Pets just got boosted (Spoilers?)

Just noticed several of my pets got stat changes.

Loathsome Imp (Trickster Profession Pet) is now +6 Shadowy / +6 Persuasive
Mystic Raven Advisor went from +4 Watchful / +1 Persuasive to +7 Watchful / +2 Persuasive
Unscrupulous Raven Adviser went from +3 Shadowy / +1 Watchful to +6 / +2
Haunted-Looking Dog went from +3 Watchful / +1 Dreaded to +6 / + 1
Ratus Faber Bandit-Chief went from +4 Dangerous / -1 Persuasive to +8 / -1
Cardsharp Monkey went from +2 Watchful / -2 Persuasive / -2 Dangerous to +4 / -1 / -1

My two pets from the Festival of the Exceptional Rose (Canny Costermonger and Neurathenic Assassin) increased stats from +1 / +1 to +2 / +2

Strangely my Dark-Carapaced Crustacean remained at +3 Dangerous / +1 Bizarre

I just noticed too, not just pets but also my Ratting Piece (the gun from the Rat-Catcher Profession). And now pets I had once considered low key are now strong contenders for my inventory slot.

Makes sense the non-pet Profession items would get boosted to remain in line with the pet Profession items.

… but given that most weapons haven’t been boosted yet, the latest boost probably favors Professions that give weapon-slot items.
edited by Zee! on 5/9/2013

The Appreciation Society is now +9 Watchful and Persuasive.

My adopted daughter has 5 shadowy and 2 persuasive, I’m pretty sure she was statless before. Anyone can confirm it?

Nice change all round.

Here’s some moar changes:

Disgraced Rattus Faber Bandit Chief: (5D/-1P)
Salt Weasel: (+5P/+1 Respectable)
Presbyterate Diplomat: (+6W/+5P)
Affable Spy: (+7W/+5S)
Overgoat: (+20W/+1 Dreaded/+1 Bizarre)
Bengal Tigress: (+7D/+4P/+1 Dreaded)[li]

EDIT: Man, now I’m really kicking myself for not investing in the Fate-locked Feast of the Exceptional Rose pets. The higher-tier ones must be pretty good at this point.
edited by OPG on 5/9/2013

The Overgoat was boosted back during the first equipment change. I think it’s pretty neat that there’s now a reason to own a Rattus Faber Bandit-Chief in terms of stats, even if it does make my tiger outclassed by the other pets I own.

Edit: I’m also interested in seeing what the two devils are like now! Though technically none of the Feast of the Exceptional Rose pets were fatelocked, it was just easier with Fate.
edited by Sara Hysaro on 5/9/2013

There wasn’t a hard Fate lock, but if you didn’t recieve any Fate locked gifts you couldn’t push your Masquing above 27(?), with three other tiers at 40, 80, and 100.

Also, I believe the Irresistable Lady is now (+7P/+5D/+2 Dreaded).
That would make the Profoundly Educated Gentleman probably (+7W/+5P/+2 Respectable). I haven’t found any more information in the Devils yet, but I assume they’re Appreciation Society-level broken.

You could get it up all the way to 100 by dancing. The Rare Success wasn’t capped. It’s how I got my Profoundly Educated Gentleman, who is indeed 7 Watchful and 5 Persuasive. Only 1 Respectable, however.

A few more:
Gilded Crustacean: -1W/+1P/+6D
Quiet Deviless: +9W/+6S/+1 Bizarre
Burly Assistant (profession pet): +6D/+6S
Lettice, the Mercy: +6D/+5P/+1 Dreaded[li]

(edited to fix comma/slash inconsistency which would have bugged me)
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Are you friggin’ kidding me, I am so pissed I didn’t know about this! Gah, I could’ve ground up to every damned pet, and now I can’t get then again!

Please give me a moment, I need to wipe my tears.

Oh gosh, My Owl is so AWESOME now. ALL of my pets are awesome now! This is Awesome! Even my white rat virtually DOUBLED in strength.

Are you friggin’ kidding me, I am so pissed I didn’t know about this! Gah, I could’ve ground up to every damned pet, and now I can’t get then again!

Please give me a moment, I need to wipe my tears.[/quote]

You’ll be able to get them later. Not sure when this will be, or how, but you’ll get another chance.

Are you friggin’ kidding me, I am so pissed I didn’t know about this! Gah, I could’ve ground up to every damned pet, and now I can’t get then again![/quote]
If it’s any consolation, it took me most of the Festival to grind my way to an Irresistible Lady; other ‘high-level’ companions remained frustratingly out-of-reach.

Note that unfortunately, constant companions do not seem to be affected… My dear cultured attachée, less charming than a costermonger? Unthinkable!

It would be nice if spouses got a stat increase at some point.

Wondering if anybody’s got any Luxuriantly Coiffed Sorrow-Spider, Green-Eyed Devil, or Watchful Doll?

Otherwise, the wiki’s got most of the pets updated now.
Also, has anybody else noticed that the overall boosts of an owl are greater than that of an Overgoat now?

Edit: Removed those that have been found. You’re awesome, guys =P
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Half-Wild Mandrake: +6 Dangerous / -2 Persuasive / -2 Shadowy / -2 Watchful
Dreamy Raven Advisor: +5 Watchful / +2 Persuasive

I did notice that about the Bifurcated Owl! Though I’m still going for an Overgoat for the especially difficult Watchful challenges to come.
edited by Sara Hysaro on 5/9/2013

Tomb-Lion is Dangerous+3/Persuasive-1
Dreamy Raven Advisor Watchful+5/Persuasive+2

The ones from that list that I have are

Tomb Lion is +3 Dangerous/-1 Persuasive
Plated Seal is +5 Dangerous/-1 Persuasive/-1 Shadowy
Wary Raven Advisor is +5 Shadowy/+2 Watchful
Dreamy Raven Advisor is +5 Watchful/+2 Persuasive
Hollow-Eyed Tragedian is +6 Dangerous/ +5 Shadowy/ +1 Bizarre