Notability and Making Waves

After a stressful two weeks, I’m at last a Tutor to a Wretched Child. (Originally, it wasn’t clear in what way the child was wretched. After the first session of shin-kicking, though, I no longer have doubts.) I was formerly a Campaigner, and I miss the copious amounts of weekly alcohol already.

If anyone’s still looking for a partner for any Making Waves social actions, go ahead and contact me or any of my other characters.

I literally had not gotten the Tower of Eyes card even once for the last two weeks :(.

I still haven’t worked out how to upgrade from my basic profession. But I never was very bright. Or I’ve missed an obvious card. :-S

Get Notability 2 and wait for the Unsigned message card (or force-draw it with Nex in your lodgings) And you get Notability through Slowcake’s Amanuensis.

I think I must be some kind of card vampire; I get the Tower of Eyes card about once or twice a day at minimum, have maintained Notability 4 for the past few weeks and had a new Profession on the day they launched.
Which is kinda odd, because I normally have terrible luck with op cards! But if the RNG wants to throw Making Waves and Notability at me I’m not going to complain.

I do really think the system’s too luck-based and time-sensitive to be all that good of a mechanic, though. Getting a new Profession probably shouldn’t be an arduous gamble over the course of a week to get the right cards.

I mean I’m usually at or near a computer or some other method of connecting to the Internet, so I can draw a lot of cards. Plus I have a pretty optimised card deck (I’ve gutted items and connections to get the best cards: but needing Society and Bohemian connections for my Salon has kind of diminished that)

A more casual player would probably have a much more hellish time, having to sift through conflict cards, unprofitable stat-level cards (e.g. the winewound one) various invitations to things from various factions and two different, entirely useless shroom-hopping and two useless weasel cards to get the three cards in the deck worth drawing if you seek professional advancement. And you have to manage to fid the right cards several times over the course of a week, and if you don’t, whoops! You’ve lost a point of Notability and half your Making Waves.

I’ve kind of gone way off-base from the original intent of this post, but whatever. I’m not going to rant on about design directions and whatnot because I haven’t a damn clue about them. I just don’t think the Notability/professions mechanic really works.

God, this is way more words than I meant to write about a peripheral gameplay mechanic. In my defence, I am bored and on a bus with free wifi. I have probably nothing better to do than write an essay about useless card draws.
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Has anyone got the ‘gift’ from the Unsigned Message card? I’m not interested in changing my profession so I’m wondering if the gift is something worth grinding notability for?

Yes – you can get A Surprise Package, which as I understand it, is the same as what March was exchanging for Darkdrop Coffee. You might be able to get a Blemmigan Secretary. If not, you may get something worth several Echoes.

I’d suggest aiming for Notability 1 or 2 for a chance at the Package, but not going higher just yet.

Gaining Making Waves has become much easier. I just gained some from buying a round on the Docks connection card, and then again from completing an Expedition.

When you ride with the Mercies, you also gain Making Waves. It’s swell to find its integration into more action options. It’s not a deluge of CP, though. It’s 1-2. These obviously won’t be main sources of Making Waves, but they’re nice little side boosters like a free dessert with your meal!

Buying Drinks for Writers on the Bohemians connection card also gains you Making Waves–looked to be somewhere between 6-8 cp.

[quote=Flyte]Yes – you can get A Surprise Package, which as I understand it, is the same as what March was exchanging for Darkdrop Coffee. You might be able to get a Blemmigan Secretary. If not, you may get something worth several Echoes.

I’d suggest aiming for Notability 1 or 2 for a chance at the Package, but not going higher just yet.[/quote]

I just want to get my Notability to 2 so that it doesn’t completely vanish at week’s end!

why, instead of keeping all those option tied into the Tower of Eyes card, isn’t there a “Tend to your Townhouse” option in the lodgings, with a significant action cost - like the Preparing for a Big Score option over in the Flit? The complete randomness makes it so that you simply have no proper way to ensure you get your stats high enough in the time given…

Still haven’t gotten a Tower of Eyes card, btw.

Same problem of balance than some of you. When the Notability Opportunity first came, my Making Waves Quality was about 45. So of course I passed the challenge… and discovered my Making Waves 45 was now Notability 1.
Okay… (I thought) but read that Notability wouldn’t decrease with time like Making Waves. Why not ?
Then, after a week (without a single Opportunity to increase it), I lost all my Notability.
So I basically went from Making Waves 45 to Notability 0.
I feel there’s a bit of a problem.

I must warn you guys that the new options in the Unsigned Message card are really bugged at the moment:

I had Notability 2, got this card and decided to try the new options (the ones that let you use your Notability for raising one of the four main stats). I chose Persuasive. But the code worked in a weird way - It raised my Persuasive directly, and not by giving me change points. The problem - When I clicked the ‘Go’ button, my Persuasive was 132-3 (because of the items I had equipped at the time), so the game considered my Persuasive stat to be 129, and &quotraised&quot it to 131. Refreshing the page didn’t help. My Persuasive is now lower than it was before, and my Notability is 0… :([/li][li]
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Totally not worth it in my opinion. I went for it when my notability was 4 and I had a 48% chance and got it but the ‘surprise package’ was 4 London Street Sign and 1 Proscribed Material. (Of course, it is random and it’s possible you’ll have better luck.)

Worked OK for me just now: from 146 to 149 w/ Notability 3.

Ewan: Apparently, it was just fixed, because my Persuasive is now 134, as it should be. Forget my ranting, then. It’s now safe to use :)

[quote=An unsigned message]At the Copper Door

It has a rich reddish sheen: touch your tongue to it and no doubt it would taste of blood. But have you come this far to rashly lick the Bazaar?[/quote]Uh, YES, I have come this far to press my tongue against the Bazaar in a manner most rash; thank you very much, Persnickety Description, sir!

Worse luck, actually! I got 1 Muscaria Brandy for a grand total of E2.50. But at least it doesn’t erase Notability.


Egads. This event. I had a ton of Making Waves. Haven’t played for a while, so I enter the game, see this notification about new content. Say, yes, I want to be more notable. 100% success chance. 1 notability, 0 Making waves. Ouch. Immediately after that I get the Tower of Eyes card and build my Salon (I was not in the Club, but had enough resources to enter one right away). After this… silence. No Tower of Eyes cards, no Unsigned message cards. Nothing. So a week passes, I lose my notability and I am at the starting point only now with no Making waves.

I could grind Making waves through social actions, but as I, apparently, do not play enough to draw all those rare cards, I am just grinding money again. Sending mass invites is tedious as it is, without the prospect of lossing all progress in a week.
So yeah, either notability stops decreasing every week, or there should be some non-random way to spend it. Otherwise this is just frustrating for people, who don’t login every hour to draw cards.

Oh, but you don’t understand the genius of failbetter! You CAN draw the new professions card instantly…for fate. You can get notability increase card if you have 15 making waves. It can be bruteforced if you have enoggh resources…