NEW CONTENT: Heart's Desire Update

[color=#ff9900]Delicious friends - the continuation of the Heart’s Desire ambition is now live![/color]
[color=#ff9900]We’ll be releasing this in two parts. Today, you can continue your quest to recover the shard of the King with a Hundred Hearts. Find the Observer of Falsehoods. Brave the improbable dangers of Old Downy, where squalor and mystery collide. Return to Polythreme with your prize! [/color]
[color=#ff9900]To continue the story, look for a new storylet available throughout London. And return tomorrow, when you will be able to recruit the Marvellous’ sixth player![/color]


A giant expedition right off the bat. Ouch.

‘Had I glim enough, and time/this pub crawl, matey, were no crime,’ but I have no time and at least thirty more supplies to heave through the Quarter, so Blind Helmsman here we go. (I’M REALLY EXCITED.)[li]

Fantastic! My Lanzo Hoffman has been itching for some action.

Bother, I’m at sea! Back to London then!

Are there purposefully no Airs of the Forgotten Quarter actions in this expedition, or have I just not turned up any of them yet?

oh, SPLENDID. I was farming the Quarter by in turn farming Wilmot’s End for Strong Backed Labor anyway, so… well, more of what I was doing in the first place.

Yessssss. :) Finally, something for Soran to do besides grinding for books so that Mr. Pages-senpai will notice them. It was starting to get kind of sad, honestly. A vacation in the Forgotten Quarter should be a good change of pace.

My Heart’s Desire alt picked the right day to get an Overgoat that Expedition was tough. Looking forward to the next step.

Edit - Bother they just spent all their echoes and haven’t got the money to buy the item from the Bazaar that is needed for the next step. Oh well it could have been worse. It won’t take too long to find something to sell.
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I saw White Walls in the Sun and A Picnic (the Fate one), never saw A Sign.

And also, oof, is that expedition long! 100% on buccaneering and I still had to deal with Virginia. Definitely bring extra supplies.

Yep. Ditto. Lost 48 supplies because I didn’t have an extra 10…

It has been quite some time since my last expedition, can someone remind me if it resets casing or not?

The RNG smiled on me today; three &quotA Sign?&quot’s in a row! Never had to deal with Virginia once.

And it was nice to see a glimpse into the inner circle of one of the Urchin gangs. I’m going to have a tough time in deciding whether or not to keep my promise to them.
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Expeditions don’t reset any qualities.

Can’t say I like running back and forth between Polythreme and London, though. At least I got a Night-Whisper out of the zee trip!

That Shadowy challenge really is something, huh. I couldn’t reach straightforward with 250 Shadowy!

If you leave the Old Downy prematurely, is the entrance cost the same?

[color=FF9900][quote=Residual Toast]If you leave the Old Downy prematurely, is the entrance cost the same?[/quote]

It is.

Ambitions are mean.[/color]

You made me sail all the way to Polythreme to take one single action.

[color=#ff9900]You’re right. I should have made you run through the Polythreme wheel, too. Missed a trick, there.[/color]