new card border colors

There’s a shiny new FAQ (on the Help tab), which can’t have been there too long because it contains this question and answer:

[quote]What does a coloured border or background mean?

Bronze means something a little special - perhaps part of a continuing story.

Silver means something quite special, like an Ambition or Seasonal content.

Gold means something exceptional, often a once-only story. Pay attention.

Purple means a card that only appears occasionally.

Red on a card-border means it will take effect as soon as you click it.

Black is not to be spoken of.[/quote]

I have literally never seen silver, purple, or black borders. I’m guessing no-one else playing here has, either, because I’d expect y’all to mention it. So, keep an eye out, everyone.
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I assume silver is the new light blue?

Whoa, I had completely forgotten about light blue until now!

Meant to say–thanks to chat for pointing this out, not my discovery!

Ooh, interesting! I think I like this new color scheme. I’ll let you know if my next SMEN card turns up gold or black.

As of today they were still gold (or maybe bronze? Sadly my color sense is not that highly developed).

Yeah, I got two Mr Eaten cards today, and both were gold. The latest was around… 2 pm EST? Which is 7 pm GMT.

The really bright yellow is gold; the dimmer, more burnished-gold looking color is bronze. That’s the color you’ll see on storylets such as the Secular Missionary and Revolutionary Firebrand, or the Mirrors and Clay, Devices and Desires, etc. The gold cards are rarer - Seeking Mr Eaten’s Name 1 to 7, the Keen-Eyed Lapidary, the Clandestine Rendezvous at Watchmaker’s Hill cards you’ll get when you’re still new.[li]
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Oh, right. Bronze is an empty deck.

Well, I can say that Mr. Eaten cards are still gold. And that spirifers choose very inconvenient times to grow a conscience.[li]
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I wish the difference between the gold and bronze were more pronounced. Unless you have the two next to eachother, they are hard to differentiate.

They’re very different from one another. The gold cards are just a solid color, while the bronze ones have a shiny corner. The two colors are very distinct from each other too, for the most part. Only a small part in the upper left corner of the bronze card seems similar to the gold.

Edit: Actually, the golden one is pretty shiny too now that I see it again. ^^
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Just drew St.Arthur’s card and it was grey colored. Not black or anything.

I wonder if, since the bronze/gold distinction is not immediately obvious to many, the FAQ might profit by links to examples?

I understand the reasoning under the gold and bronze colours, but for the sake of clearance, wouldn’t it be easier to call the gold-bordered cards simply yellow? I think it would be clearer this way, as they lack that metal-like shine that bronze cards have.
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Oh, excited to see the rare cards with different coloured borders!

I agree that the bronze/gold difference is hard to spot unless you have a gold card in your hand though - the colour used in FL for bronze is what I’d call old gold (ie. yellow based, while bronze is brown based).

ETA: not that it really matters though, I guess :D
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Anyone found this strange blue one yet? I had the “Omen” card but lost it due to incompetence and nadir visit. Maybe the super rare cards are now blue.

A little omen is not blue.

Those have always been grey. Only SMEN 1-7 is gold. Perhaps these changes just haven’t been implemented yet.
As for the gold and bronze - they’re very distinct, once you get to know them. I think the problem is that the bronze can be mistaken for gold if you don’t know what gold looks like. Examples on the page would be nice.
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Right, exactly.

Yeah, that’s what I meant–unless they’re next to eachother, I would call what they’re calling “bronze” gold, and call what they’re calling “gold” yellow.