Panther Kitten Adoption Agency

Thank you so much for the Parabolan Kitten!

Hello! I’m pretty new to the game, but am already a total fanatic. I love everything Parabola, and I love kittens, so would be very grateful to be sent one! <3

Check your doorstep.

Thank you so much!! It will be very adored. Would you like any letters or social actions?

Thanks for offering, but no need. It’s delightful being able to spread the love of kittens.


If any person of astonishing generosity will share a spare lively kitten with ethereal spaceman, he would gladly adopt such a pleasure burden.

I’m happy to provide! I have to do something to get rid of my rapidly building store of murderous fuzzballs :3

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Hey I’d like a kitten Profile - MarzBarz - The Failbetter Games Forums

I don’t appear to be able to send you one, is MarzBarz your fallen London character name?

I just started playing FL and Sunless Sea recently and I would love a kitten! I’m Chimeragutz

I also got my lovely wife :heart: into FL too, they might also appreciate one :3

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I sent a couple out! I split the message somewhat between both of you but they’re perfectly understandable alone. (Also sorry if the message reads a bit weird, I like writing social actions in character)

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Down to 3 fuzzballs in need of good homes.

Please send in game message.

A kitten would be greatly appreciated
Edit: thanks Kaminski


I have five … yes FIVE of the mirror’s most adorable little munchkins available to a good home …

Well I suppose a reasonably good home would suffice, the little buggers are something of a handful … there’s really nothing to be afraid of ahaha …

Send me a message or a calling cardquickly now …

EDIT - All gone, thank you for taking the critters off my hands.

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Hello there, a certain hunter has gotten rather overzealous with her panther companion and has ended up with somewhat of a surplus. I have fifteen of the little buggers that I’d like to give away, they’re positively massacring my furniture! If you’d like to get your hands on a fluffy ball of destruction for yourself just send me a postcard requesting one, with your name and current place of residence, and I’ll have one sent over as soon as I can!

I currently reside in room 383 of the Royal Bethlehem hotel, please leave any postcards with the front desk and they will be forwarded to me.

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Well-while I, THE GREAT JACK WALKER , already have a panther kitten, another one couldn’t hurt! So yes, I’d like one, thank you, and will send one shortly.

Please oh stone please take them. I have 20 of the little b______!!! please let me get rid of them, I don’t care what you do with them just take them little d___ed things. leave your postcard with the front desk, I’ll get them to you.

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