Now that we've made our names...

What choices have we all made in the realm of schools and philosophies and toasts and traditions? What scars have we suffered, and what works have we inspired? Mine have been…

Sir Fred
The Nocturnals, pursuing free-form poetry that reflects the nature of the Neath.
Philosophy: Unaffiliated - a combination of various esoteric, transcendental and practical approaches to learning.
Tradition: The Adventuress, using strength of mind and body to uncover the secrets of the world.
Toast: The Topsy King, and his crew of scholars whose reach exceeded their grasp.
He also carries a scar on his face (because, well, I was feeling frail and generally wonky myself, and figured it was only appropriate) and inspired the story &quotThe Devil’s Courage&quot (because if there was one thing that working outside the law demands, it’s thrilling rooftop heists.)

The Celestials, preserving the traditional sort of literature he grew up on.
Philosophy: The Implacable Method - a cool, calculating, cunning approach to information-gathering.
Tradition: Unaffiliated - bareknuckle boxing, stick-fighting, gratuitous use of dynamite - whatever it takes to get the job done.
Toast: The Cheery Man - a good old-fashioned London gangster; a comrade-in-arms as much as a rival.
Hubris carries a scar upon his torso - a natural, even trifling, consequence of a life full of athletic activity - and his savagery toward his enemies inspired the book &quotThe Crimson Shadows.&quot

The Bazaarines, because, while she might not be deeply cultured, she does understand business.
Philosophy: The Anchoress’s Legacy - inspired by years of odd discoveries living among the lowest (and highest) of London’s alleys and rooftops.
Tradition: The School of Hard Knocks, learning to hunt and to kill through necessity.
Toast: The Gracious Widow - out of sympathy for her lost family, and of admiration for a fellow keeper of secrets.
Juniper also bears a scar on her soul, having lost so much in so little time, and her enigmatic life in the shadows of the city inspired &quotThe Thief With Neither Face Nor Name.&quot

Unaffiliated - while far from uncultured, she considers art the servant of politics, and has little use for art movements for their own sake.
Philosophy: The Unconfined - because fie upon the Ministry, and Summerset, and anyone else who seeks to keep knowledge from the masses!
Tradition: The Duellists of the Tomb-Colonies - neat, precise, graceful and deadly.
Toast: Her own self, as a representative of the Calendar Council’s stake in the underworld.
Valuing presentation and skill equally, Esther has avoided scarring. Her criminal past has inspired the rather exaggerated text &quotAn Angel Among Thieves.&quot


Artistic preference: celestials (He regularly trips to the surface and plan to leave Neath for good once his business is done)
Philosophic views: his own interpretation of antique philosophic schools which made an accent on inner resourses of each individual (His own code of behaviour mostly formed under impression of stoicism and cynicism schools)
Martial tradition: his own plentiful combat experience (His acquaintance with Bellona’s art began long ago at the Surface)
Toast: to himself (Quite predictable choise for an introtimous individual who also believes that a good criminal is a dead criminal)
Scar: upon his person (He used to be a bloodlands habitant, cadet, military officer, port town brute, rat-catcher, though and monster-hunter… He surely have some scars to show and tales to tell to his future grandchildren.


Artistic preference: celestials (Despite the fact that he was a rolling-stone, he is soft for romanticised, provincial charm)
Philosophic views: the doctrine of Anchoress (He doesn’t know it, actally, but the views he developed are nearly similar to it. He is religious, though, because of deeply personal reasons, he feels shy and uneasy to admit that honestly)
Martial tradition: Tomb-Colonies &quotfighting&quot traditions (He’s a bad brawler, seriously. He is more efficient in sneaking, taking a good aim and improvising than in open exchange of bursts and blows)
Toast: to himself (Despite his line of work, he is not associated with any underworld mastermind)
Scar: facial (There is a little, barely noticable scratch from a cut near his hair line, above the right brow. He got it in a bar fight he was dragged into in one Dublin pub. That’s how he realized he’s not a bruiser)
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My most liberated opinion is doubtlessly my artistic preference. I identify with the Nocturnals. I do not allow myself too much in the way of levity or lawlessness, but the Neath inspires beautiful freedoms of art. I showed her my poems once - they were lost on her. At least she didn’t laugh, like the rest of Veilgarden had.

Philosophically I identify with the Implacable Method. Steadfast, straightforward, uncompromising. There is no mystery to it, but it does its part to ensure there are fewer mysteries in the Neath altogether. I have no desire to send my mind into contortions when dealing with practical matters - Nocturnal poetry is another matter altogether.

