Patch Notes

Those first two definitely imply there’ll be another lifeberg sometime, maybe even soon. (After whitsun?)

Drawn from discord:

6th May

  • Lab:
    – During Red Science experiments: edited branch titles and text on April’s card to reflect her expertise
  • Removed the Free Evening gain from declining a wedding invitation, as it was open to abuse (and made declining weddings more profitable than attending them!)
  • Zee hunts:
    – Changed how the difficulty in advanced skill (Zeefaring and Monstrous Anatomy) checks are calculated. They now take into account both Zee Peril and Elusiveness of your Quarry, like the highway stat checks. Raised the difficulty floor to 4 and lowered the ceiling to 14. Made the curve less steep.
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Just to bring this thread up to date, since yesterday’s patch is of possible interest to zailors and collectors out there, from Discord:

13 May

  • Brought the payout for selling Scarlet Eggs in line with the value of other eggs.
  • Updated the QLDs for Someone is Coming… to reflect that the Capering Relicker always being drawn at 4.
  • Closed a loophole that allowed for Horsehead Amulets to be sold from within their death-preventing storylet.
  • Removed meta text from the description on Emetic Revelation.
  • Added a small reward to exchanging a Mark of Credit for an Iron Republic Safe-Conduct.

27th May

  • Social acts:
    • Removed setting restrictions on the Surprise Gift and Gift of Admiration social actions.
    • To prevent abuse, you can now receive an Eyeless Skull via social act only once.
  • Reinstated the Acute Squirrel branch in the laboratory; it now lives under ‘Draw on your Knowledge of Monsters’.
  • Removed the ability to sell Whitsun 2020 garments at the Bazaar
  • Added additional branches to the Making Your Name story ‘Troubled by Vermin’ to make it possible to win the war without killing any Rattus Faber.

3rd June

  • Updated some outdated meta-text:
    • ‘Secrets and Spending’: changed references to Connections to Favours
    • ‘Return to the Dilmun Club’: removed outdated text that said this was the current endpoint

10th June

  • Prevented some Moulin Expedition storylets from appearing within the Wellspring.
  • Fixed a bug caused by entering the Captain’s Cabin in Polythreme without owning the Screaming Map.

17th June

  • Added a new item, Relatively Safe Zee Lane. It can be created by using Puzzling Maps from your inventory, and currently has no uses (other than selling them at the Bazaar at a loss).
  • Having a Crooked Cross no longer locks you out of obtaining An Epistemologically Flexible Approach to Historiography, though doing so will prevent obtaining the alternate Crooked-Cross reward for visiting the wellspring.

Bringing this up to date for those Discord-loathing folks:

24th June

  • The Vial of Cantigaster Venom now grants +1 Kataleptic Toxicology.
  • The Captured Jillyfish and Tiny Cave Fish are now Companions with no attribute bonuses.
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1 July

  • On the Criminals, Constables, and Hell faction cards, you are no longer locked out of choosing a new profession based on choices made in certain early game stories.
    • Similar requirements remain on other professions in other cards, but those are generally tied to having encountered a storyline at all, rather than having chosen a particular ending, so it isn’t possible to completely lock yourself out of them.
  • Tier 3 Profession items like the Cosmogone Spectacles now reside in their own slot, Tools of the Trade. You may need to reload the game and/or adjust your outfits.
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14th July

  • Flit Heists: Adjusted some text to reflect that not every heist target is a private residence.
  • Murder Mail: Increased the Dreaded bonus from Not to be Trifled With to 5 (was 3).

29th July

  • Mirrorcatch boxes filled with Neathy light can now be emptied by using them in your inventory.
  • Museum of Prelapsarian History:
    • Fixed an issue where examining bones at the Osteology lab wasn’t giving the correct amount of rewards to reflect the value of the input bone; now adds +250 gratitude for a Femur of a Jurassic Beast, +2500 for a Fossilized Forelimb.
  • Fixed an issue where the option to donate 60 Fourth City Relics in the Archaeology wing only required 30.
  • Fixed an issue where Gebrandt was giving one more Hand-Picked Peppercap than intended.

5th August

  • August 2022 ES – Inheritance: Adjusted progression during a final-act chase sequence and clarified mechanics in explanatory text.
  • Haunted by Stairs: Adjusted upper bounds of ‘A dream about a garden of tombs’ and ‘A dream about dissolution’ to prevent edge cases where it became impossible to progress the story.
  • The Cabinet Noir: Added QLDs and QCDs to Cover Identity: Credentials.

