New Renown Items Available

[color=#cc0099]Today we’ve added new items to more fully flesh out the Favours / Renown system, such as Defenestrating Boots and Your Very Own Bandages! You will now be able to trade Favours for the Criminals, Docks, and Tomb-Colonists factions.
[/color][color=rgb(204, 0, 153)]
To gain these new items, you’ll need to raise your Renown with the relevant factions by trading in their Favours. Some of the most advanced items are hidden in more obscure parts of London, and you may need to search a bit to find them. [/color]
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We’re also hoping to add in the Urchins faction to the Favours / Renown system this year, followed by the Constables and then the Devils (no confirmed date for these yet).

18th January Update

Urchins are now one of the available factions in the Favour/Renown system!
Thank you for being patient with us, delicious friends. As always, it is much appreciated!

22nd May Update

This morning we announced that Fallen London will be receiving some exciting updates this year. Along with that, we’ll be continuing to add more factions to the Favour / Renown System.

Those who have been waiting for Hell and Constables will not have to wait much longer, as they, along with Great Game will be added in the beginning of June!

Bohemian, Church, Revolutionaries, and Society will be the next factions to receive an update during the Fallen London reworks later this summer.

1st June Update
Hell and Constables are now available factions in the Favour/Renown system! Next week will be Great Game!

6th June Update
Great Game is now an available faction in the Favour/Renown system!

19th July Update

Hello delicious friends, just wanted to let you know that the next factions available for Favour/Renown will be: Church, Bohemians, Revolutionaries and Society.

These will become available towards the beginning of August and we will announce when they officially become live. They will be the last set of factions brought into Favour/Renown during the Fallen London Reworks project for the rest of the year.

7th August Update

Church and Bohemians are now available factions in the Favour / Renown system![/color]
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[color=rgb(204, 0, 153)]----------------------------------------------------------[/color]
[color=rgb(204, 0, 153)]8th August Update[/color]

[color=rgb(204, 0, 153)]Revolutionaries and Society are now available factions in the Favour / Renown system![/color][color=#cc0099]
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Haha, means I just checked seconds before you posted this!
Great, let’s see what we have here!
Location, requirements and a tip in spoiler tag.

A Fashionable Caper is in the Flit and requires criminal Renown of 25 (10 to see) and 5 Favours to gain Defenestrating Boots.

Letting Go story in Wolfstack Docks requires Dock Renown of 25 (10 to see) and 5 Favours to gain Chelatic Mittens.

A Special Honour story in Mahogany Hall requires Tomb-Colonies Renown of 25 (10 to see) and 5 Favours to gain Your Very Own Bandages; it’s a hat with 7 Persuasive and 1 Dreaded. Here’s the Echo to it and seems to be pointing to a location outside London (Tomb-Colonies most certain) to get the new item. :D

Yup, here it is! While exiled in the Tomb-Colonies A note in your journal story is viewable if you have Renown 25, but the option costs Renown 40 and 7 Favours to gain a Newly-Born Frost-Moths. Well, 13 more levels of Renown so let’s start visiting the Colonies!
Tip: This only requires AP as you can get enough Favours from your exile, but also second chances and skill boots. This way, if you don’t have modified stat of 234 (to increase to Renown 40), the colonies are a great place!

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Excellent! The hunt is on!

EDIT: Damn timing! 2 hours ago I wasted all my Criminal and Dock Favours, but I got the one from the Colonies. Time to head there with a 36+ CP of scandal! :D
EDIT #2: Let’s not spoil, sorry!
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So uhh, did my post just dissapear? No, im not mad right now, im pretty sure I made it…anyways, let me make the comment again.

Right as I go to the winking isles, but can’t wait to get these when I go back to London(I really wish I could have obtained them before Beau but oh well, I kinda signed up for that).

Oh my, are we going to raise them all to 40 to see the new hidden options (like we did with the Rubbery)? That will be a looooong journey. Is anyone here at Renown 40 or around?

[color=#0066ff]Can I ask you to spoiler the revelations in the second post, and keep item specifics spoiled in general for now? Many players will want to investigate themselves, let’s give them a chance to![/color]

Oh, yes, done!
Sorry, but the thrill of the hunt messed with my head a bit! :)

If it’s similar to the Rubberies, the option will be visible before that but might required Renown 40 to actually unlock.

Found the low value Docks item. I assume the same way to get the low item for the other two factions as well.


The scheme seems to be similar to the unique items of the Rubbery Men, so consider where the low, middle, and high value items might be found.

Found the high value docks item! Another 9 points of renown to go before it’s snaffle time! Hint: I just left Bullbone…

Doesn’t anyone have 40 Renown Tomb? Seems I’m missing a lot of levels of Dangerous to be able to increase it to 40, but I’m really curious about the item’s attributes!

I don’t. I have Renown 32; so that’s another grind (still working on raising my Renown: Rubbery to 40 for the high-end Rubbery item).

I’m betting on New Newgate for the 40 renown criminal

Indeed, someone wants a word in New Newgate.
Should have checked if i had the 7 favours before getting caught though. Oh well.

edited by Antur on 11/10/2016

been waiting so long for this

Remember that you can get to New Newgate without incrementing your criminal record by failing at Robbing the Brass Embassy. Do note that it’ll cost you all of your Connected:Hell, though.

I don’t even care what they do, Defenestrating Boots are clearly the most awesome item to be added to Fallen London in at least a week.

I located one of the criminal locations

Check the card for criminals.

Does it require 40 Renown (+/- 5 points or so?). Around that value area?