I dislike violence, but as with the philosophy I have taken the practical route. It seemed sensible to me that I should learn from those who have learned in turn from their mistakes: Tomb-Colonists. I can think of no better experience to defer to. On the surface, a dead master is only as useful as their students or records. Down here, a dead master may ruminate at length on their failure and compensate.

And last, most arrogantly, I have toasted to myself. The only Neathy luminary with whom I have truly been acquainted is the Cheery Man, and I find him an odious personality. The others are as distant to me as the false-stars on the roof, and even if I were to know them better I would see no reason why they would deserve my deference. If I may be privately bold, at least, they can come take it if they want it so badly.

Before I forget, I do not bear any scars. I do not fight often, I do not take the matter of violence lightly, and when my hand is forced I do not make mistakes. As in all things, I am decisive. Plus, some people think it means I’m really quite good.

~It has recently come to my attention that a certain heist (which I will not elect to name) has been the inspiration for a penny dreadful. The narrative is singular, and rather flattering - The Thief With Neither Face nor Name! They want to paint me as some sort of uncatchable mystery with a thousand different identities. It’s not terribly surprising, but it is quite impressive how much they managed to get right.

~It has even MORE recently come to my attention that some people are adding other elements of their affiliations and accomplishments beyond those of base progression. I’ll throw my hat in:

I am closest to Hell. Unusual, I’m sure, for a man of my unobtrusive nature, but I find Hell to be a comfortable bedfellow. Warm, at any rate (ha!) They are comfortably detached from the goings-on of the Bazaar, legitimized in London’s law without being bound by it, and capable of hosting very good parties. I find them amiable, if a little ruthless.

My destiny concerns my hungers. They will yet be satisfied. I will not be vindicated, but I will triumph.

I am allowed into the House of Chimes under the pretense of my possession and use of a Zubmarine. They like Zubmariners.

I aspire to become a Crooked-Cross. I am currently a Conjurer, but I am apparently of eminence enough that it will take little more than a few honeyed words to secure my entry into the fold.
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What a charming idea! Thanks for this. My answers below are for Zareen. (I have alts, but they step in and out of stories as needed, and thus may remain unseen for months.)

Artistic school: Celestials. She loves the Surface and means to return there when those she cares about in the Neath do too.

Philosophy: The Doctrine of the Anchoress. Although the darker sides of the Neath make her fearful at times, she is a spiritually hopeful person overall.

Martial tradition: The Adventuress’ Correspondence Course, representing how she learned a great deal of her martial prowess from a bold and adventurous person of her close acquaintance.

Scar: A notable absence of scars. As a small, slender woman, she focuses on dodging and deflecting blows; she would always lose in a battle of brute strength. Moreover, she does not involve herself in needless combat (especially duelling - her invitation from Feducci remains unopened). As she wishes to return to the Surface one day, she tries to avoid anything that could lead to a trip with the Boatman (she has never been on one yet), and correspondingly tries never to send anyone else on a similar trip (&quotDo unto others…&quot). Her continued state of scarlessness is helped by close friends who’ve protected her during recent dangerous episodes.

Penny Dreadful: &quotAn Angel Among Thieves.&quot Her only &quotcriminal&quot activity is a series of thefts of souls and contracts from the Brass Embassy, which she conducts as part of her Sheparding of Souls. She keeps this secret from most people, as she has never been caught and wants the Embassy to remain mystified, so the existence of this penny dreadful is something of a puzzle… She doubts it’s the work of that one poetess to whom, in a moment of friendship, she revealed her activities, for that artist is a noted satirist, and the Penny Dreadful is quite devoid of mockery.

The Topsy King. Although she does no work whatsoever for any criminal gangs, and likewise does not call upon them for favours, she has a care for the urchins who so often get caught up in thievery. Those street children who can’t be persuaded to come live in the orphanage she’s in the process of opening seem happiest with the Topsy King. Perhaps the theft of art breeds a more contented criminal than one solely concerned with profit.

A fantastic idea! Thank you for starting this! ((And thank you, Zareen, for the little nod in your own post. ;)))

Artistic School: I hear she is active within a sub-school of Nocturnals who aim to deconstruct old forms by parodying or satirising them. In some way, they are therefore Nocturnals who are also anti-Nocturnal, in that deconstructing the old also necessitates its revival, even if only in a shattered, secondhand state. There have also been, ahem, mushrooming rumours about her pursuing a new artistic direction in recent months, but that is surely nonsense. Then again, why limit oneself to a school? Satire finds itself everywhere.

