Personality Quiz

Inspired by this post
Here’s a personality quiz for your character!

(Edward got campaigner.)

Sapho is a Campaigner (just like her election career):

Extraverted 89%
Intuitive 76%
Feeling 65%
Prospecting 69%
Assertive 91%

Executive (ESTJ-a)
Extraverted 62%
Observant 81%
Thinking 84%
Judging 85%
Assertive 86%

Interesting indeed.

[color=#ffffff]“THE ARCHITECT” (INTJ-A)[/color]
[color=#ffffff]CONFIDENT INDIVIDUALISM[/color]
[color=#ffffff]INTROVERTED 88%[/color]
[color=#ffffff]INTUITIVE 52%[/color]
[color=#ffffff]THINKING 53%[/color]
[color=#ffffff]JUDGING 82%[/color]
[color=#ffffff]ASSERTIVE 63%[/color]
[color=#ffffff]Appropriate. The one time Sunday went to a party, (The Antiquarian’s) they thought it was ridiculous.[/color]

Addis is &quotThe Commander&quot [color=rgb(76, 76, 76)]font=&quotOpen Sans&quot, &quotHelvetica Neue&quot, Arial[/font][/color]
Social Engagement
Extraverted 77%
Intuitive 79%
Thinking 59%
Judging 75%
Turbulent 56%

Very spot-on, I’d say.
edited by Addis Rook on 8/6/2017

Hamilton is an Advocate

Introverted 75%
Intuitive 65%
Feeling 64%
Judging 69%
Assertive 74%

Sounds about right.

Jen is an Executive (ESTJ-A)
Extraverted 87%
Observant 68%
Thinking 90%
Judging 60%
Assertive 59%

I’m not surprised. She’s take-charge, heartless, ruthless, controlling and manipulative.

This is what I got for cathyr19355:

Entrepreneur (ESTP-1) &quotThere are no rules.&quot

53% Extraverted
42% Intuitive
86% Thinking
47% Judging
45% Assertive

That’s not me personally, by the way, though there’s bits of me in it.

Now to go do it for myself.
edited by cathyr19355 on 9/6/2017

Passionario took the quiz:

Sir Fred is INFP, Lord Hubris is ESTJ, Juniper is ISTP, Esther is ENFJ.

The Six Handed Merchant is not surprised:

Debater (ENTP-T)

100% Extraverted
66% Intuitive
58% Thinking
82% Prospecting
58% Turbulent

And 100% human. Definitely.

edited by Six Handed Merchant on 10/8/2017

[color=#4c4c4c]personality: meditator[/color]
[color=#4c4c4c]60% introverted[/color]
[color=#4c4c4c]70% Iintuitive[/color]
[color=#4c4c4c]53% feeling[/color]
[color=#4c4c4c]72% prospecting[/color]
[color=#4c4c4c]63% assertive[/color]
[color=#4c4c4c]Interesting, but not Surprising.[/color]

S.F. is an Architect.

78% Introvert
76% Intuitive
100% Thinking
85% Judging
82% Assertive.

Didn’t really expect the intuitive part, but it’s not wrong, either.

Debater 0_o

Personally, I believe these tests are bull****… I mean, rather meaningless, but I can not deny that they are quite fun to do.

Harry P: The Campaigner (ENFP-T)
Extroverted 58%
Intuitive 67%
Feeling 83%
Prospecting 57%
Turbulent 75%

Elizabeth K Broker: The Mediator (INFP-T)
Introverted 56%
Intuitive 64%
Feeling 68%
Prospecting 65%
Turbulent 60%


71% Extroverted
70% Intuitive
63% Feeling
63% Prospecting
57% Turbulant

Ixc would be a defender (ISFJ-T)
57% Introverted (ain’t that right)
63% Observant
53% Feeling
88% Judging
58% Turbulent

Also, wouldn’t debaters debate that they’re not debaters?

[color=rgb(204, 204, 204)]μαρσ is an Architect[/color]
[color=rgb(76, 76, 76)][font=&quotOpen Sans&quot, &quotHelvetica Neue&quot, Arial]


Malcolm is a Virtuoso.

Nimue Mooney is an Architect.[li]

58% Introverted
63& Intuitive
82% Thinking
71% Judging
72% Assertive

And I thought her choice to pursue Mr Eaten was rather out of character, but then again,
&quotimaginative yet decisive, ambitious yet private, amazingly curious&quot

Aron Cassadon is a Debater

90% Extravert
53% Intuitive
54% Thinking
74% Prospecting
64 % Assertive

&quotPeople with the Debater personality type have a way with words and wit that others find intriguing&quot

If that isn’t Aron then I don’t know what is!