Patch Notes

20 January

  • Evolution:

    • Added an option early in the Godfall chapter of Evolution to allow players to opt out of the more graphic content. Changes on this route are solely textual.
    • Zailors who unwisely don the Shattered Mask may now experience strange visions at zee.
  • Fixed some erroneous Renown gains in Ambition: Heart’s Desire.

  • A branch concerning the compilation of a particular compendium in Ambition: Heart’s Desire now correctly deducts the associated resources.

  • The Secular Missionary and Revolutionary Firebrand storylines no longer automatically assume romantic intentions.

  • Miscellaneous updates to early-game text to fettle some elements of roleplay and tone.

  • New players now acquire access to their Social Engagements via a new set of tutorial storylets, and unlock the actions within incrementally.

Evolution hat unlocks a new dream, A Dream of Sunbeams, which has, as a final reward, 11 Whirring Contraption.


27 January

  • Fixed a timing bug where, upon spending an action at the same moment an action was due to refresh, the action was not properly refreshed.
  • Various updates to storylet ordering in early content for consistency and legibility.
  • Fixed title casing on many early storylets.
  • Fixed Moon-Pearl cost on branches to unlock ‘A Name Whispered in Darkness’ 1 to avoid potentially duplicating costs and to close the ability to bypass the Moon-Pearl requirement.
  • Retired auto-fire storylets for reaching high stats without completing any of the associated Making Your Name storylines.
  • The Trickster’s professional reward now costs 4 actions to claim, consistent with other professions.
  • Removed some no-longer-relevant world quality requirements from accessing the Prelapsarian Museum.
  • Accessing the cellars beneath The Singing Mandrake or the Museum of Prelapsarian History now requires ‘A Name Signed with a Flourish’ of at least 3.
  • Hunting Malicious Ushabtiu now requires ‘A Name Scrawled in Blood’ of at least 3.
  • Added an option to abandon your current hunt when undertaking contracts for the Department of Menace Eradication.
  • Standardised meta-text across Lodgings to clarify how many cards that lodging offers, and to which settings that hand size applies.

Fixed a timing bug where, upon spending an action at the same moment an action was due to refresh, the action was not properly refreshed.

So there was a bug which made your Aunt give 8 more AP instead of the 9!

Retired auto-fire storylets for reaching high stats without completing any of the associated Making Your Name storylines.

Alts can now easily equip hoarded items without having issues, at last!!!
I wonder if FBG can reset those qualities for those that ended up leveling MYN by accident.


Patch notes - 10 February

  • The ‘A Present from the Solitary Glim-Sculptor’ card can now be permanently dismissed from the Opportunity Deck. Flute Street can subsequently be purchased from the Fate page.
  • Retired or updated metatext on several early-game Fate branches.
  • Organising a Wedding now stored when cancelling a wedding, and can be recovered when planning a new wedding afterwards.

Sure is nice to this one… after many, many years! I’m glad that Fate-free players can now get rid of that card!

Hm, no mention of the new story for helping my Secular Missionary wife advance her career? Which, by the way, is awesome.

24 February

  • Advent is finally over on mobile! The link to the Advent calendar on the mobile site has now been correctly retired.
  • Added some additional signposting to quality tooltips and the main text of ‘The Great Crate Commotion’ to indicate which faction is winning, and which end of the meter favours which participating group.

The upgraded Missionary unlocks the same card as before, with an additional option. Correct?

3 March

  • The Sneering Gentleman no longer dogs you around London before you’ve embarked on a voyage of scientific discovery. Look for him in Ladybones Road instead, or ask the Local Gossip for a reminder.
  • ‘Playing with Soul’ now begins in the Singing Mandrake area.

10 March

  • Resolved an issue in Ambition: Light Fingers! where raising Knowledge of Thine Enemy to 2 gave access to two alternative parts of the story at the same time.
  • ‘Invited to Another Revel of the Masters’ is now located in the Singing Mandrake rather than London’s Opportunity Deck. This storyline no longer requires ‘A Name Signed with a Flourish’ be below a particular value.
  • Retired ‘The Nibbles Tray’ from the Elaborate Party deck.
  • Accepting the Rattus Faber Bandit Chief’s surrender during the rat war at your lodgings now triggers ‘A Legend among Ratkind’, in line with the other branches.