Philosophy: The Unconfined. Knowledge should be shared, no? After all, sharing knowledge enables new knowledge to be created, and knowledge should belong to all peoples, not just humankind and most certainly not the stuffy corridors of &quotThe Academy.&quot Ironically, those who keep knowledge to themselves are the ones who lack it the most (or so she thinks).

Martial Tradition: Why, The Forms of the Tomb Colonies, of course! Not only has she ventured there countless times (unsurprising, given her lifestyle), but elegant swordplay goes well with elegant wordplay, does it not? Also, if one employs a fighting style that can easily dispatch the dead, then the living will surely pose no problem. Hopefully. Perhaps. Sometimes.

Scar: A Notable Lack of Scars. She would defend that pretty face with her life. One can recover from a stab through the heart, or a slit throat, or even a poorly-executed poisoning, but, o… a facial scar! The very idea! Of course, fighting half-drunk also makes one an unpredictable target to hit… A strict regimen of tinctures and cold creams also ensures that her scars heal quickly, even if her coin purse does not.

Penny Dreadful: The Devil’s Courage. Word is that she knows the author, and has arranged for certain… stylistic liberties… After all, what use is one’s penny dreadful if it fails to entertain and drive the audience to aneurysms? In short, she has chosen the most riveting route, but things are not so far removed from the truth, either. She often finds that she cannot resist dipping her fingers into a spare wine cellar or honey jar, which has led to many close calls indeed… Not so much The Devil’s Courage, then? Perhaps The Devil’s Tastebuds would be a more fitting title.

Toast: The Topsy King. Eccentric, invents his own words, with a fine eye for luxury artworks? What more could one desire when it comes to a criminal underworld boss? In fact, perhaps one might even go so far as to say that he looks rather handsome from certain angles… But no, she is happily married now!

((I also just created a new alt. I will edit or make a new post when my alt’s stuff is sorted out. Will probably take two weeks, at the very least.))
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School: Mycologenes. With an extremely unfortunate preference toward things like praising the succulent texture of Portobello, Wood Ear, Shiitake and Velvet Pioppino. That’s why Estelle are willing to stay down here - mushrooms to eat!

Philosophy: Unaffiliated. At least, it sounds better than &quotdid not pay attention during revelations&quot.

A mixture of screaming for help, failing to slap people and being too insignificant of a opponent. Since she also serves as a bus for the city’s various critters (too dim to notice the many L.B. in her backpack), she enjoys the protection of a full Rattus Faber killing squad (tired rattycommuters) in the event she is beset by footpads. Usually will find someone scary to latch into if she knows she is heading to dangerous places, in particular a man notorious of snapping necks of anything in his path.

Scar: A not very notable absence of scars. Notable absence of a few teeth instead, having them punched out years ago. Definitely not because of too much humbugs while not having a proper home!

Herself. Being on friendly terms with the Cheery Man and the Widow from prior dealings, she is not very enthusiastic about the prospect of taking a side against either of them nor will they actually take the word of some friendly layabout seriously. She is also pursuing the Marvellous and would prefer not to make the Topsy King an even greater figure in Tristram Bagley’s life.

Penny Dreadful
: &quotAn Angel Among Thieves&quot, where she steals entire nibbles trays from the rich so the poor also have chocolate and little mint leaf to die for. Source materials indicate that she is actually the guest of honour and probably could have just asked to take a few boxes home instead of perilously balancing several trays of delicate little wonders on the head of that very terrifying caretaker she has. Chilling to the bone! Totes promise.
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Alright, alright, I’ll tell you. But why on earth you want to label me so I can’t fathom.

School: Yes, yes, I’ve written some poetry. But hardly enough to be accepted into any of the schools. I’m not flighty enough for the Celestials, not stupid enough to satirize those who can have me killed in my sleep, and I can’t stand mushrooms. So I try not to follow any movements too closely.

Philosophy: As much as I can be called an academic, I believe knowledge should be free. I wouldn’t be where I am today without luck and generosity. Let the pages rain from the skies.

Toast: The Gracious Widow. I know who butters my bread.

Tradition: School of Hard Knocks. I grew up fighting with my fists, and when I went out to the Western territories I learned to fight with a gun and a trap. Don’t you dare approach me with your sword nonsense.