12th August

  • The ‘Assaulting Orthos’ Camp’ branch now has the correct ‘Bottles of Greyfields 1879’ requirement value
  • Changed requirements for ‘Hang On…’ branches in the Bazaar Sidestreets to prevent unnaturally early access to A Person of Some Importance
  • Favours Balancing:
    • Labyrinth of Tigers: Tribute branches that use favours now cost 7 Favours and produce 23 Tribute
    • Upper River: Favours can now be called in at Jericho Locks
  • Post-Event Adjustments:
    • Adjusted croc hunting ‘In Pursuit of a Zee-Beast’ requirements and reward output
    • Adjusted ‘In Pursuit…’ rewards on several Zee-Beast hunting branches
    • Completing a monograph in the Osteology Lab rewards slightly more gratitude
  • Other Balance Adjustments:
    • Fossilized Forelimbs now cost 85 Hinterland Scrap
    • Hemlock Row heists now offer slightly greater reward

Patch Notes - 26 August 2022

  • Fixed an issue preventing newer players from equipping their Tools of the Trade.
  • Zailing: Adjusted meta text on ‘Chart a Course’ to reflect that going through the Snares is sometimes no faster than the usual route.
  • Zailors will no longer give you a Favour for holding someone’s hair during a wedding reception. Same goes for Bohemians, Church, and Society.
  • Laboratory: ‘Begin with a Quick Jaunt into Parabola’ now costs 50 honey (25 for Silverers) and grants 15 Parabolan Research. (was 50/100 and 10).
  • Converting Antique Mysteries to Primaeval Hints now requires only 5 Mysteries (was 7).
  • Meta text on some branches of ‘A visit from Slowcake’s Amanuensis’ now correctly reflect the ‘Making Waves’ change points granted.
  • Added QLDs to ‘A Hunter of Zee-Beasts’.

2nd September

  • Added signpost/descriptive QLDs to several older early/mid game storylines.
  • Branch to obtain Clockwork Drownie is no longer hidden if you do not meet requirements.
  • Added 3DS2 support to prevent payment rejections.

9th September

  • Fixed an issue where starting the zailing portion of ‘Where You And I Must Go’ did not clear the player’s hand, possibly resulting in unplayable zailing cards taking up slots.

Patch notes - 16th September

  • Social Slights: Mr Slowcake’s Amanuensis will no longer allow you to badmouth people you are not acquainted with.
  • Heart’s Desire: Fixed an issue where the Corpsecage Island step wouldn’t correctly send the player back to their ship.

Patch notes - 30th September

  • With Godfall’s release, Abbey Rock is now accessed from your cabin rather than the map if your Ambition is Bag a Legend.

Patch notes - 14th October

  • Changed the text on the card ‘A Gift of Time’. It is now called ‘An Invitation to Linger.’ Effects remain the same.
  • Adjusted statues that spend Favours to make them a significant upgrade over spending Favours at Jericho.
  • Evolution: tweaked some text in Hunter’s Keep so that the sisters do not assume you are visiting because of an Ambition.
  • Minor front-end update to the workings of social actions. Effects of social acts remain the same.

21st October

  • There is now an Accomplishment quality for dying at zee. If you’ve died at zee before, you will have to die at zee again to get this quality.
    • It does not count how many times you’ve died at zee, so don’t feel compelled to die at zee 7, 77, or 777 times.
  • The Duchess no longer regards name-dropping as a worse sin than lacing her unmentionables with catnip. (Trading on your connections in ‘A Talkative Cat’ while on a heist now costs substantially less Connected: The Duchess.)

“Accomplishment” now seems to have a meaning with which I was unfamiliar.

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Dying is an accomplishment if you come back and can party afterward. ;-)


28th October

  • Retired Licentiates can now rid themselves of the unsavoury evidence of their old Profession. (Added a branch to ‘Read Incoming Mail’ to allow non-Licentiates to burn any Names Writ in Gant left over from their old job.)
  • Fixed an issue where some qualities from Hallowmas 2021 were not cleared before Hallowmas 2022.

Patch notes - 4 November

  • If you parted bitterly with the Artist’s Model or Jewel Thief, you can now use Fate to mend relations via ‘Send a Message to a Contact’ in Your Social Engagements.
  • It is now possible to dismiss the opportunity cards for the Artist’s Model and Jewel Thief less permanently and bitterly.
  • Gaining CP in advanced skills in various places now requires you to have at least one base level of the skill to begin with, rather than counting equipment modifiers. (Though modified levels still count for unlocking the affected branches.) It was previously possible to, for example, learn the fundamentals of the Red Science simply by drinking improbable amounts of tea and thinking really hard while wearing a sufficiently fancy hat. This is no longer the case.
  • Raising the caps for the advanced skills now consistently requires you to have maxed out the relevant skill first.

That seems like a feature, not a bug. :slight_smile:


11 November

  • Added a new Exceptional Story bundle to the store.
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18th November

  • Fixed an issue that was causing previously-inactive characters to not be visited by Time, the Healer as they should have been.

25th November

  • Fixed an issue with “A Patron’s Patron” social act.
  • It is now possible to craft Relatively Safe Zee Lanes at Zee, from “The Captain’s Log” storylet.

2nd December

  • Entering Parabola at a particular stage of Ambition: Heart’s Desire! now costs honey in line with other entry routes.

9 December

  • Sending a Rat of Glory to someone now requires completing A Name in Seven Secret Alphabets

Coming back with updates from Discord
13 January

  • Fixed a number of pronoun mismatches for the Tentacled Entrepreneur and various Masters.