NOOOO NOT MY FAVORITE CARD! Joking aside, I did love the text on the austere action.


I admin that I never played any of those options! And I did get Talk of Town to 77! :rofl:

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Where is the revels option in The Singing Mandrake? I don’t seem to find it

It’s only at the Singing Mandrake at certain levels; at other levels it’s still a card. I tended to keep mine at a step or two before the end, so I could call in the reward more quickly if I ever wanted. I drew the card, and needed to complete the quest before it moved from the deck to the Singing Mandrake.

From memory, I think it was a card at level 9 and a storylet at 10.


I tended to keep mine at a step or two before the end, so I could call in the reward more quickly if I ever wanted.

You mean there is actually a reward? I always thought it was a complete waste of time and treasure purely for a spot of sucking up.


The actual “reward” is one point of Connected: Masters, but the gain is capped at 1. Meaning you can only benefit from the card if you don’t have any Connected yet, or if you lose all of yours in some unfortunate (and expensive) accident. Fortunately no such accident has occurred to me yet.

That’s actually very funny, because I did, in fact, forfeit it all and spent an entire year without. So I should have got right down to organising that Masters’ party!

17 March

  • The ‘Keep it in total darkness’ branch when concluding your research into the Focused Albatross is now correctly locked when extending the research to obtain a Comprehensive Study.
  • Adjusted the pay-out on Evolution’s zee-dream to be smaller from the second loop onwards.
  • Added a new card to the Elaborate Party deck to replace the retired ‘The Nibbles Tray’.
  • Changed the midpoint of difficulty scaling on a zeefaring check (‘Outflank the Beast’) during zee hunts. This mostly affects the low end, so easier hunts should be easier now while harder hunts remain mostly the same.


  • Port Cecil is no longer a safe port.
  • It is now possible to discard treasure maps from ‘Matters Piratical’ if you do not intend to claim their treasure.

24 March

  • Added minor text tweaks to account for the player having premises at the Royal Bethlehem in Ambition: Heart’s Desire.
  • ‘Back to the Palace Cellars’ can now be removed from the Opportunity Deck.
  • You can no longer get a steamer to Polythreme or Apis Meet (and then take your own magically repaired ship home again) if your ‘Demise at Zee’ quality is >0.


  • Plunder is now banked in ‘A Return to Zee’ following a death at zee.
  • Piracy options will now be correctly locked during a zee journey started as part of an Exceptional Story.
  • Added some extra explanatory text to ‘A Piratical Primer’ explaining that checks become easier in less perilous zee locales.

That is very good news indeed!


6 April

  • Replaced Making Your Name Watchful stages 1–3 with a new design.
  • Raking the Muck of the Neath and the Fighting Rings now knock the player back less if they fail the key check.
  • Second Chances are now tutorialised for all four skills at appropriate points.
  • Added a new branch to ‘Preparing for a Big Score’ which should offer comparable Casing gain for lower-skilled players to stealing paintings for his Topsyness.
  • Added more opportunities for players to earn Scraps of Incendiary Gossip for Getting to the Ball.
  • Added some new roleplaying options in the tutorial, and a further visit from the Unlucky Devil.
  • Slaying the general during the war at your lodgings in A Name Scrawled in Blood now rewards you with boots rather than a rifle.
  • General quality of life improvements around a few early MYN storylets.
  • ‘Playing with Soul’, the story of the Sallow Spirifer and Blind Pianist, now pauses for a while before ‘A Resumption of Hostilities’. Perhaps for not quite as long as it once did, but still, you must wait for them to get in touch once more to continue the story.

Now I wonder if I should use an alt to replay the other MYN stories and another to play the newer ones in the future.


Finally! I’ve always been curious about when that little story would continue. I just hope that already escaped accounts can play it.

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