Noman's Friend Melt Rate Tracking 2019

Jan 15 (GMT+7), Noman 1, 51 NF lost.

Jan 16 (GMT-5), 42 NF lost.

Jan 16, ~22:30 GMT, 41 NF lost.

Jan 16, 8:20 (GTM-5), Noman 2, 65 NF lost.

Today, 17th of January, 5:20 AM GMT, my Noman lost 60 NF.

Jan 17 (GMT+7), Noman 2, 65 NF lost.

I’m gonna pop my nomen now - this one in particular is hanging on 6 NF left - I’m afraid they won’t be able to survive next week. See you again next year my snowy children.

Thanks! I’m returning after a several year hiatus and thought it could have been locked. Luckily I have 24 tears saved up so I think I’m going to make a run at it.

Jan 17 (GMT+1), Noman 1, 48 NF lost

Just made my noman about an hour ago. I got my tattoo in 2016 (the Gant one), I’m just doing this for the sake of personal fulfillment/masochism.

I had one vial of Tears of the Bazaar on hand, so I’m starting with 124 NF.

(I then proceeded to feed a bunch of Taste to my noman via snow buckets and monocles, so it’s rather higher now.)
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Jan 18, 1AM-ish US Eastern, 41 NF lost.

Jan 20, 5pm GMT -4, 41 NF lost

22/01, -68 NF

Jan 24, ~1:00 AM EST: -74 NF

Two hours ago (23/01 in my UTC-8 time zone, 24/01 UTC) I lost 54 NF.

Today, 24th of January, 5:20 AM GMT, my Noman lost only 53 NF! :) This is indeed lovely after I lost 60 last week.

At 9pm EST 1/24, 75 NF lost

1/24/2019, about 7 pm GMT, 80 NF lost (oooph)

1/24/2018, around 1:30PM GMT: 61 NF lost.
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January 24th, 9:00 PM GMT: 69 NF lost

69, about 25 hours ago from when this post is made