No Time the Healer

[li]Greetings all,
[li]The issue is summed up in the title. Now about 7 hours past my regularly scheduled TTH visit.
[li]Any clue why this is? Is there a bug or a recent change or something I could’ve altered without realising?
[li]Thanks for your help.

My TtH is also late. Normally it would have shown up around three hours ago. The last time I remember TtH issues was around the iOS launch when the server was under more stress than normal, so perhaps something’s up with the servers again.[li]
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[li]Thanks for replying. It’s always weirdly reassuring to know that you aren’t the only one having an issue.
[li]I hope when it gets fixed up that my tth schedule doesn’t get permanently messed up, by chance I lucked into a pretty awesome one, around 9pm on a Friday night local time.

[quote=Alfred_Bloodwine]I hope when it gets fixed up that my tth schedule doesn’t get permanently messed up, by chance I lucked into a pretty awesome one, around 9pm on a Friday night local time.[/quote]I’m afraid everytime Time is late, she stays late. At least, that’s how it always was until now: my Time has already been pushed back by more than six hours since the time I signed up due to a couple of server issues.
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[li]Thanks for the honesty but that really freaking sucks. I like my routines and after having it consistent for 7+ months that’s really frustrating. Oh well worst case scenario I can find a new game.

Good to see i’m not the only one, this week has been one bug after the next.

When my TtH shifted from early Tuesday evening to 3am Wednesday morning, I did email support and ask if it would moved back in due course.
This is the reply I received:

[li]It is now 21 hours overdue.

That is clearly a different beast altogether. Do email support if you haven’t already. I’ve always found them very helpful.

Time the healer slowly drifts forward whenever there’s server issues. My original TTH was on Sundays, but over the years it crept forward and is now on Tuesday evenings. A 2-3 day shift is not unusual. It doesn’t happen too often though; like you said you’ve had a solid 7 months of no drift, but it does happen.

This is very comforting to see. I’m in the process of grinding mw so seeing a lack of TIme is particularly worrisome. Is there going to be no Time this week or is she just going to be very late? And relatedly, am I safe starting the next cycle of getting mw up or should I wait until after she hits next? Getting mw sliced in half at an unforeseen moment would absolutely suck haha

Unless the server went severely screwy, it will hit late.

Time will be late rather than skipped, at least if past experiences remain true. I’d suggest waiting for time the healer to show up so you know it’s new time before doing any intense wave grinding.

Okay, thanks!

It’s strangely comfy having time come late. Quick, which Neathy power is responsible for this strange elasticity, and to what end?

I think the Neath is just inherently a little bit broken when it comes to time. You can, if you’re a Fateful individual, already rewrite parts as often as you please. I strongly suspect it to be a function of the Judgements, and thus weaker down here.
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The Treachery of Clocks can in no way be avoided.

My TtH is now 26 hours late. I blame the obviously worst treachery, the Treachery of Servers.

It’s worth noting that I usually receive e-mails for social actions and those seem to be down as well. So it’s more than just the TtH – possibly even related.

I just tested and didn’t get any email for an accepted social action.