On Exaltation [some spoilers]

So I have a question regarding the new ambition:

So I went to Kingeater’s Castle and gave the name. The game says I should go to Irem next. But when I got there, there wasn’t any relevant storylet inside, even when I use a Sack of Darkdrop Coffee Beans. Does it have anything to do with how after I left Kingeater’s Castle, the Carnelian Exile immediately talked to me about going East?

Apparently there is a bug at that stage of the story - at least, according to this handy blog post.

[color=#009900]This is fixed as of this morning! Sorry, folks.[/color]

Thank you!

Follow-up question: So I’m at Irem and damn near every option here is impossible. I have everything that /could/ be needed, but they aren’t accepted. Do I need to explore some more, or is this still incomplete (since in FL, Impossible! is also used to mark storylets that aren’t finished yet)

EDIT: nm, found it
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mrdoors, could you tell me what I need to do to progress? I am also stuck

I think I have a related question, if I may intrude [major Exile storyline spoilers]:

[spoiler] I told the Carnelian Exile that I wanted to cross the last horizon, and she mentioned something about a prison of names; I can’t recall exactly, and I don’t know of any way to review her dialogue. I suspect this the path for the Exaltation ambition, which I would like to complete because I’m using a captain and map that has been around since before map randomization was introduced.

However, now when I speak to the Exile she tells me a riddle about &quotMastering the Map&quot and that I must have &quotentered the house of every Power.&quot My problem is that I have no idea what to do next. I have long since uncovered every nook and cranny of the map that a ship can reach; I’ve got the scar of the North, the stigma of the South, and the mark of the West; I’ve visited every port since triggering the Exile’s &quotquest,&quot and I don’t see any way of progressing her story.

One thing that I did notice was that the Dark Room in Frostfound has a new option that has some steep requirements including Menaces: Yearning and Burning >100, which I’ve read is acquired by filling mirrorcatch boxes with sunlight on the surface at Avernus. That may be a problem for me because I don’t accrue any M:Y&B when collecting sunlight on the surface; I just filled 20 boxes and I have no M:Y&B. This is a bug I assume.

More importantly, I don’t even know if I’m on the right track; for all I know, selecting the &quotTraveler Returns&quot option in the dark room has nothing to do with advancing the Exile’s story, which may or may not be part of the Exaltation ambition because explanations are in short supply. I would hate to collect all the materials I need to return to the Dark Room - assuming I can figure out a way to accrue M:Y&B - select &quotThe Traveler Returns&quot and find out it is simply a way to reduce M:Y&B and has nothing to do with advancing the Exile’s story.

TL;DR: would someone explain what I need to do to advance the Exile’s story past the &quotYou must master the map/enter the house of every Power&quot stage? [/spoiler]

Well, you may want to start by entering the house of every power. Based on your account, you’re still missing one.

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Oops, forgot to add that I also have the Mark of the East.

So, I have all four &quotmarks&quot for sailing off each edge of the map. Sailing off the East edge of the map again just sends me to Irem or Kingeater’s Castle. I’ve been to every port since, and don’t see any way to advance the Exiles story other than - maybe - the new option in the Dark Room at Frostfound, but I have no evidence that will advance her story, and I don’t want to spend that much on a guess.

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The TRAVELLER RETURNING option in Frostfound is the progress option you’re looking for. You should be getting Yearning, Burning when you fill mirrorcatch boxes on the Surface, though, dunno what the deal is with that.

Genuinely mad stuff starts to happen when it gets high enough. It’s pretty awesome.

Great, thanks for the replies. I’ll have to figure out if there is a fix for the M:Y&B bug; I suspect it’s because I’m using an old game.

I’m at the phase where I’m supposed to be able to buy Salt’s Song, but I can’t figure out how to do that. Any ideas? [/spoilers]

Okay, I made it past Frostfound and Kingeater’s Castle, arrived at Irem to get Salt’s Song. The page where I am supposed to buy Salt’s Song, all the options are locked because I don’t have the &quotImpossible&quot quality. Hovering over &quotImpossible,&quot the tool tip says it’s not available, but will be &quotsome day.&quot I thought this ambition was ready? It would be nice to have something more definite than &quotsome day&quot for something that I believed was ready now; or is this a bug?

Not a bug. A hint.

Unless it’s a hint that the word ready means different things in America than it does in England I don’t get it. I have no idea what or where this &quotprice unpaid&quot is and see no clue in it’s wording.
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My first thought is that &quotavailable some day&quot refers to the shops at the Iron Republic, but maybe I’m over thinking it and I just need to let some in game days pass and try again at Irem?

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My first thought was that I required each of the items listed as potentially being the price. This did not work, and now I’m stumped. Do I have to eat my crew?

If it’s got the impossible quality, it’s not live. That’s a StoryNexus feature that you can hook to interactions. I’ve been reading the documentation that Liam sent me (StoryNexus Reference Guide - Google Docs)

To quote: Impossible! is a similar quality. This is for content that you want people to see is unavailable. If you add a Minimum 1 Impossible requirement to a branch, people will understand that they can’t go there… yet. (While if you put Key of Dreams on a branch, people will see it and send you support emails telling you they’ve looked everywhere for the Key of Dreams.) Think of it as an Under Construction sign.

This is a special case, as regards Impossibility.

They’re not Impossible because they’re unfinished, they’re Impossible because they’re the wrong answer.