[color=#ff9900]Delicious and festive friends! We have just released new content: a story called the Gift, available for 30 Nex.[/color]
[color=#ff9900]What is this mysterious parcel, sitting so flirtatiously on your doorstep? What is inside? Who is it from? By all means open it, but be careful where your curiosity leads you.[/color]
[color=#ff9900]The Gift is a tale of terror, aberration, and the horrors beneath the Palace. Meet the troubled Mr. Hathhorn. Undertake a nightmarish, chthonic journey. And - for the first time - learn the secrets of the Empress’ progeny.[/color]
[color=#ff9900]To begin the story, look for a storylet available throughout London called &quotThe Gift&quot. It’ll remain there throughout the festive season, then we’ll move it to the Nex page. We’ll also be adding A Trade in Faces to the Nex page, too, for those who missed it or would like to replay it.[/color]


But is it supposed to be &quotavailable throughout London&quot? I only see the storylet in my Lodgings.

Will it still be the same price (30 Nex) when moved to the Nex page?
(It’s just that I have neither the required Fate nor quite the money spare to buy Nex right now, so I’d like to check first rather than wait and find it’s changed.)

[color=#ff9900]I believe so, yes.[/color]

Thankyou. Good to know! :-D

i’m up to the unwise choice, and the lore from my progress so far is so delightful. thank you, thank you, happy holidays!

The temptation to turn around is so great, but it’s tempered by the fear that it will end the story early…

[color=#ff9900]Gawd bless yer, sweet master.[/color]
[/color][quote=Frensus]The temptation to turn around is so great, but it’s tempered by the fear that it will end the story early…
[color=#ff9900]It won’t end the story early. Beyond that, I make no promises.[/color]
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You gotta ask yourself


(What would NiteBrite Do?)


EDIT: Worth
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[li]A slight confusion, into these matters. I chose not to look, as caution keeps one alive. And now there is nothing to do. Is this intended, or have I missed some critical thing beyond being trapped in the cellars?

Will there be an option to replay it, so as to pursue other options, like there was with A Trade in Souls?

I can dream, at least.

[color=#ff9900]This sounds like a bug - could you send in a bug report with your character name, and I’ll take a look.[/color]

[color=#ff9900]That’s the plan! Once we move it to the Nex page we want to make this an option.[/color]

[quote=Chris Gardiner]
[color=#ff9900]That’s the plan! Once we move it to the Nex page we want to make this an option.[/color][/quote]


Hahaha I am crying, best content 10/10. I MADE THE BEST DECISIONS X’D

It is a delightful story, full of Christmas cheer. Thank you!

It’s got a present. And wine. And a family dinner. And…ichor.

Ichor’s Christmassy. Like tinsel.

[spoiler deleted by admin]

but the thing I deleted does in fact affect the outcome, yes.
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I… I want to turn around… I… I NEED to turn around

It’s… its a bad decision but I need to know…


Oh God… the knowledge… oh gods…
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To turn or not to turn, that is the question
Whether 'tis nobler to bear the weight of knowing
Or resist that which tempts me
And in resisting, accept an ignorant life
Should I not pay the cost
So that others may live happier?
Or in so doing do I serve only my own weakness?
No. 'Tis not weakness to face the frightening
There is no frailty in seeking answers
Ignorance is the slow death of fools
I shall turn and face the truth
I shall not be…

[The remaining text is an indecipherable series of scribbles ending in a large blot where the writer’s pen clearly broke]
edited by An Individual on 12/24/2014

I think this is the best thirty nex I ever spent.

Possibly excepting some of the Destiny/Masquing content.