NEW CONTENT: the Fruits of the Zee festival!

[color=#ff9900]We intend to formally launch this content later today, but we want to give our beloved community an early peek.[/color]
[color=#ff9900]Mark the end of false-summer at the Fruits of the Zee festival! Bucolic Mutton Island invites you to take part in her rustic and in no way sinister seasonal traditions! [/color]

[color=#ff9900]Dine on a cornucopian repast, fresh from the zee! Go fishing for a Strange Catch, then trade it for special festival rewards! Meet some familiar faces at the celebrations! And if you haven’t chosen a destiny yet (or if you can’t bear the one you have) speak to the Drownies. Perhaps they will invite to a feast of their own, where you can secure a glimpse of your future…[/color]
[color=#ff9900]You can take part in the content right now! Just head to Wolfstack Docks, where a reasonably-priced ferry will take you over to Mutton Island.[/color]
[color=#ff9900]If you come across any bugs or problems, please submit reports to the usual address and we’ll address them as quickly as possible.[/color]
[color=#ff9900]In the meantime, enjoy, devour, discuss! I’m happy to answer questions if you have them![/color]

So, when will the festivities take place - should we start heading over to Mutton Island as of the 28th of August?

I’m already there, new stuff is too. This part might have been a clue: &quotYou can take part in the content right now!&quot

I’m irrationally scared: Will my precious Progress qualities remain safe when I leave London on the ferry to Mutton Island? Do I need to set any affairs in order?

I also fear the rubbery lumps, but that’s more of a rational fear.

I just took an alt out to Mutton Island on the ferry. They had progress qualities which remained safe.
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[color=#ff9900]I’d recommend resolving any Running Battles… you’re involved in before heading over to the festival. One of the activities there will reset Running Battle…, so best to make use of it first![/color]

Back to say that I have discovered that going fishing will reset Running Battle. I haven’t seen any other activities that affect progress qualities.

Thanks for telling me! As luck would have it, I haven’t been involved in any Running Battles for quite some time, but I was planning to get involved in the not too distant future.

Okay, I’ve gone fishing a couple of times and am worried. By trading in quirks, you can get progress in the running battle, but despite succeeding in every endeavour, I wasn’t able to get running battle above 5 before being called ashore. 5 does not appear to be enough to get anything decent, nor is it enough to retain anything when you go back out.

I was able to get mutersalt, a 2 shadowy, 3 dangerous, -1 watchful weapon, for five running battle, but considering the damage that my poor quirks took to get it, not counting the actions, it is definitely a tool for pre-POSIs, or a curiosity for completionists.

When I get my actions back, I may see if I can pay my way for better RB, but at the moment I can’t see a way to get RB above 5. Can anyone offer any hints?

Will I still be able to cash in my Professional Reward there? Time the Healer is only a few days off…

Ah, yes. You pay for your RB, quirks just don’t have the same RB per action.

Hm - for the record, freeing a clay man results in one hard backed labour and three sworn statements.

Spending items such as Zee Stories and Partial maps gives bigger boosts to RB. I got myself to level 7 and decided that since the second option said that you can get some of your current RB converted to second try I went for it. Well, I don’t know if there is RNG involved in it but I ended up with 0 RB. Hurray [no, not at all :( ]!

Edit: Also there might be a oversight in islands storylets (I’m not entirely sure - I haven’t tested it). There seems to be 2 options for going back and the second one seem to treat me like if I were in possession of a ship (and I’m not).
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Thanks Mallachi, I think I’m getting the hang of it now: do one run using only quirks to get at least one point of catch at the end of it, cast that in for a major reduction in nightmares or wounds and a random but useful selection of things that can be traded for RB. Then put out again, spending your newfound wealth, and turn in your points with the hooded lady for the good stuff.

My only question now is: is it possible to get above 9 catch? The highest reward I’ve seen is for 8, so it’s possible that that’s as far as it goes…

Incidentally, this is also a good method for getting nightmares under control - mine went from 8 to 3.

Did anyone else get a chance to choose a Destiny yet? I’ve given my Strange Catch to the Drownies to receive a glimpse of the future…

Sure, picked up a destiny on my alt. Looks like the same choices as all the other times. One word of warning: picking a destiny ends with you in your lodgings, so I suggest saving it until you’re done with the festival.

Well, I don’t know if there is RNG involved in it but I ended up with 0 RB.[/quote]
[color=#ff9900]Thanks for flagging this - it’s now fixed! When you throw your Strange Catch back you should always retain at least some Running Battle…[/color]

Few questions:
Are chef, curate and hooded lady for exchanging strange catch hidden behind some strange catch level or this progress from other storylets on island (I have strange catch 6 and only option which appears to me inside storylets is getting this destiny)?
Should I as a moderately new player (on my way to PoSI with unsegmented skills around 75+) go already for destiny? This seems like something important and fate locked storylet suggests that it is not that easy to change it afterwards?

Edit: Also storylet which suggested that I have a ship seems to be gone - I guess it was not intended to be there then :)
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If you give your strange catch to the hooded lady you will get a reward, giving it to the Chef or curate reduces wounds or nightmares depending on who you give it too. Or you can choose a destiny. Once you hace a destiny there will be a chance to change it at future festivals but it will cost you Fate to do so.

They’re hidden by the local equivalent of the airs of London - keep participating in the festival and they’ll all turn up eventually.

I don’t know what your feelings are regarding spoilers. If you don’t mind them, check out the wiki - there are some destinies that you cannot get pre-POSI. Also, if you want the ‘best’ destinies from a stat perspective, you need to pay 10 fate, so if you’re not feeling flush now, I’d hold off.

Otherwise, I’d say go for it - the extra stats could come in handy, and having a destiny doesn’t block any content. The destinies you can’t get yet are interesting, but may be undesirable anyway, depending on how you play.