Scar: A brooding aura of pain. Now are you going to buy me that damn drink or not?

Gracious Daughter

School: Unaffiliated. She is her own creature. She has her own voice. Her art is her own. Just hers. Topsy King likes her art just the way it is.

Philosophy: Unaffiliated. a combination of all sorts or none of them. She thinks in all ways or the new way. She must find her own way of life.

Tradition: Unaffiliated. employ the most effective techniques of a multitude of martial traditions. She does not limit herself to one when the Neath is too dark and too dangerous to risk herself.

Toast: Herself. The Gracious Daughter. One Day. Her Time Will Come. The Inheritor of The Gracious Widow. The day when The Old gives her all to The New and thereby completes the beauty and the mystery that is The Bazaar. None would dare to object. She will make sure of it.

Scar: A Brooding Aura of Pain. Her scars are of the spirit, not the skin. She has secrets that she wishes to forget, but not lost.

Penny Dreadful: &quotThe Thief With Neither Face Nor Name.&quot Mysteries and the beauty of the crimes charm creatures to search for the artist of such perfect crimes. The seeking is more to do with the curiosity than the justice.

Big Easy

School: The Bazaarines. Money and secrets. The poetry of the Bazaar and its Masters, but also the hidden things that drive men to madness. A strong brew of the venal and the visionary. Big Easy loves the mysteries of Bazaar. Most of all, he loves how business work in Neath.

Philosophy: Implacable Method. consider all possibilities, eliminate all errors, and isolate the truth. Big Easy is a lot of things and one of them is cunning.

Tradition: Adventuress’ Correspondence Course, which extols the principles of exploration, survival, and soldiering. Big Easy finds her fighting style to be his taste. Fun and useful.

Toast: The Gracious Widow. Big Easy likes how Gracious Widow handles her business. He is also intrigued by her secrets. He can’t help but to be drawn to mysteries. Big Easy is also a good friend of Gracious Daughter, and if he desires to keep the friendship, he better butters up to her mother. Adopted mother.

Scar: A Notable Absence of Scars. He knows how to keep himself away from the harm. Before anyone could touch him, he would be already gone. But it’s hard to be sure. His appearance seems to have changed. Perhaps he had scars once. But not now.

Penny Dreadful: &quotThe Thief With Neither Face Nor Name.&quot Enigmatic crimes full of subtlety and complexity baffle Constables and detectives. The crimes almost seem to mock them with twisted laughter.

Lady Anne

School: The Celestials, nostalgic, romantic, often religious, who write passionately of the Surface. She misses Surface and she is eager to return to her home once she revenges the death of her sister.

Philosophy: The Legacy of the Anchoress. intuitive, devotional, revelatory. She is religious, therefore she tries to follow The Doctrine of the Anchoress. She tries. But there is always a limit to kindness and forgiveness.

Tradition: The Forms of the Tomb-Colonies. elegant, punctilious, and effective. She is a lady, but a very deadly one.

Toast: The Topsy King. She does not care for criminals, but she does care for fine arts. At least he shares an interest with her.

Scar: A Notable Absence of Scars. She won’t let anyone scar her. That would be an embarrassment. Who would think of her as a lady if she has scars all over her body?

Penny Dreadful: &quotAn Angel Among Thieves.&quot She prefers not to commit a crime, but sometimes it must be done to achieve a goal. Then she would try to repent by giving charities to the poor.

Etc. Etc.

Yes, this is all well and good… but what of Mr. Taupe-Wainscot?
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School: The Nocturnals, radicals who relish the freedom from traditional forms - and moralities - that the darkness of the Neath permits.
Because what’s the point of living in a whole new world, and trying to keep everything the same as it was up on the surface?

Philosophy: The Unconfined teaches that truth is worth any sacrifice. Assumption, deceit and delusion must be aggressively dismantled, and the truth freed.
Truth is more valuable than gold, both the regular and rosty-like. (Though nobody ever said I was wise in my methods of finding it.)

Martial Tradition: Your own amalgam of a thousand different traditions.
Why stick to just one fighting style, when you can learn the best of them all?

Scar: A notable absence of scars.
When you learn each fighting style, you also learn how best to counter them. That, plus not every battle must be fought. Most scars can be easily avoided, if you know what to be aware of. (Though considering I’ve experienced two turbine explosions, this probably needs updating. :-p )

Toast: You Make Your Toasts To Yourself! You will reign from the shadows!
The Cheery Man? The Topsy King? The Widow? At the end of the day, they are mere (im)mortals - just like the rest of us.
So I’ll respect them, certainly - but I feel no desire to raise a glass in their name in commemoration of their exploits, or for any other reason.
My own name may not be well-known yet, but someday when I’m ready they will learn they’re not the only force in town.

