Noman's Friend Melt Rate Tracking 2019

January 28th, around 7-ish PM EST, lost 53 NF. Fingers are crossed that all your Nomen may make it safely to the Feast. Or at least as far as you need.

(-51 NF) 2019-01-28, 10pm GMT-4

29/01, -67
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30/01, 21:39 GMT, -77

Jan 30th, 4:00 PM EST, -62

[quote=Optimatum]Jan 30th, 4:00 PM EST, -62[/quote]I saw you had a Noman on the 9th, and this melting was three weeks later. Is this the same Noman? And if so, do you know how much it lost the previous two weeks (Jan. 16th and 23rd)? Just trying to get as much data as possible, thanks!

It’s a different Noman, unfortunately.

-72 on 1/30, 9 PM EST

-61 NF on Jan 30th, 10:50pm [GMT -5] (new total 363)

-80 NF at 9:52 PM on Jan 30th in UTC-8 (5:52 am UTC)

I have 47 left, mostly from snow pails. The RNG hasn’t been kind to me.

On the 31st of January, 5:20 AM GMT, my Noman lost 61 NF!

-92 NF on 31st of Jan, ~10:55 UTC

-111. 31st Jan 14:20 GMT + 3
I believe amount lost is scaling with current amount of NF. Why are we not collecting that data?
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31 Jan. 2019, 04:55 GMT, lost 69 NF.

Looks like the Noman price jumped this morning! Expect 90-120 loss in NF for the next few weeks.

You’ve lost 106 x Noman’s Friend (new total 392 - The Noman is pristine). Just now, 31 Jan, 20:40 GMT.

91 NF lost, January 31st, 20:37 UTC

109 NF lost, 31 Jan, 23:25 CET

113 NF lost, 1 Feb, ~3:30 UTC

71 NF lost, Jan 31, 0:43 GMT