Obtaining an Eyeless Skull

Hello all. I am nearly ready to embark on an expedition to find the Cave of the Nadir, and find that the only thing I am lacking is an Eyeless Skull. Is there a better way to obtain one than Seeking Curios and Secrets in the Forgotten Quarter? Any help would be appreciated.

You can request one from another player if you’re ready to enter the Cave (Edit: if you’ve done the xpedition and are at the entrance, that is. For clarification.) - the corresponding request thread is here. Although that may of course be faster, or not. There is also a chance to get one on the Shrine expedition at least (or on the Fate-locked ones), but that is most presumably not faster than Seeking Curious.

I stand corrected. I’s been some time…
edited by Reshemin on 2/22/2015

No you can request the skull before you start the expedition, you need the cinder for the entrance which you can’t request.