Penny Dreadful:The Thief With Neither Face nor Name.
Chances are they’ll notice me eventually, sure, but I intend this to happen in my own time.

Nobody ever said I was wise, of course, and not all of these are sensible choices. But these are the ones I’ve made along the way. ^_^

Artistic School: I reject all labels and associations! I am my own creature!!
If I’m doing it, it’s ART!!!

Philosophy: The Unconfined teaches that truth is worth any sacrifice. Assumption, deceit and delusion must be aggressively dismantled, and the truth freed.
Actually, I just saw the words &quotunconfined&quot and &quotaggressively&quot and clicked on it. Philosophy? Yeah, whatever…

Toast: to the Topsy King - mournful and ragged; he steals for art, not for riches.
Well, he’s not really a &quotcriminal&quot, is he? Just a funny guy with a sad life. Could happen to anyone. There, that’s philosophy for you!

Martial Tradition:
The Adventuress’ Correspondence Course, which extols the principles of exploration, survival, and soldiering.
If you’re going to learn survival from someone, who better to learn from than someone who’s damn near immortal?

Penny Dreadful: The Devil’s Courage - My spate of reckless thefts and chases inspired this penny-dreadful!
Why waste time on elaborate plans when a mask, a stout cudgel and quick feet is all you need?

A Notable Absence of Scars: Yes. I’m that good.

Artistic School: The Nocturnals. London is a new sanctuary for a new time, and so should be permeated with equally new artistic forms, instead of sticking to rusty traditions that are mere shadows of what they were on the Surface.

Philosophy: The Implacable Method. The Neath is riddled with far too many mysteries, most of them deadly, to risk less secure methods of acquiring knowledge.

Martial Tradition: School of Hard Knocks. Killing is such dirty, tiresome business. Might as well do it quick and ask questions later. Much more entertaining that way.

Toast: Myself. The rest of those pathetic little specks have no idea what the future holds for them. I want it all. And I want it now. Even if I have to drown them all in blood.

Scar: Upon my person. But I shall tell you a secret in deepest confidence. It was not a combat wound, although that is what I tell during pillow-talk. The truth is… much more amusing.

Penny Dreadful: The Thief With Neither Face Nor Name. Those favored by the void above have no trouble shrouding themselves in darkness that cannot be pierced even by the watchful eyes of the Masters.

School: Mycologenes. To express love outside of the human experience, as a universal and transcendental constant, is the ultimate expression of art.

Philosophy: Unconfined. Shackles have no place in the endless sea of the human mind and expression. Only the bedroom.

Tradition: My Own: Drunken Master. Really, really drunken master with some of the old French improvisational Tout Près. You can’t hit what you can’t touch. And even if you did hit me, I’m probably too drunk to feel it. It’s the John L. Sullivan strategy.

Toast: Me. A tough call, but my gang of unemployed meteorologist turned ne’re-do-wells deserves a cut of the pie, however small.

Scar: Like the infamous Baron, Nigel has no scars of battle. Unless you count Seeking. Or the Eater of Chains. Other than that…no scars!

Penny Dreadful: Thief With Neither Face nor Name. His crimes are as labyrinthine as they are quixotic as they are…really clever. And other impressive sounding words that imply a greater strategy than just nicking your stuff while shouting &quotHey, look over there!&quot

Philosophy: The Implacable Method. Morcant’s very first days in the Neath were mostly spent under the thorough, if eccentric, mentorship of a certain Honey-Addled Detective; while Morcant deals with most of his cases independently nowadays, the experience has no doubt influenced him greatly. He places a great amount of trust in his teacher’s axiom: &quotWhen you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.&quot

Artistic School: The Celestials. While he has vowed to seek the person (or devil, or squid, or Master, or even Lorn-Fluke, if it came to it) who was responsible for his brother’s murder, Morcant still misses the Surface immensely, and refers to it extensively in his art. He longs for the cornflower skies, mottled with wisps of clouds; for the blinding flashes of lightning that heralds rainfall; &c.

Martial Tradition: The Forms of the Tomb-Colonies. Morcant was raised to be a gentleman, and he finds the Tomb-Colonists’ prowess in combat most interesting. The swift elegance and pinpoint precision charmed him, and he has devoted significant time to honing his skills in said form.

