to Correspondent for flavor reasons, as I love everything to do with the Correspondence.

I will say that being a two-faced self-serving wildcard Crooked Cross/CVR member is delightful. Each week I get a bundle of contracts and after a while I have enough to eliminate all my menaces if I do a bit of soul-grinding. Then Devils buy the souls again, and the cycle continues.

I would love to see opportunities for the professions to do things throughout the week though, like a profession specific card. Having a shadowy/persuasive challenge to blackmail some NPC using the blackmail material and contracts from the weekly payments (which is implied to be what I &quotdo&quot but I don’t…I just sell the blackmail material) would be a nice addition.

I’ll second the desire to be able to act out my profession, though I’m sure eventually there will be options around to do so. There’s a few in place already for Ratcatchers, Correspondents, and Glassmen (though that one isn’t available just yet).

How do you even GET that much Is Someone There tho o_O

As that is still an impossible option maybe new ways to raise the relevant dream quality will be introduced or the requirements might be changed. I just hope that it won’t take years to work up to that level.