Paramount Presence
Wasn’t me, profile here if you want to congratulate him:

(and he did not need 215 in all stats at the same time)
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Interesting. Their portrait looks unique.

Congratulations, ebzfan!

Our first, known, legit, PP!
We have waited very long for this moment.
The doors to the Paramount Club are opened by you. Please light the fire and prepare the sherry for the rest of us who follows.

Very good job!

How so? That’s one of the standard ones.
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So to answer the inevitable question of how I got the notability so quickly:

  • I had N15 before PP came out, so that was a quick specialization (Blood)[/li][li]I had Salon 36 (~660+ cp) stored up for no reason (raising salon to no end is kinda my thing - I once got 100 Scheme only to burn it all to get the Laconic Prodigy, haha)[/li][li]I had a substantial stockpile of 0.5e items (over 3000)[/li][li]I mostly used the Crooked-Cross salon invite (thanks, Lallinka!)

so if you didn’t need 215 in all stats, what were the actual requirements?

I understand that he did not need them all at the same time, only when wanting to gain the relevant quality (London’s blood, Nerve etc.)
So one can gain the Watchful 215 quality (Nerve) and let it drop while getting another stat up to 215 (e.g. going to the Nadir and losing the Watchful 215)

So you’re saying the reward for being first is to become a butler?

So you’re saying the reward for being first is to become a butler?[/quote]


Is it possible to regain a PoSI specialization after attaining Paramount Presence? If not, I don’t think I’ll bother with it. If I choose Shattering Force and forgo being a paragon of Shadowy, Persuasive, or Watchful, the next step up should not be &quotShattering Force, plus the other bunk you chose to skip&quot.

Can you still flirt with Slowcake’s Amanuensis?
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It looks like the specific specializations are inaccessible once you reach PP, though I’m not certain.
Interestingly, you don’t lose your London’s X qualities when you reach PP, and the storylet to become a PP is still open for me, so maybe they’ll allow you to step down to a different specialization. It might already be the case, though I haven’t found it.

I doubt they put in a branch to allow PPs to flirt. Maybe it’ll be changed eventually.
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First of all: congratulations!

I wonder what the mechanical effects are, in cases that today require a specific specialization.

E.g it would make sense for Paramount Presence to be able to overcap any stat via the Unsigned Message card. Likewise, I’d expect a PP to be able to act as patron for all stats.

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Have you noticed any new options or opportunities now available to you? And are you still able to overcap?

Also, a wiki oriented question: what’s the name of the image used for the PP storylet?

I can mentor in D+S combined, as well as P+W combined. There’s also a hansom ride that gives +15 cp MW to the recipient and +10 cp MW to the sender (anyone who is the patron of another).
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Thanks for the info!

This seems very nice indeed. Just wondering about the ability to overcap (as I said, it’d make sense to be able to choose any stat to overcap).

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Already have one of those. Sets guests at ease. Always makes sure the table’s set. Forbids murder during dinner except between the main course and dessert. Can advise on the proper fork etiquette for Knife and Candle. I really should invite you over some time.
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Paramount Presences cannot currently flirt with the Amanuensis.

I wonder if that’s as intended, it just an oversight from when they coded the requirements for that option and didn’t have PP in mind at the time.