Toasts: The Gracious Widow. Morcant harbours a dislike for the Cheery Man, which may or may not have to do with the fact that he was, until recently, sometimes seen keeping the company of the so-called Last Constable; the Topsy King, as of now, is still merely a faceless name whom he has yet to meet; and as for himself, while he fancies his less legal exploits to be useful and even diverting, his ambition is to make a name for himself in fighting crime, not in perpetrating them. That being said, he respects the Widow’s pragmatism in her business, and considers her a worthy opponent (and occasionally ally, not that he’d ever admit it to his Constable friends).

Closest To: The Constables. Having decided upon a career as a consulting detective, the connexion is inevitable. Beyond that, he is also reasonably well-liked by the Church, has a few people to vouch for him amongst Society (mostly vouching for the insurmountable lachrimosity of his requiem), and, it is rumoured, occasionally takes cases from Mr Pages itself.

Scar: On his torso, a souvenir from a swordsmanship duel against a Tomb-Colonist. He has also recently acquired a sort of bite mark on his hand, but it is fading quickly as of late, and he doubts it would cause him much concern in the future.

Penny-Dreadful: The Thief with Neither Face Nor Name. A friend of his made an off-hand mention that the author proposes the mysterious gentleman-burglar’s identity to be the very consulting detective who had spent the entire book running around trying to unravel the extraordinary thefts. Morcant had a good laugh out of this conjecture, not least because of how it had unwittingly hit the mark with unerring accuracy.
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((It’s slightly tragic that much of the nuance in the Chinese and cross-linguistic puns is lost in translation. I tried my best…))

Fei Xue:

Artistic School: Bazaarines. Bazaar: black and gold. Currency: coins, secrets, deaths. Consumer: flesh, capitalism, life. Strike: blow, resistance, union. Currency: coins, presence, present. Present: now, gift, moment. Give and take. Exchange. Trade. Flow: blood, words, currency. In, out. Here, there. Pulse, throb. Two beats. Mutual benefit. 签,钱,浅,欠。(qian1, qian2, qian3, qian4; sign, money, superficial/shallow, owe/debt.))

Philosophy: The Implacable Method. Reasoning: net. Escape: cut. Deft. Incisive. Penetrate. Sharp mind. Unravel. Unwoven. Undone. Efficient. Elude. Emancipate. One cut: all it takes. Falsehoods: unravelled. Maybe: also truth. But risks: worthwhile. Anyway, alternative: none. 剪,减,简。((Jian3, jian3, jian3; trim, subtract, simplify.))

Martial Tradition:An amalgam of a thousand martial traditions. Each fight: lesson. Sword: forged in birthplace. Travel. Adapt to Neath. Evolve. Instinct. Thirst. Consume. Survival of fittest. Fight: exchange blood; intimate; bond; contract. Fight: sharing: of words, of blood, of stories. Blood: stains, marks, lingers. Sword: clean. Metal: clashes, bends, unbends, forgets, rusts. But mind: remembers. Muscle: remembers. Body: dies; reborn anew. Remembers. Act: action, reaction, re-action. Cycle goes on. Momentum. 全,权,拳。((quan2, quan2, quan2; totality/all, power, fist.))

Scar: A Brooding Aura of Pain. Flesh: malleable. Mind: malleable. But both: impressionable. Each kill: story writ in blood. Not spilled blood. Spilled blood: decays, evaporates, seeps. Unspilled: malleable, remembers, remains. Part of Self. Curtain: falls. Chapter: closes. But blood: circulates. Word circulates. Story circulates. I: book. Ledger. Record. Memoir. Writ in blood. 字,自。((zi4, zi4; words/character, self/origin.))

Penny Dreadful: ((Will edit later.))

Toast: Self. Most reliable. Most beneficial. Opportunity cost: reduced. Others: betrayal: &quotsell out.&quot Sometimes literal: Widow. Sometimes figurative: Cheery Man. Sometimes sane: Topsy King. Self: reliable. Cannot betray. Always true. Self: pawn. Used. Manipulated. Commanded. But by others. Self never uses self. Saying: staying true to self. 干杯。((Gan1 bei1; lit. dry cup; a toast.))
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School: Well, it’s like this. I am really confined to no school, but have adventitiously bounced from association to association as I write… stuff. I think I have been briefly attached to all schools except the Mycologene, although since the first poem was about mushrooms, that hardly seems fair. When and if I stump up the blunt to investigate the Affair, I will probably write something shroomy to complete the set.

