Primaeval Hints and Ravens.

We can craft, or rather, extract Primaeval Hints from our stores of Antique Mysteries, now. Capital! One glorious leap towards the howling truth! This may be old news, but it’s new to me considering I’ve been hoarding connections and newspapers. But what’s more fascinating is the implication I might need a certain Dreamy Raven Adviser to use said Hints is…interesting. Anyone else familiar with this? What’s all this about, exactly?

PS: Screenshots available via PM.
edited by friendshipranger on 1/25/2013

Maybe we’ll soon be able to un-daze our raven advisors in some way?

Maybe. I didn’t have the dough to sign up for kickstarter rewards for Below, or Silver Tree. Could it be something from there? I like your answer better, but I just want to check.

I kind of doubt a step of item conversion would be unavailable to someone who didn’t pledge for a kickstarter a few months back!
also i think the bird you’re thinking of is a bitter saker falcon

Ahh yes. My mistake. Luckily, I don’t approve of semi-feral surface foul anyhow. In any case, it’s fun to have something new to ponder. Perhaps this is just the madness of the Neath setting in (or subtle art style changes), but the raven pictured looks more…distant than the Ravens we’ve seen thus far. I do hope whatever happened to my pony doesn’t befall my ravens, too!
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Check it out. Parenthesis text on the Dazed Raven Advisor hover text: “Find the Kindness of Ravens card to learn how to upgrade your Raven Advisor”

Well, I’ll be d—ed, I just discarded that card this morning before class. Well done, Ms. Hysaro. Well, the Case of the Dreamy Raven continues…when I get that card again. Bugger!
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I fed my last raven advisor to the boatman like a year ago
oh well at least they’re cheap

This sounds delicious =D

Apparently, you can use the card to upgrade your Dazed Raven Adviser to a Dreamy one and then use a Primeval Hint to further upgrade it to a Philosophical Raven Adviser. Fascinating!

What sort of stat boosts do they give, anyway?

The Philosophical Raven gives Watchful +3 and Persuasive +1, the highest goatless Watchful bonus available from a pet.
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I think the haunted dog might give +3 watchful as well, but I don’t have one of those.
That’s pretty great, considering as i can’t be bothered to grind up for an overgoat + if i do get one the third candle for SMEN will probably involve eating all of your pets at once or something

The Haunted Dog does indeed give +3 Watchful, along with +1 Dreaded.

Brilliant! Once I have Raven in hand, I can finally abandon my Haunted-looking Dog in search for a Salt Weasel. I always thought it off how one Rare pet was better than the others, having nothing better than it than the mighty and expensive Overgoat.

This is a pretty big step, inasmuch as we now have the first Tier 6 item able to be made from lower-tier items. Makes me wonder whether we’re going to start to see more of the unknown Tier 6 items, and gain the ability to convert upwards to them.

Taking a quick look at some other items, I see one other added storylet. Using the Diary of the Dead (Tier 6 Rumour item) now allows you to make a “Wary Raven Advisor” more Shadowy.
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Diary of the Dead shows up in the Rumour section, not the Infernal one.

You’re right; my mistake. Mixed up the two Tier 6/Connection items.

Oooh this is quite lovely. But what is a Wary Raven Advisor (google doesn’t know)? And will this mechanic apply soon to all our pets?

Easy enough mistake to make. I only noticed when I purchased one a few moments ago. ^^ A Wary Raven Advisor is probably an upgraded Dazed Raven Advisor along the same lines as the Dreamy Raven Advisor, only Shadowy instead of Watchful. Maybe +3 Shadowy +1 Dangerous for a fully upgraded Raven along that line?