NEW CONTENT: the Fruits of the Zee festival!

[color=#ff9900]Play branches on the Fruits of the Zee Festival card and they’ll make their appearance sooner or later.[/color]

[color=#ff9900]Choosing a destiny is awesome. Changing your destiny requires Fate/Nex. I’ll leave it to other players to advise on the best circumstances to choose one…[/color]

I should point out that the reward from the chef and the curate doesn’t seem to vary on the size of your catch, so I’d give the good (6+) catches to the lady.

[color=#ff9900]The amount of menace reduction they provide is affected by your Strange Catch. The monetary rewards are based on your skills.[/color]

Well, well, well. So that’s what happens when you give your strange catch to, ah, well. You may have guessed.

Just to point out that there’s a slightly misleading discrepancy between the guidance notes on two options.

‘Ask the Custodial Chef to prepare your Strange Catch’ carries the note ‘This will reduce your Wounds and grant useful items.’

Whereas ‘Give your Strange Catch to the Melancholy Curate’ carries the note ‘This will reduce your Nightmares.’ There’s no mention of useful items, so I assumed there’d be none given, but I chose it anyway because I had no Wounds to reduce.

The Melancholy Curate not only reduced my nightmares from 5 to nothing, but also gave me 2 x Partial Maps and 3 x Zee Stories. I was happy, to say the least.

[color=#ff9900]Good point! I’ve updated the advisory text.[/color]

Is dancing with downies supposed to cause you to lose your strange catch? I had a strange catch of 8 before dancing, and it somehow disappeared after I danced with them.

Any word on the duration of this festival?

[color=#ff9900]I’ve just double checked - there’s definitely no change to Strange Catch on that branch. [/color]

Okay, guess I should submit a bug report then, thanks.

Provided you have Sights at the Festival in the appropriate range,
‘Venture further out’ is displayed when you’ve reached Gone Fishing 10, even though it isn’t playable because the Fishing cycle is complete. I assume this is a minor bug.

Unless the event has changed something, you couldn’t cash professional rewards at zee before (getting there and back is fairly cheap during the festival and as long as you do it before the end of the week you should be safe)

Oooh, this is exciting! I wasn’t expecting an event.

I may be mistaken, but the game informed me that the Scintillack Snuff increases Watchful and Persuasive, when actually it increases Dangerous and Persuasive.

The Festival has been incredibly fun and rewarding. Loving nearly every minute of it. I’m mourning my lost quirks somewhat, but the compensations are fruitfully abundant. I scored a bunch of weapons and found my destiny, and couldn’t be happier. And the writing is a joy.

Spending items such as Zee Stories and Partial maps gives bigger boosts to RB.[/quote]

Thanks RandomWalker and Mallachi. Before I read your comments, I’d been wondering how on earth to get my Running Battle high enough. You saved me a lot of wasted actions. Cheers.

Does the lady appear more than once? Or is she gone for good once you claim a prize from her? I cashed in a Strange Catch for a lovely compass, but I would dearly like a chance at some of the other items. But I’ve burnt through 2 sets of candles fishing and then waiting for her, and she hasn’t appeared again. I ended up giving my catch to someone else.

She’ll turn up again. She just doesn’t turn up particularly often.

Don’t worry, she’ll turn up again. All the options at the Festival are unlocked by a specific range of values of ‘Sights at the Festival’. In the Hooded Lady’s case it’s 87-97 or thereabouts. If you select Sights at the Festival as your scrapbook item, and keep reloading your mantelpiece, you can see what’s going on.
edited by Edmund Winterset on 8/29/2014
edited by Edmund Winterset on 8/29/2014

Ah, thanks :) I hoped it was something like that.

I am quite liking this so far! The various weapons will be interesting to look through, especially with all the connections to Sunless Sea.

On a related note, that compass is strangely satisfying, especially combined with the note.

Oh, and it would seem partial maps give more RB than the others; about 8 cp, I think.
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