Philosophy: My own genius, which I’d guess is sui generis. At least, it horrifies me that anyone would actually want to emulate it.

Martial Tradition: The School of Hard Knocks. This was rather a difficult choice. I have long been a proponent of a fighting style I call &quotAlley Freestyle,&quot which basically means put your opponent down by whatever means are expedient. This would tend towards no school at all, except the description of the Hard Knocks school perfectly matched it. Essentially, the attitude is, win pretty, win ugly, just win. Or, as Harvey Logan might say &quotRules? In a knife fight?&quot BUTCH CASSIDY & SUNDANCE KID: Knife Fight - YouTube

Scar: Notably absent. Do you think I’d allow anyone to mar Nature’s perfection?

Penny Dreadful: &quotThe Thief With Neither Face Nor Name.&quot Or, more bluntly, &quotToo clever by half,&quot or &quotToo clever for his own good,&quot or yet &quotSo sharp he’s going to cut himself.&quot It was probably the caper that involved the brass band, the defrocked clergyman, and the drunken Irishman that inspired this. Queue up a little Lalo Schifrin.

Toast: The original toast was proposed to the Cheery Man, and Mal is much too amiable and courteous to challenge that.

– Mal
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School - Bazaarians - Since I live in perpetual poverty, I admire the Bazaar and hope to use it to work my way up and become rich some day.

Philosophy - Implacable Method - Once I put my mind to something, I never give up.

Tradition - Adventuress’ Correspondence Course - As an aspiring scholar (just got accepted into the University. Go team Benthic!), why should I put myself in danger when I can learn about it in a class? Plus, the adventure stories are fascinating.

Toast - Topsy King. He’s just so fun and silly, I can’t help but love him.

Scar - Brooding Aura of Pain - It pains me to have to harm others to make myself important, but you do what you must to go up in the world. I especially feel bad about perma-killing that Drownie for the Black Ribbon. Or her grieving boyfriend. Not so much about killing most of the Great Game spies for the Cheesemonger, though.

Penny Dreadful - An Angel Among Thieves - Being perpetually poor, I strive to help those around me. Like a modern day Robin Hood (or a Robbing Hoodlum?), I smack the rich with my jewel-encrusted walking stick, take their valuables, and give it to the poor (mostly myself), making their lives just a little bit less difficult… if that book is to be believed.

Newspaper - The Rubbery Inquirer - More a gossip column than anything else, the Rubbery Inquirer features stories about the more sordid members of society.

Patron Gift - A Bag of Fierce Mint Humbugs - They are delicious. I’m certainly not eating them because I can’t afford anything better.

Closest to - Hell - They are just so classy. I can’t not be close to them. Maybe their wealth will rub off on me. I also want my soul back.

Profession - Crooked Cross - Rather than follow the flock, I lead them in questioning what they take for granted.

Destiny - Gloom - Currently living in the shadows, hoping for a better future.
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Unsigned Report — Subject: Passionario

Art School:
Bazaarine. While Passionario has no great talent for art by any measure, he makes up for it in expert knowledge. When it comes to money, secrets and power, he is a poet like no other.

Philosophy: Unconfined. Passionario’s approach to scholastic arts is akin to that of a magpie (or a Master of the Bazaar). He grabs whatever is shiny or useful and discards the rest.

Martial Tradition: Amalgam. The few survivors of Passionario’s Knife and Candle attacks I’ve been able to interview likened his style to that of Bishop of Southwark, Jasper and Frank, Jack-of-Smiles and the Grand Hunt of the Devils. Not, shall we say, the most subtle of men.

Scars: Not visible. Neither Celebrated Artist’s Model nor Sinning Jenny identified any, but the identical way they cringed when asked about the matter indicates a deeper pattern.

Penny Dreadful: Crimson Shadows. Yes, it’s based on real events. Even that scene with the bees.

Toast: Self. He may serve the Masters in daylight, but recognises no master in darkness. There’s a reason why his moniker in the Game is &quotRook&quot. Standing in his way is not a wise choice. Those hands have killed better people than either of us.

Eddy Gale, Invisible Eminence and all-around half-decent person for a thief, gang leader, and dealer in souls.

