New Stories!

After getting the steam update yesterday, I just got a new stories update (like, literally just now) which wasn’t there this morning. Anyone know what’s in it? There’s no recent news (hah).

I was wondering the same…

Since I was humongously busy yesterday, I don’t know whether the things I noticed are from today’s update or yesterday’s, but the map has changed: the lightship formerly north of Hunter’s Keep has vanished, reappearing above the southern coast; a new shipwreck has appeared in Myceligaea; Pigmote Isle has a named port; Flourishing-of-Years is (re?)discoverable.

The Lorn-Fluke’s attack is now extremely visible (and seems to have been nerfed to 2 damage at range, down from the original 8 damage at range – weird). I have not deliberately provoked Mt Nomad to see if her attacks are also more visible now.

There were also some other map changes, but since the other map changes only affected the southern coast, I assume that’s due to the steps they took to get the Behemoustache and the Blue Prophets spawned for everyone.

Lightship North of Hunter’s Keep disappeared yesterday (I was coming back from Whither and planned on stopping off with some recent news)

There are some more named features and whirlpools around but I haven’t been to every tile yet.

Lorn-Flukes have always done 2 damage in ranged attack as far as I know. Mt Nomad’s attacks are more visible I don’t think it id any more damage than before.

Still haven’t found The Eater of Names or Tree of Ages. Did come across Behemoustache and Blue Prophets, fortunately the first gave me a Live Specimen as the second beat me up and I was close to Fathomkings for repairs.

I really shouldn’t say this but I couldn’t resist taking a screenshot of your post earlier, Ciel.;)

Fret - those all happened yesterday.

In terms of game files - the tiles.json problem is back (88 entries instead of 44, so the merging hasn’t been fixed).
The events file grew by a handful of events, but they’re not easy to pick out. Presumably just some stuff to go alongside yesterday’s updates, and some fixes.
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Hm, weird. I wonder what I had it mixed up with, then.

Thanks for the confirmation (anticonfirmation?), Sporks!
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Meh - sometimes there is a bug where you get weird symbols instead of spaces. I just deleted and re-typed (still got typos but didn’t want to risk editing).

Blue Prophets are gorgeous; for me though the Behemoustache now exists but is still just a ‘text monster’ and also unkillable. This is with a HumbleBundle game.

Sorry to hear that about the Behemoustache Ewan C. I use HumbleBundle as well and they are fine for me.

I agree the Blue Prophets are gorgeous but very dangerous; though I’m sure I will come across a way to fight them if I can’t avoid them.

Scintillack, Mori/Icarus, Caminus deck and aft guns, Impeller, rats (if they’ve fixed the bug where you can keep shooting while repairing), high Veils?

The textile-bats of the feather sea have also made an appearance

What feather sea?

Uh, that’s a news!

Blue Scintillack - yes
Memento Mori - yes
Caminus Deck - yes
I don’t have an aft gun - I use the Avid Suppressor instead
I haven’t got the Impeller (I use the Serpentine, with the Clay Stokers) as I haven’t finished the Mechanic’s story
I feel bad about using rats for repairs.
Veils are as high as speaking to the Tireless mechanic can take them, plus the extra from the Suppressor and Officers. Also have pretty high Mirrors and Irons (as far as I can get it from speaking to officers and beating up Mt Nomad). I suppose I could take a trip up to Whither and see if I can get something to eat.

The only reason I used Fathomkings was because I had a Live Specimen and was on my way around the edge of the map looking for the new beasties and didn’t want to find The Eater of Names or Tree of Ages in a banged up ship.

But you underrate the fury of fierce parrots!

It’s the empty space between Kingeater’s Castle and Saviour’s Rocks. One of the two empty squares on the Eastern Edge

The eastern edge isn’t fixed – directly north of my Kingeater’s Castle is Aestival. In fact, I have no empty squares on the eastern edge. Hm.

The only place I can unambiguously call an empty square on my map is littered with rocks and has a lightship in the middle – is that it?

no idea. When I enter it, the log tells me I’ve entered the feathered sea. I’ve got another empty one that tells me it isn’t finished yet, which I assume was going to be the deconstruction

Has it always told you that, even prior to this update?