School: Nocturnals. Eddy came to the Neath by accident, but if anyone was born to be there, it’s them. Rules and mores are to be flouted by those with the ability, and a better life can be made down here in the dark than they could have ever had up above with the talents for shadowy pursuits Eddy possesses. There has always been freedom in darkness for them, it just happens to be more true down here than it was on the surface. Even their few artistic endeavors have been somewhat bent towards thumbing their nose at the rules - the Bazaar’s masters clamped down on ‘racy’ material and Eddy promptly penned a very naughty vampire lesbian story under a pseudonym that was a hit in Veilgarden.

Philosophy: Unconfined. Eddy does what they do with the kind of joyous abandon and freedom only a master of the shadows of the Flit and a true Cracksman could have.

Martial Tradition: Hard Knocks. You think someone like Eddy would have actual, serious martial training? Most of what they know is ‘don’t get hit and you’ll do fine’ - they’re not much for brawls at all, but when they get in them, they apply Street lessons. Nothing is sacred except your own skin. Claw, scratch, bite, kick for the soft parts. Throw sand. Use human shields if you have to. It’s ugly, but it gets the work done.

Scars: Notably Absent. Like the Martial Tradition section says, Eddy isn’t much for stand-up fights. As a result, their skin is in very good shape indeed.

Toast: Self. Why would the head of a small criminal empire consisting operatives in two separate urchin gangs, some lesser devils, a host of bagmen, and some lovely women for distraction and pickpocketing toast anyone else? Eddy has done well for themselves, and they know it. Yes, the rest of these people are wonderful too, but they’re clearly excellent enough to be toasted among their peers.

Closest To: Urchins. Eddy sees a lot of themselves in the urchin gangs of London’s roofs; they do their best to guide the little blighters to better lives through creative application of thieving lessons and giving them a safe space to kip up when things get bad for them. Eddy doesn’t always understand the urchins, but they like the kids more than most people do.

Patron Gift: Unobtrusive Bowler Hat. Eddy was given this plain black bowler by their first actual benefactor in the Neath, a woman with some interesting tattoo work done who has since disappeared into the Neath’s Great Game. They still love the hat, and though they’ve got better and more expensive ones now, they’re still frequently seen out and about in this one instead.

Destiny: Appetite. It’s no secret Eddy’s got a taste for the finer things in life. All of them. And they’re not going to rest until they acquire a very, very large number of them.

Penny Dreadful: The Devil’s Courage. Reportedly written with Eddy’s input (though they’re called something else, of course) and based heavily on one of their more daring thefts (stealing The Bazaar blind), Eddy will completely disavow any knowledge of the events contained within and claim it’s all made up for money. They will smirk if you ask about the trick with two constables, a spoon, and a trained weasel though - a smirk that says there might be more to it after all.

Profession: Crooked Cross. Theft is theft, and stealing a man’s faith is probably the greatest theft you could commit. Of course Hell primed Eddy for this one as soon as they shook hands with the Quiet Deviless for the first time. Eddy loves theft, and they’re certainly persuasive enough. Of course, they still officially list themselves as a magician, but…
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School: Nocturnals - If nature need not follow rules in the Neath then why should we? All must adapt or risk found wanting, no? How does one rhyme in Correspondence? How does one paint a Neathbow? How does one sculpt in Scintillack? The surface cannot comprehend these new arts- for such things we must seek our own names.

Morality - Sweet mercy! We stormed Hell and lost it in the peace. Darkness hides a multitude of sins and it so very dark here.

Philosophy: Own genius -The Anchoress -naive. Unconfined - undisciplined. Implacable Method-plodding. If nothing else your mind and actions are your own, as too will be your joy and happiness or else your sorry and regret. To quote a one-time prince, ‘The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven’. First we must know our own-selves, then we might govern such things better.

Martial Tradition: Forms of the Tomb-Colonies - Elegance, agility and control. The body and the weapon as one. A fight is won first in the mind. If we must kill let us gift a beautiful and swift death. Plus if all goes north- rapier wounds are much easier to patch.

Scars: A Notable Absence - I have a skin routine to rival Patrick Bateman. Bathes in blood?! Well if you are offering…

Toast: The Widow - the only cup with brandy in it.

Closest To: Bohemians -Well Prague is a lovely city this time of year.

Patron Gift: Mirror Polished Shoes -Snakeskin.

Penny Dreadful: The Devils’ Courage - I can attest they most bravely bore having all their brass and jewelry stolen. I was only after a Cloche hat and Robert Johnson records. The tagline reads- ‘The greatest trick she ever pulled was convincing the Devils she didn’t existed’
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